Monday, August 4, 2014

The End of Civilization As We Know It...

By Flea - Be A Survivor

Yes, I have had a paradigm shift in my thought process...

I finished sterilizing the blog.  There is no Facebook (deactivated that shit), no Twitter (deactivated that shit), no advertisers, I shut off Adsense, removed "followers", I working on shutting down the feed burner feed, and I will find other shit to clean up as well.  I honestly don't give a shit if anyone reads this, nor do I want to know, other than you possibly commenting on posts and either agreeing with me or telling me to eat shit.  The only thing I haven't scrubbed are old posts and that will take quite some the moron I am, I hardcoded a bunch of nonsense into each post when I was basically trying to rake people over the coals and have them click on links to my Amazon account, click on deceptive Adsense links, and sell you shit from advertisers I didn't even use.  Yeah I was an idiot...and lord knows there are plenty o' blogs out there that still have all that shit, if that's your thing.

I did want to continue on what I started yesterday with respect to our impending doom.  Do you know some dumb, douche bag, fucktards actually called 911 the other day when Facebook went down.  I am not just talking one or two people, some Sheriff had to tweet, stop calling us we can't fix Facebook.  That right there proves my point.  We are a nation where 50% of the voters are flat out stupid, they can't tell you who their senators are, they can't tell you who the Vice-President is, they can't even tell you what kind of system of government we are ruled (yes, ruled) under.  Yes, these are the people you live near, your neighbors, some of these idiots may be teaching your kids.

I walk around listening to shit from people who I would't trust to wipe my ass, yet these people are out their breathing my air and living off of my tax dollars.  The amount of people on the government  roles is astounding, why work when you can sit on your ass collect money and snort meth.  Pop out some more kids so they can grow up and spread your useless fucking DNA all over the place.  Here is an idea, get a job (maybe 2!), go to school, learn how the government is taking this once proud country and turning it into a second rate European welfare state.

Speaking of screwed know who is the anti-Christ, I'll tell you -- Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  People spend all their time sharing every bowel movement their snot nosed little demon spawn produces on Facebook and can't seem to find the time to teach their kids honestly, morality, and and what an honest days work is.  Everybody is a winner!  No, not everyone is a winner, your fat little spoiled brat doesn't get a trophy because he can barely run from the refrigerator to the toilet.  Kids with have got to be shitting me.  Put down the burrito and the playstation controller and get your ass outside and run around you little tub o' lard.

Facebook is a cesspool and I have no interest in every meaningless thing you do in your life.  I have my own meaningless shit to worry about.  Same goes for Twitter, when will Hollywood agents tell their clients to delete their accounts...these morons can't seem to stop sticking their feet in their mouths.  Google is big brother, think Umbrella Corporation, if I wasn't so lazy I would move this blog.  Google has so much secret shit going on they make Area 51 look like a dinner and a show in downtown West Bumblefuck.

I think I am done for today...wonder how many unsubscription notices I'll get in the email tomorrow.

That is all...

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