Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Secure Your Communications

By Flea - Be A Survivor

You know, going back to my conversation around Google being Umbrella Corporation, case in point, childpornographer turned in by Google.  Listen, I am not saying that this piece of shit doesn’t deserve to be off’ed by some guy named Jethro in a prison bathroom. What I am saying is Google needs to stop trying to be the police and stay the fuck out of people’s private communications.  Law enforcement needs a warrant for this type of shit and I don’t see why Google is any different.  They are right there in cahoots with the NSA (hi boys, know you’re listening).

I am immediately switching email providers, not for this dopey blog, but for my own private communications.  Google can eat shit for all I am concerned and to all those trendy douche bags walking around with Google Glass...you stare at me too long and I’ll punch you in your nose faster than you can say “Google Glass, call 911”.  

All the truly secure email providers like Lavabit have been shut down courtesy of Uncle Sam, but there are some alternatives that at least won’t turn your private communications over to the cops without a warrant.  The one I am thinking of switching to is Hushmail.  

There is no way to avoid the jackboot thugs at this point, our past several presidents have helped that become reality.  The key is to try and lay low and do the what you can do to keep that low profile.  The NSA will see your shit, the trick is be of less interest than the next douche bag.  The only way to really secure your communications is to go off the grid, typewriter and smoke signal style.  You can get some measure of privacy from Umbrella Corp using things like Hushmail but other than that we're pretty much shit out of luck.

That being said, there are a few things you can do, the first is to stop giving away your information like a moron!

I tell you, people these days are really careless with their information, REALLY careless.  They post their lives for all to see on Facebook and Twitter, they willingly turn over details of their personal habits in order to get some dopey coupons, and they use things like debit cards at retailers and online.  To those folks, well, there isn’t a lot I can say to you other than you're screwed.  

If you don’t think potential employers look at that shit, think again, if you don’t think bad guys are waiting for you to tell everyone on Facebook “Hey I am on vacation, my house is empty, I am a consumer of all thinks stupid, come steal my shit!  And can you clean the litter box before you leave?”  For the love of God can you please secure your Facebook profile if you insist on having one.  I can’t believe how many fucktards (I am copyrighting this word by the way) have their shit wide open for all to see.

You want to have a low profile?  Start by deleting that dopey Facebook account, get rid of Twitter too, no bigger waste of mankind's time have every been invented than these two things.  I can type a name in a search engine and start trolling Facebook immediately, and I don't even have an account.  Facebook is fucking with you, I hope you realize that.  They carry out their social experiments and use your family and friends to get you to click on shit...they are the enemy.  You want to talk to your family...write em a letter or call them on three way with the NSA.  I bet you 80% of your so-called friends on Facebook, aren't really your friends...if it weren't for that shitty site you would have, and more importantly NEED, ZERO interaction with them to go on with life.

I don't give a shit if I knew you 10 years ago...you obviously weren't important enough to me to stay in contact with, so I don't want to be your fucking Facebook Friend.  Information being collected on you is vast and it's collection is ongoing, don't willingly piss it away to them as well.

That is all...

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  1. If you're worried about security, don't use Hushmail. They track IPs, have holes in their encryption protocols you could drive a car through and have "cooperated" with law enforcement many times.

    Not to mention that, even if we assume Hushmail actually was secure, if the person you're emailing with isn't using a secure system, then your emails are still vulnerable. There's numerous examples of government intercepts collecting information about a person from the other half of their correspondence.

    There are much better methods out there. Many of them *include* Gmail and other common providers, just without cleartext communication.

    First step is learning what online security actually means. Being panicky about Facebook or Google as some lizard-people, Big Brother conspiracy is trendy and all, but there are realities about these things that are deeper and will serve you better. Learn to use the system for your own protection, don't just run away from it.