Monday, September 1, 2014

Get Home Bag

By Flea - Be A Survivor

I recently shared what my EDC was, now I think I will take this shit to the next level and share with you what I have in my "get home" bag.  For you clueless bitches, a get home bag is designed to do that, get you home, should the circumstances require it.  It should have just enough equipment to make a trek on foot in possibly less than ideal circumstances an ensure a more successful endeavor.  I have one of these bags in each of our vehicles, I am not one to carry a man purse and since 90% of the time have one of my vehicles, I live on the edge a bit.

The first part of your get home bag needs to be the fucking bag genius!  The bag I use is the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack The bag is awesome, and is able to hold just what I need to assemble a perfectly sized get home bag. The bag isn't too large, but has enough storage and is a very comfortable sling type bag. Anyone who knows anything also knows that Maxpedition makes quality shit.  The bag does have MOLLE attachment points and made of very heavy duty nylon.

In my bag I carry extra ammo in the form of (2) 5 round speed loaders for my new EDC pistol which is a Ruger LCR.  I have hollow point defensive + P ammo in the gun (5 rounds), and the additional speed loaders gives me  total of 15 rounds.  I also carry my SOG Seal Pup Elite attached to the MOLLE attachment points on the bag, so it is carried externally and can be retrieved quickly in the event I need to start stabbing some zombies in the skull (Carol style).

In the top pouch of the bag (basically on the lid) I carry my Yaesu VX-8DR, with the alkaline cell holder (no batteries in the radio).  This will allow me to communicate on 4 ham bands if needed and receive on many more frequencies.  This will keep me in touch with my fellow man in the event of an emergency or may at least allow me to get some information being broadcast over the airwaves.

Health and Well Being:
Of course I have a quality first-aid kit in the pack.  I took a store bought kit and took the garbage out and put some more useful stuff in.  I carry a Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle, 1-Quart for water,  make sure you get the wide mouth one because it is just easier to drink from, fill, and clean than the narrow mouth ones.  I carry some hard candy, as well as brew kit which consists of some tea bags.  I also have a few granola bars in there for nourishment (remember this is a get home bag, not a bug out bag).

Shelter and Clothing:
I carry an army surplus rain poncho that has grommets on the corners and can be used as a shelter (tarp) in a pinch.  I bundle this with some mini bungee cords for obvious reasons.  I carry a skullcap and some Mechanix Wear MG-55-010 Original Gloves for two reasons: you lose the most heat through your head and gloves like these are extremely useful for protecting your hands and some minor warmth (better than nothing).  I like these gloves because I still have some tactual feeling with my fingers and can do things that require fine motor use of the hands and fingers.

I have a bic lighter in the bag as well as a swedish fire steel and some dryer lint for tinder.

I have some chemical sticks in the back as well as a flashlight and a headlamp - useful when you are walking at night - hands are free to do other things.  I use a Petzl Tikka 2 LED Headlamp because they make the best shit in my humble opinion.  One thing to note, I do not store any batteries in any of the equipment because I don't want to risk them leaking and destroying anything.  I have fresh retail packages of batteries with enough for 1 complete battery change for everything stored in the bag.

The last two things I store in the bag is a multi-bit screwdriver, just because you never know when you will need one and a small bundle of duct tape.

Well there you have it, my get home bag, I have two identical setups (the only difference is the knife), one in each vehicle to be used in case of emergency.  Let me know what you have in your get home bag and if you see anything obvious missing from mine.

That is all...


  1. Great gear to have. Thanks for the ideas

  2. Wire cutters. Always have wire cutters or wire cutter/plier combo. Knife is great to have but some cutters are good for cutting wire fence or light wire chain.

  3. How about some stamps. The mail was being delivered by horse long before e-mail. Maybe somebody cares about your sorry ass and wants to know if you're dead or alive.

  4. Great Information, I like the simple layout of your website too.