Friday, August 22, 2014

What's Your Fetish - Part 1

By Flea - Be A Survivor

My wife makes fun of me because I have a flashlight, knife, and backpack/briefcase fetish.  For some reason I just can get enough of these fucking things.  You can't go 10 feet in my house without having a flashlight within your reach.  I don't know what it is and why I feel the need to hoard these particular items like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the long winter ahead.  I have more knives and pockets knives than any one man could ever hope to need, but when I see a new interesting model from SOG or Kershaw, I can't resist, I start to shake like a fucking junky looking for a fix.  Lastly, I have a thing for backpacks and laptop bags...I have a dozen of them but yet I feel the need to look for the next interesting one.  Like I said women have their shoes, I have my fetishes.

The only saving grace for me is that the items I am fascinated with at least have some useful and redeeming qualities.  Flashlights and knives are extremely useful and nothing is more annoying than not being able to find either one when you need it.  The bag thing is utilitarian as well because hey, you always need something to carry your shit in right?

This first post I will cover knives...

As far as knives go you all know what my EDC is, my trusty Benchmade Griptillian, and my camping knife is my SOG Seal Pup Elite.  I have had both for several years, and only just recently I had The Griptillian professionally sharpened at the gun show last weekend.  To be honest, I really can't carry a knife that large at work in a corporate setting, so I just recently picked up a smaller knife that I can carry.  It is very small and is an assisted opener so it flicks open quite nicely, it is the SOG Twitch I.  It is a really sharp little knife and I like the small kick used to flick it open, it also has a lock on it so it doesn't spring open in your pocket.  I am a fan of a few knife companies but SOG is one of my favorites along with Kershaw, Benchmade, Spyderco, and Cold Steel.  If you go with any of those you really can't go wrong.  Sure each of them probably has a stinker or two in their lineup but who the hell doesn't.

I am a fan of drop point knives and I don't want anything fucking serrated, the reason being is they require special skill and tools to be able to sharpen them correctly.  Stick with a regular blade and you'll do well for yourself (or don't, I really don't fucking care - it's my fucking opinion).  For a survival knife stick with these simple concepts and you can't fucking lose:
  1. Fixed blade - if you could only have one knife to survive with do not pick a folder.
  2. Full tang
  3. Plain edge - see my rant above
  4. Comfortable grip
  5. Good case
You also don't need to spend a fortune on a knife, my Benchmade can be had for about $100 but most of the other knives I own are in the $30-$50 dollar range.  Get a few and see what works for you...shit Mora Knives makes a decent knife and they can be had for about $15!!!!  I can't tell you what to collect but if your going to collect something you can do a lot worse than collecting knives - at least they are fucking useful.

Get yourself a nice stone to sharpen your knives with and you are in business.  If you want to tell me what your fetishes are (and keep it clean, my five year reads this shit - just kidding I don't have any little blood suckers) or what knives you recommend or think are the best, post a comment.  I am always looking for suggestions on potential candidates to add to my knife collection.

Oh, almost forgot, here is your tip of the day - don't get caught in Syria by Islamic Fundamentalist Crazies with British Accents (IFCBA's)...could be bad for your health.

That is all...

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  1. I Never thought I could develop an affinity for the cutting edge but I have. Bought a navy seal and used it to open boxes. Took it in the kitchen and carved a turkey. Even started using it to cut steak. Puts all my other cutlery to shame. I'm an old lady and I couldn't fight if my life depended on it. Yes, I mean that literally- I Am an old lady; but I have a heck of a knife. I Also have a hatchet. Works great in the garden.