Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gun Owners - Our Own Fucking Worst Enemy

By Flea - Be A Survivor

Well we've done it again.  When will you fucktards learn?  Some parents thought it would be hunky dory to take their little 9 year old girl to the range and go nuts on a full auto Uzi submachine gun.  Why you ask?  I don't have a fucking clue.  You want to teach your kid to shoot a pistol or a rifle be my fucking guest.  But seriously, a fucking Uzi submachine gun?  So what happened?  The girls lets loose, the fucking gun gets away from her (fucking surprise), and the instructor, who for some reason also thought this was a good idea, gets shot in the fucking head and dies.  To top it off...wait for it...the fucking parents have the whole thing on video...fucking wonderful.  Now we have a 9 year old who is scarred for life, a fucking corpse that used to teach at the shooting range, and the gun grabbers foaming at the mouth, or as they say "reigniting the gun debate".

You people are fucking killing me.  First it was the douche bags walking in Chili's open carrying "Assault Weapons", because it's their fucking right.  Oh, the soccer moms fucking loved that one...what did that get us?  Bad publicity (even the NRA said those fuckers are off the reservation), and restaurants clamoring to now have policies prohibiting weapons of all kinds on their property, even licensed concealed weapons permit holders.  To all the people screaming well it's my right...SHUT YER FUCKING TRAP.  Just because something is your right, it doesn't make it smart.  Restaurants have rights too, it's fucking called private property for a reason...yeah remember that fucking right?  Why are we having this discussion?  Because of the douche bags I am starting to have a REAL tough time trying to defend.

There is no fucking smart reason (that you can explain to me and not be a douche) to walk into Burger King with a fucking M4 or Ak-47 strapped to you looking like a wanna be fucking mall ninja "operator"....OK?  Get that?  Or are you really that fucking stupid?  You want to open carry a pistol in a fucking holster and it's legal in your state, that is your right, be my fucking guest.  Expect to be hassled...that goes with the fucking territory.  I have my weapons and my CHL permit and I want to be able to legally carry in as many places as possible, so if you could start using your fucking brain I would appreciate it because you are seriously fucking this up for the rest of us.

Lock up your fucking guns, keep them away from your fucking demon spawn unsupervised, stop doing stupid shit like walking around with an "assault rifle" for no fucking reason, or being a douche and taking your 9 year old to shoot a full auto machine gun for SELFISH fucking reasons.  Is that so fucking hard to ask?  All this shit is doing is building sentiment against people who believe in the second amendment like I fucking do.  Seriously, there are some fucking people who if they get in power...they will gut what is the second amendment and then you can walk into Burger King with your fucking muzzle loader, cuz that bitch will be all that is legal.

That is all...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pork Communication

By Flea - Be A Survivor

Yes, pork fucking communication, a.k.a. ham radio, a.k.a. amateur radio, or whatever the fuck you want to call it.  I am a ham, have been for years, started as a technician and than after about 6 or 7 years I finally upgraded to general after they dropped the dopey morse code requirement.  Yeah that's right, I called it dopey, the crusty fucks won't appreciate that, and therein lies the problem with ham radio.

There are some crusty old crypt keeper bitches that have been licensed since the days of the pony express and they are more than happy to tell you how much you suck and are ruining the hobby.  "Back in the day...I had to copy 150 words a minute in morse code using the one ear I have that still works while writing in blood from my finger because we couldn't afford pencils" (sound familiar?).  The good news is that for every one of those assholes there are 5 people who are more than happy to teach you or help you in any way.

When I became a general and I got privileges on HF, I had questions about what radio to buy (and they can be expensive so you don't want to make a mistake) and what antenna to use.  I live in a community with an HOA so I couldn't put an antenna outside, what I did was I got a tri-band dipole, which is nothing more than wires in a specific configuration, and put it in my attic.  I have talked to people as far away as Japan with that antenna, so it can be done.  I had two gentleman from a local ham radio club who helped me tremendously, it was only with their sage advice that I make the choice on the antenna, and the radio (Kenwood TS-590 - great radio) I purchased.  The decisions have been good ones and I make contacts on a regular basis all over the world.

You can buy books on Amazon to study for the test.  I recommend cutting your teeth on the technician test and radio equipment for a bit before trying to take the general.  If you pass the technician test you can take the general at the same sitting for free - up to you, but I would focus on the technician test and worry about the general later.  A good radio to start with is the Yeasu VX-8R, you can read my review of it but it will get you on 4 bands out of the box with your technician license.

The test isn't too bad and the actual questions and answers are published.  The website has some really solid practice tests you can take.  I would keep taking those until you are consistently getting in the 90% range.  Once you are, you can go to and search for testing sessions near you.  I highly recommend getting a license and getting some radio equipment because when the SHTF this type of communication is a proven commodity.

If anyone needs any help with this let me know I will do my best to get you the information you need to get licensed.

That is all...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Shit I Actually Use Series: Tide To Go

By Flea - Be A Survivor

OK, so the next item in the "Shit I Actually Use" series is  the Tide to Go pen.  I work in a corporate environment and I have to dress like a monkey, I mean wear a fucking dress shirt.  This stuff has saved me from looking like a complete and utter slob on several occasions.  There ain't nothing like trying to eat breakfast and cutting into a sausage and have it blow grease all over you like Linda Blair on Father fucking Damien Karras.

There is a little secret to using this stuff, get it on the stain right away, then I take a paper towel I made damp in the sink and wipe gently.  I then use the Tide pen again making sure I work the stain with the tip thoroughly.  Then I take some dry paper towels and dab the stain as best can.  It usually dries in about 15 mins so unfortunately when I drop shit on my pants it looks like I pissed myself for about that amount of time.  This thing really does work though.

If you wait too long, your results will depend on what the offending stain is to determine how well it will work.  I buy the six pack above on a fairly regular basis because one goes into my wife's pocketbook, one goes in each car, one is at my desk at work, one is in our kitchen junk drawer, and one is in my work bag.  I always have one of these bitches close to me.  The funny thing is the other guys know I have it and they are bigger fucking slobs than I I blow through these on a fairly regular basis.

Well there you have it, another item I fucking USE and swear by.  Hopefully you guys (because us guys are fucking slobs) will be more presentable and your women won't have to hang their heads in shame when they spend any time with your pathetic asses.  Go get yourself some of these and let me know what you think of them.

That is all...

Friday, August 22, 2014

What's Your Fetish - Part 1

By Flea - Be A Survivor

My wife makes fun of me because I have a flashlight, knife, and backpack/briefcase fetish.  For some reason I just can get enough of these fucking things.  You can't go 10 feet in my house without having a flashlight within your reach.  I don't know what it is and why I feel the need to hoard these particular items like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the long winter ahead.  I have more knives and pockets knives than any one man could ever hope to need, but when I see a new interesting model from SOG or Kershaw, I can't resist, I start to shake like a fucking junky looking for a fix.  Lastly, I have a thing for backpacks and laptop bags...I have a dozen of them but yet I feel the need to look for the next interesting one.  Like I said women have their shoes, I have my fetishes.

The only saving grace for me is that the items I am fascinated with at least have some useful and redeeming qualities.  Flashlights and knives are extremely useful and nothing is more annoying than not being able to find either one when you need it.  The bag thing is utilitarian as well because hey, you always need something to carry your shit in right?

This first post I will cover knives...

As far as knives go you all know what my EDC is, my trusty Benchmade Griptillian, and my camping knife is my SOG Seal Pup Elite.  I have had both for several years, and only just recently I had The Griptillian professionally sharpened at the gun show last weekend.  To be honest, I really can't carry a knife that large at work in a corporate setting, so I just recently picked up a smaller knife that I can carry.  It is very small and is an assisted opener so it flicks open quite nicely, it is the SOG Twitch I.  It is a really sharp little knife and I like the small kick used to flick it open, it also has a lock on it so it doesn't spring open in your pocket.  I am a fan of a few knife companies but SOG is one of my favorites along with Kershaw, Benchmade, Spyderco, and Cold Steel.  If you go with any of those you really can't go wrong.  Sure each of them probably has a stinker or two in their lineup but who the hell doesn't.

I am a fan of drop point knives and I don't want anything fucking serrated, the reason being is they require special skill and tools to be able to sharpen them correctly.  Stick with a regular blade and you'll do well for yourself (or don't, I really don't fucking care - it's my fucking opinion).  For a survival knife stick with these simple concepts and you can't fucking lose:
  1. Fixed blade - if you could only have one knife to survive with do not pick a folder.
  2. Full tang
  3. Plain edge - see my rant above
  4. Comfortable grip
  5. Good case
You also don't need to spend a fortune on a knife, my Benchmade can be had for about $100 but most of the other knives I own are in the $30-$50 dollar range.  Get a few and see what works for you...shit Mora Knives makes a decent knife and they can be had for about $15!!!!  I can't tell you what to collect but if your going to collect something you can do a lot worse than collecting knives - at least they are fucking useful.

Get yourself a nice stone to sharpen your knives with and you are in business.  If you want to tell me what your fetishes are (and keep it clean, my five year reads this shit - just kidding I don't have any little blood suckers) or what knives you recommend or think are the best, post a comment.  I am always looking for suggestions on potential candidates to add to my knife collection.

Oh, almost forgot, here is your tip of the day - don't get caught in Syria by Islamic Fundamentalist Crazies with British Accents (IFCBA's)...could be bad for your health.

That is all...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Broke Ass Bitches

By Flea - Be A Survivor

The sad fact is that most Americans are broke ass bitches.  The reasons for this phenomenon are many, and beyond the scope of a simple blog post, but I will try and zero in on a few reasons why all of you bitches are broke.

Here is a nugget of wisdom I am going to share with you free of charge - you spend way too much fucking money.  That right there is the reason broken down to its purest essence.  You spend way too much fucking money, perhaps its more than you earn, perhaps not.  Spending more than you earn is simply stupid.  I have no sympathy for you.  But Flea, I have a shitty job that pays me nothing and the man is sticking it to me, then get your lazy ass a second shitty job to make up for it.  Really, I don't want to hear your bullshit...especially if you have demon spawn - work as many fucking jobs as it takes to support them.  The solution WAS simple, you could have either pulled out, worn a condom, or taken a the solution IS, work your ass to the bone.  There is a new study out that says if you had a child born in 2013, it will cost $245,000 to raise them.  That condom sounds like a good deal at this point, eh?

Anyway, most people have shitty jobs because of the poor choices they made, you can deflect the blame all you want but really the situation you are in is most likely of your own fucking making.  You chose to get pregnant as a teenager, you chose to drop out of school, you chose to not go to college, you chose to commit a crime that tarnished your record forever, you chose to post those naked pics of you getting a Jack Daniels enema.  Isaac Newton proposed a law that stated (paraphrased), "for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction".  The equal and opposite reaction you are living is a consequence of the reaction you set in motion in your younger years.  Look in the mirror and deny all you like, but that right there is the truth.

People who are broke aren't poor, they are just stupid.  People born into poverty have a rough road ahead of them, they are poor.  People who think they are poor but still somehow have a iPhone 5 and iPad and Xbox, etc...they are just FUCKING STUPID.  I can't feed junior, but I have a Galaxy S5 and the sperm donor who calls himself a dad is wearing Michael Jordan's on his feet.  That in my opinion is just fucking pathetic.  There are poor people, you want to see poor - go look at the shanty towns in Brazil, Mexico, and half of Africa...those people eat fucking dirt for dinner.  You bitches are just lazy and broke.

But hey Uncle Flea isn't here to just beat you down (like the man).  There is always hope if you wise up and really want to succeed.  There are a few things you can do to make your situation better.

1.) No matter what you do in life - do it to the best of your ability.  Even if your job is working at fucking Burger King.  Be the best Burger King motherfucker on the planet.  People notice that shit...and look around, the competition ain't exactly fierce.  Work hard and maybe you become a shift leader, keep working hard and maybe you can be the manager.

2.) Learn as much as you can.  Always strive to make yourself better.  Read books, watch educational TV and documentaries.  Try and get back in school and at the very least get your GED if you dropped out of high school.

3.) Volunteer and donate to charity.  What you give, be it time, money, or both - that shit comes back in spades whether you realize it or not.  Karma can be a bitch, but in this case she can also be your savior.

4.) Start saving today, I don't care if you just start saving your spare change on a daily basis in a jug, that is a step in the right direction.

5.) Stop playing the victim, whether you are or you aren't.  The sooner you put your big boy/girl pants on and take responsibility for your own damn self, the sooner you can turn your life around.

That is all...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesdays With Flea #1

By Flea - Be A Survivor

What the fuck, another new series here at Be A Survivor, "Wednesdays With Flea"...just some random shit going on an commentary on how fucked up we are.

My Maine concealed weapons permit came today.  For those counting I now have:
Ohio Resident
Pennsylvania Non-Resident
New Hampshire Non-Resident
Maine Non-Resident

I have my Utah Non-Resident application in the mail and they cashed my check so they have 60 days to get me my fucking permit.

After I get Utah, I am going to send off for Arizona and Florida.

The wife and I signed up for some Red Cross classes to get our Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED certification.  Think it will be interesting and we have wanted to do it for quite sometime.

The gun show was in Berea, OH again last weekend and something followed me home.  Picked up a Ruger LCR in .38 special.  Will do a post on it in the future, but DAMN is that bitch as light as a potato chip.  Plan on switching off with between that and the Bodyguard for pocket carry.

I am now a GSSF member (Glock Shooting Sports Foundation) and have all the benefits that come with that including a discount on a new Glock pistol, AND the ability to take the Glock Armorer course.  Go to here to learn more about that program.

Will be doing some training this weekend, taking a defensive pistol class with one of the local firearms instructors, should be a blast.

The world is still fucked up, nothing new is a pain in the ass, and school is still fucking school.

I am fairly proud that I have started back up blogging and honestly it feels good to get some shit off my chest.  Like I said, I don't give a fuck if anyone reads this shit.

That is all...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shit I Actually Use Series: CLP

By Flea - Be A Survivor

I am just so clever but deep down inside I think I am smarter than I actually am.  I have decided to start a new series here at Be A Survivor and I think the post title sums it up quite nicely.  I figured I would share some shit with you folks that actually use.  Yes, I will post a link to where you can buy some, you can click on it if you like.  I don't want to be deceptive anymore regarding things like my Amazon Associates account.  Like I said, click on it or fucking don't, I really don't give a shit.

So what is game for this series, everything.  I will post some survival shit, gun shit, food items, and even some kooky shit.  The key to this whole series is that it will be something I use.  There will be no bullshit, if I don't use, believe in it, like it, eat it, or stand behind it, then you won't fucking see it here.

OK enough of that, here we for the inaugural post in the series I chose to do a post on CLP (Cleans, Lubricates, Prevent)   It is a God send for cleaning guns and after I starting using it I gave up on gun cleaner and oil for the most part.  You know this shit works because I have seen videos of our boys overseas spraying this shit on everything, including a 50 cal that kept jamming.

Cleaning my gun now consists of soaking the barrel with this CLP  waiting 5 minutes, wiping it down, and running a bore snake through it several times.  I then dry brush and wipe the rest of the components and put a drop of oil where the manufacturer recommends.  That is that.

Nothing is worse than accidentally knocking over a bottle of Hoppes gun cleaner, it stains wood and makes everything reek, ask me how I know this?  Because I am a dumb ass and did just that.  Since I changed to CLP which is a spray I don't have to worry about being a moron and spilling shit.  CLP is also great for getting all that gun powder residue cleaned up and does put a protective and preserving layer on the barrel.  CLP meets military specifications, and as I said, our boys use it liberally.  The other good thing is that although CLP does have an odor, it is not going to get you stoned like gun cleaner will, I use to get a fucking headache every time I cleaned my guns.

Well there you go, shit that I actually use.  Try CLP I think you'll be impressed and make the switch like I did.

What I would like to see from you folks is post some stuff in the comments you actually use, maybe I will get a tid bit or two from someone wiser than I.  Could be anything, the only caveat is  that it obviously should be something you use!

That is all.

Monday, August 18, 2014

72 Hours...You're Fucked.

By Flea - Be A Survivor

I don't know how many of you actually pay attention to the news, but last week Ohio's 4th largest city Toledo got a rude awakening.  There was a toxic algae bloom on the western end of Lake Eerie that had officials telling people in no fucking uncertain terms, "DO NOT drink the water."  The kicker is the old standby of boiling the water was useless because that had the nasty effect of making the toxin more concentrated.

It was magic to watch this unfold, the announcement went out around midnight and people cleaned out stores literally by 6 am.  People were driving to other states to get fucking bottled water.  That is but a taste of what it will be like in a real disaster, except instead of yelling at each other in the aisles of Giant Eagle, people will be stabbing and shooting bitches for their supplies.  It still amazes me how little people do to be prepared.  I mean Jesus H. Christ this isn't fucking rocket science and even with all these dopey doomsday shows people still just laugh the shit off.

If you care one iota about your family and you do nothing then don't come knocking on my fucking door when the shit goes down, unless you want the muzzle brake of my Colt M4 pointed in your face.  I don't give a shit if your wife is pregnant or little Johnny hasn't eaten in days...I will shoot your ass and dump you on the burn pile in my back yard.  The most important things to me at that time will be ME and my wife and dogs.  Just being honest, you don't like it, go read some other survival blog.

Now I will admit, I am not one of those people they purposefully paint as nut jobs on Doomsday Preppers.  Really people, is getting on TV that important to you?  Don't you know they want you to look like a nut?  BTW they have succeeded in painting a picture of the the prepper community as a bunch a paranoid nimrods, scarfing down fish antibiotics and armor plating their 1977 AMC Pacer's.  I will never forget the episode where Tim, the "Expert" shoots himself in the thumb and tries to say..."The gun malfunctioned."  No, you pulled the trigger with your fucking thumb in front of the barrel asshole.  Here is the video for your enjoyment:

Tim the douchbag, "It was one of those malfunctions, where my thumb went in front of the barrel.", shooting himself.

I still laugh every time I see that one, but I digress.  The purpose of this post is to help you, help yourself.  For me and my wife and dogs, I keep 10 gallons of tap water in two large sanitized water containers (and I rotate it).  I also have no less than 12-15 cases of water in the basement at any given time.  We also have rain water barrels that hold 55 gallons each connected to our downspouts.

As far as food goes, we store lots of canned goods that we rotate, namely: chicken, sardines, Spam, corned beef hash, canned fruit, dog food and canned veggies.  We also store things like beef jerky and nuts of all kinds (pistachio's, cashews, and peanuts).  I have a small Weber grill that uses the small propane canisters that I "could" use indoors in a pinch.  I store a bunch of those canisters as well as two extra 20 lb. propane tanks for my regular Weber grill, so we can do some minimal cooking.  We store plenty of macaroni and cheese, Raman soups, and dry pasta.  We "could" last for a couple of months on our own if we had to and we rationed properly.

Some other stuff we have are plenty of batteries and flashlights, a generator, and inverter (the car batteries are power sources), plenty of guns (and bullets), and other assorted survival gear.  No one says you need a bunker or to be able to survive for years in place.  If something bad enough happens that we need to be on our own longer than 3 months, I am not sure civilization will ever be back on track in my lifetime and more than likely I'll wish I was dead.

At a minimum you need to store enough food and water to last for 3 days, you would be surprised how few people do that.  It's pretty fucking easy to do.  Go buy 3 or 4 cases of water or so, buy 2 cases of MRE's and your fucking done (the numbers depend on how many people you are storing for).  I mean how fucking hard is that? That will last longer than 3 days if you ration.  Buy a flashlight, jumbo pack of fucking batteries, first aid kit, and buy this radio (yes, I still own it) and you will be in  some pretty solid shape.

If you don't do at least that, well, Darwin will take care of you soon enough.

That is all...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle II In .45 Caliber

By Flea - Be A Survivor

I wanted a CZ-97, but finding one of those is like finding a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Factory.  I was talking to the gun dealer by me and he said he had seen exactly 3 CZ-97's in the last 5 or 6 years.  For those who aren't familiar with the CZ-97, it is the larger cousin to the iconic CZ-75, and it is chambered in .45 ACP.  Well I looked for a while, and then finally said this is a fucking waste of my time.  Bud's Gun Shop has them occasionally, but fuck them (a story for another time).

I had heard rumblings that many manufacturers were copying the design of the CZ's over the years because of how solid the gun was.  Think the Czech version of the 1911, or the Browning Hi Power, copied because it gets something right and the design stands the test of time!  The thing the CZ's are really known for is the slide riding INSIDE the frame as opposed to the outside of the frame.  Makes for a really solid shooting platform because of its stiffness and low bore axis.

Well, one company that makes a CZ clone is IWI (Israeli Weapons Industries) formerly IMI (Israeli Military Industries).  Say what you want about the Israeli's, these people know how to make a gun.  The country has produced a number of legendary firearms, including the Uzi, Galil, Tavor, and the Jericho 941 (stay tuned).  They also make some damn fine magazines for the Tavor that are completely compatible with the AR-15 platform (I have a bunch for my M4, some high quality shit).

The aforementioned Jericho 941 is the pistol we'll be focusing on.  It is the clone of the CZ-75, originally chambered in a round developed by IMI called the .41 AE.  That round never caught on and the .40 S&W went on to become the bridge between the 9mm and the .45 ACP.  IWI makes the Jericho in 9mm, .40, and .45.  Magnum Research simply imports the gun from IWI in Israel.  Many companies have been the importer of this gun including KBI and Mossberg.  This is the second time Magnum Research has been the importer (after stopping for a few years), and they only started again after they were purchased by Kahr Arms.

The dumb fucks at Magnum Research rebrand the pistol the "Baby Desert Eagle" even though it has absolutely nothing in common with the Desert Eagle.  The markings on the gun all indicate that it was manufactured in Israel by IWI, including a large IWI logo on the grips.  The pistol was not always offered in .45 cal and once I saw that it was I snapped one up.  Apparently, its a pretty popular gun because the gun shop by me had 8 on Friday and by the following Wednesday they were all gone.  The gun retails for about $550 and is all steel construction.  The model I have is what they classify as Semi Compact (SC) and came with a safety/decocker.  Below are some stats:

Model BE4500RS
Caliber .45 ACP
Barrel Length 3.93
Height 5”
Weight w/ Empty Mag 39.8 oz, Empty mag.: 3.2 oz
OA Length 7.75”
Slide Width 1.125”
Construction High quality carbon steel frame and slide
Finish Black oxide finish
Trigger Double Action/Single Action (DA/SA)
Trigger Pull 12 - 13 lbs (DA), 4.5 - 5 lbs (SA)
Rifling 6 Right Hand grooves, conventional
Safety Slide mounted safety and decocker, ambidextrous
Firing Pin Block Yes
Sights Combat type, white three dot, fixed
Magazines 2 - 10 Round

Below are some pictures of my particular weapon:

The nice plastic case included with the weapon.

The gun came with 2 magazines, a brass and nylon brush, as well as a plastic bore rod for the brushes.

Here you can easily see how the slide rides inside the frame, very obvious when the slide is retracted.

Here is the weapon in all of its glory.
Overall the weapon is heavy but feels like it will be a really sweet shooter.  I have not been able to get out to the range yet to fire her, and I don't think I will this weekend because we have a gun show at the Berea Fairgrounds I want to go to.  I am really looking forward to getting this baby out on the range and getting some trigger time with her.  I have watched some reviews on YouTube and read some on the gun magazine websites, they appear to get excellent reviews.

Overall, I am quite happy with my purchase.  I think this will be one I don't regret getting, and boy have I had a few of those.  I should also give a shout to Hickory Ridge Firearms in Medino, OH.  I bought the gun there and they were great, they got their distributor to ship it in like 2 days and the whole process was quite painless, they do a brisk Internet business so I would say give them some love if they have a weapon you are looking for.

That is all...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

9mm Is The New .45 ACP

By Flea - Be A Survivor

OK let's get this shit right out in the open and on the fucking table.  9mm is fine for defensive purposes.  There I said it, the fucking world didn't end and Jeff Cooper's rotting corpse didn't rise from the fucking grave.

IGNORE the fucking idiots who insist you carry a .45.  I have a .45, it's a beautiful gun, it's fun to shoot; it is also the size of a boat anchor and holds 10 rounds plus one in the chamber.  Yes, there are smaller .45's and the round count gets even smaller proportionally.  Listen, carry whatever the fuck you want, all I am saying is, don't listen to the fucktards that are still stewing over the US Military's decision to go with the NATO standard 9mm over the .45 back in the 1980's.

All I know is, if I were so inclined to carry a full-sized weapon (which I am not), I would much rather carry a 9mm with a 15+1 (and even higher in some models) capacity than a .45 with 11 rounds.  The modern 9mm is a far cry from the 9mm of yesteryear and the ballistics are fine for defensive purposes.  Do the research, I am not a scientist, but the myth that you need to carry a .40 cal or .45 ACP handgun is purely that, a myth.

Women especially are really going to appreciate the lower recoil found in the 9mm.  Depending on the size of the gun .40 and .45 can be not so fun to shoot.  Take my M&P Shield, there is no way I was buying that fucking gun in the .40 version, that would be way too "snappy" in my opinion.  A hit with a 9mm hurts a hell of a lot more than a miss with a .40 or a .45.

The key to me is buying the right ammo, I buy the cheap stuff like Blazer Brass for the range.  In my carry weapons I use .380 Remington Defensive Rounds (hollow point) in my Bodyguard and I use Hornady Critical Duty (9mm hollow points) in my M&P Shield.  Yes, the ammo is expensive as shit but only buy a few hundred rounds - enough to shoot at the range and ensure they will feed flawlessly in my guns and enough to cycle through every six months.  I replace the ammo in my carry guns every time I go to the range.  YES, get hollow points, you have less chance of shoot an innocent bystander due to over penetration than with FMJ ball ammo (yeah and move out of fucking NJ, I believe only the police and the criminals can have hollow points there).

This is pretty amusing...

Size doesn't matter...

Anyhow, that is my story and if you don't like it, eat shit.

That is all...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

You Fat Bastards

By Flea - Be A Survivor

Americans pretty much make me throw up in my mouth.  We're a bunch o' fat bastards.  Two years ago I made a commitment to my health and I did two things: I quit those fucking cancer sticks they peddle (and my wife still smokes) and I lost 30 pounds.  I am proud to say I have kept that weight off and I still don't smoke - although I do enjoy the "occasional" cigar, in fact, I really don't even drink, save a beer or a glass of wine on very rare occasions.  Americans are pigs, face it, and really, stop the bullshit excuses, we're greedy fat fucks...admit it already.

I know a kid, he's 5 years old, he is 70 fucking pounds.  I was like holy Mary Mother of God are you shitting me.  Nope, I am dead serious.  He eats like shit and it shows.  This isn't some irregularity either, look at all the lard ass kids in your neighborhood, and their even fatter parents.  That's fucking child abuse, and your little piglets should be taken from you and given to some responsible people to raise.

I eat OK, not good, but not horribly.  I enjoy some fast food now and then, but I exercise on a regular basis which consists of pushups, sit-ups, and jogging - 4 days a week.  I splurge on the weekends and take it easy with the food during the week.  It works for me.  I am looking into one of the machines that you can do multiple exercise on as my next investment in my health.

You look at folks in other countries and you're like wow those bitches are malnourished, uh no, they are fucking healthy!  We're just so programmed to believe "Oh, she is beautiful on this inside!", that we have disillusioned ourselves into thinking pleasantly plump is the new healthy.  My little Becca is ready to have an apple shoved in her mouth and stuffing packed in her ass before she is tossed into the oven, but boy isn't she a looker?  Nope she is a fat pig and needs help, fast.

Put down the drumstick and get on the treadmill.  No one says you have to go cold turkey, start slow. When I started jogging, I couldn't jog for more than 5 minutes before thinking I was going to die.  Now a 30 minute jog is nothing...I'll jog 30 minutes and then go cut the lawn and I live on a hill with a fucking push mower!

Here is something else you can try as well, your mileage (risk) may vary because I am some guy in the Internet, not a fucking doctor.  I eat a very big breakfast and a decent sized lunch during the week and I don't eat dinner at all.  I find it beneficial to go to bed on an empty stomach because when your body starts the repair process when you're sleeping it uses stored calories rather that that belly full of food to fuel that.  I have found that has accelerated my weight loss.  The key is eating a really hearty breakfast (the most important meal by the way).

It won't matter how much water, food, and ammo you have stockpiled, if you can't run from the front door to the mailbox and back without having a fucking stroke, you're zombie food...and with all the fat asses in this country those zombies will be a hungry bunch.

So get off your ass, stop shoveling food into your pie hole, and move around you fat bastards.

That is all...

Monday, August 11, 2014

EDC - Everyday Carry

By Flea - Be A Survivor

I have to laugh because I belong to a forum on concealed carry in Ohio, and I constantly see debates saying you need to carry a six fucking pound .45 ACP weapon and you need to carry at least two or three extra mags of ammo with you (oh and don't forget about your BUG, that's backup gun for you not in the know...).

I laugh because it is 90 degrees outside and I am in shorts and a fucking tee shirt.  Where am I supposed to pack all this shit?

You know what I carry in the summer?  A Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 in a pocket holster, loaded with 6+1 defensive hollow point type ammo in it.  No extra mags, no 1911, no goddamn bazooka.  I am not heading out to Iraq, I am going to fucking Giant Eagle to buy some lunch meat and bread!

They say, "OH MY Sir, you are totally and completely unprepared!"  I say for what? A fucking invasion?  I went from carrying nothing, to carrying a gun everyday and somehow I am less prepared than I was?  Bullshit.  Let me get something straight here, unless someone is trying to kill me or my wife, that gun is staying in my pocket.  I am not the police; I am not going to stop a bank robbery nor am I going to save some damsel in distress (other than said wife).  You are on yer fucking own...BTW if the damsel in distress started the argument that triggered her getting her head bashed in by her dick boyfriend, and I shoot the fucker trying to save her, according to the law in Ohio, I am going to fucking jail.

But I digress.  The purpose of this post is not to lecture you on the finer points of the Ohio Revised Code, it was first, to tell you ignore the morons who tell you that you need to carry a 1911 and seven mags of ammunition with you everyday.  Carry what you want.

Second, it was to tell you exactly what I carry on an everyday basis...

In the summer, I carry the Bodyguard in pocket holster (kydex), with a Benchmade Griptillian (see my review of it here - yep I still carry the same fucking knife, it's a good one), my Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone (Yeah thats right, FUCK Apple), car keys, and a wallet.  That is it.  Oh and I wear a Citizen watch with a  leather band and one of those dopey paracord brackets I picked up at a gun show.

If you conceal carry, invest in cargo shorts, they are a life saver.  I have them in every color at this point.

The only thing that changes is in the winter when I will carry my M&P Shield 9mm in an IWB holster rather than the Bodyguard.  Everything else in my EDC collection remains the same.

I'll give a plug to two holster makers I actually fucking use... makes the kydex pocket holster I use for pocket carry.

N82 Tactical makes the IWB (the professional series) I use for my M&P Shield.

I am not affiliated with, nor do I get an kickbacks from these companies.  I use them and like them, so check them out if you want, I really could give a rats ass.

You'll also notice all my small carry guns have Talon Grips on them to aid with the purchase on the gun when drawn, you get some nice texture with those and as you see, I use them.

For those counting, my New Hampshire non-resident Concealed Carry permit came in the mail this week, that was really painless and done completely via the mail.

I now have Ohio, PA non-resident, and New Hampshire non-resident.  I have applications out for Utah non-resident and Maine non-resident.  Once they come in, I am doing Florida non-resident and Arizona non-resident.  I'll be able to carry in 39 out 50 states once Maine comes in.  Like I said in a previous post, if your committed to this get them all because you never know when laws will least you'll be grandfathered.

So if anyone still reads this God forsaken piece o' shit blog, leave me a comment on what your EDC is...

That is all...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Skeletonized Hammer For A Beretta 92FS

By Flea - Be A Survivor

Jeezuz H. Christ, I bought a new skeletonized hammer to put on my Beretta 92FS, along with a metal fluted guide rod and spring from Wilson Combat.  I also put some nice Wilson Combat grips on that bitch too.  I am not just telling you this to brag or be a douche, figured I would share some information regarding this with anyone out there with a Beretta 92/96/M9 handgun that may be thinking of undertaking that endeavor.

Well, I found this nifty video from Beretta that goes through the process of replacing the hammer, and it seemed simple enough, so I bit the bullet and bought a skeletonized hammer from Beretta USA.  I also said, let me replace the shitty plastic grips that come with gun as well as the shitty plastic guide rod so I went to Wilson Combat and got both of those things from them.

Quick side note: The picture right on the Wilson Combat Beretta page looks "similar" to my Beretta 92 FS now except my grips are cherry (same exact ones though).  You can see what the skeletonized hammer looks like on that one.

So, the fucking hammer shows up today and I say, hell let me get this installed...eazy, peazy, japanezy, right?  FUCK NO.

Here is the Beretta Video on

How to change the hammer on the Beretta 92/96 series

The hammer spring cap pin slides right out, right?  FUCK NO.

WAAAAAAY down in the comments someone with some fucking brains finally mentions, "Oh if you have an Italian Model 9X series, they use a roll pin and you need to tap that out with a punch and hammer".  Well, FUCK ME, do you think the douche from Beretta could mention that in the video?

So if you have an Italian Beretta 92 FS (and who the fuck wants an American Beretta...really) you will need some tools to get that hammer spring cap pin out, namely a brass punch and brass hammer. Once I figured that out the whole thing literally took 5 minutes.  But until I figured that out I was thinking either this Beretta guy is the fucking hulk or I am the biggest pussy on the plant because that pin wasn't budging.  Once I had everything lined up I gave the punch a slight tap with the brass hammer and it immediately starting moving.

So I guess the moral of the story is don't believe everything you read or see on the Interwebz.

I am not affiliated with Wilson Combat, just wanted to mention they make nice shit and the Beretta really is a nice gun.

That is all...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Ends Of This Country

By Flea - Be A Survivor

I hope California cracks off at the San Andreas fault and drops into the fucking ocean.  There, that should win me some friends, and start the post off with the right tone.  Followed Shortly thereafter by the Northeast portion of this fine country.  I once lived in the People's Republic of New Jersey and that place is a notch below California in being fucked up beyond belief.

Now before you go all Rosie O'Donnell on my ass, I know there are some fine people being held prisoner in these re-education camps, either because of family or a job, and I feel for you, I really do.  The rest of you need to fucking move to France...a place you love to hold up as a beacon of hope to the rest of us.  Learn to speak French and the proper way to drop a rifle and high tail it away from danger (Le Coward)...get 45 weeks of vacation, or just fuck the whole job thing and become a dependent of the state.

Many of the people who live on the ends of this country often forget about the rest of us...those pesky people who cling to their God and their guns...I would help sign the petition on the White House website authorizing you to secede from the United States and form the joint republic of We'reFuckedUp-istan.   Just show me where to sign...

Oh there are a few exceptions in the middle of the country like Chi-raq, I mean Chicago.  The place with the strictest gun laws in the country yet more people were killed there last year than American soldiers in Afghanistan in the same time frame.  None of the gun grabbers ever talk about Chicago.  It's like that weird Uncle everyone has that we all know probably molested the neighbor's kids but everyone ignores it and say "oh that's just Uncle Johnny, he's always been a little different".  It's the exception, not the rule.

When the "insert your choice of disaster here" hits, the population centers will be the first to bite the dust.  Those folks are fucked, no two ways about it.  You're packed in like sardines, in a nanny state that tells you when to piss, shit, or fart.  They keep you placated and disarmed.  "Don't worry it is REALLY hard to catch Ebola."  Really?  Then why are your telling me this covered in head to toe plastic and rubber with a respirator?  If it's that fucking hard then why all the cloak and dagger?  If it's that fucking hard why are people dropping like flies in Africa.  If it's that fucking hard why is the WHO telling us the outbreak is spiraling out of control?  I'll tell you why...BECAUSE IT AIN'T THAT FUCKING HARD to catch it.  Granted the flu kills more people worldwide every year than just about everything else.  I guess there just something about bleeding from your eyeballs that screams..."don't fucking catch me - run, don't walk, in the other direction."

Eh...Ebola- schmola.  That shit is the least of our worries.  I can't tell you enough how stupid the American public is.  The vast majority of people mindlessly go through the motions.  They have to be stupid because I cannot believe that people just don't care THAT MUCH.

Oh and here's your survival tip of the day (I forget this is a survival blog sometimes)...don't listen to survival experts who run survival blogs on the Internet if you want to survive...and oh yeah, store canned food..blah...blah....blah.

That is all...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


By Flea - Be A Survivor

I fucking love guns, I always have.  I own more than a few, all kinds by the way...I am not a snob about it.  There are some that will say if it isn't a Glock then fuck it.  I own a Glock and it is a DAMN fine weapon, the sights suck...but I changed those out easy enough.  I own guns from many of the major manufacturers including: Glock, S&W, Colt, Ruger, Magnum Research, and Beretta to name a few.  I carry concealed, whenever and wherever I can.

That leads me to the point of this little post here, everyone should own a gun.  It's your fucking right protected under the constitution and it's amendments (the 2nd amendment for the morons out there who can't tell you who fought in the Civil War).  I am not saying go out and spend all your money funding arms for a small army to start a third world insurrection.  I am saying go out and buy yourself at least one quality gun - be it a handgun, shotgun, or rifle.

I would recommend it in just that order.  If I was only going to have one gun it would be a handgun and most likely it would be my Glock 19.  If you're against a handgun then get yourself a good shotgun like a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500.  In my opinion, and you know what they say about those, the handgun and the shotgun are more versatile than a rifle...and please BY ALL MEANS get a rifle if you would like.  In fact, my real recommendation is to get one of each: handgun, shotty, and a rifle.  Specifically, get a Glock 19, Remington 870, and Colt M4 if you want to really get my opinion.

That leads me to my second point in this here little shit-fest of a posting.  If your state issues concealed carry permits you must go get one.  There are 8 states that really don't get it and they are "May Issue" states which basically means, if we think you should have a concealed carry permit and you have been a good boy or girl, MAYBE we'll give you one.  Sorry folks you're basically fucked...but those states have all made their beds so honestly I don't feel sorry for you, keep voting in morons and you get what you deserve.  Most of the other states are "Shall Issue" which basically means, if you have been good and you want the permit...we will give it to you.

If you live in a shall issue state please for the love of God exercise your rights and get that permit and then carry.

Did I mention I love guns?

That is all...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Secure Your Communications

By Flea - Be A Survivor

You know, going back to my conversation around Google being Umbrella Corporation, case in point, childpornographer turned in by Google.  Listen, I am not saying that this piece of shit doesn’t deserve to be off’ed by some guy named Jethro in a prison bathroom. What I am saying is Google needs to stop trying to be the police and stay the fuck out of people’s private communications.  Law enforcement needs a warrant for this type of shit and I don’t see why Google is any different.  They are right there in cahoots with the NSA (hi boys, know you’re listening).

I am immediately switching email providers, not for this dopey blog, but for my own private communications.  Google can eat shit for all I am concerned and to all those trendy douche bags walking around with Google stare at me too long and I’ll punch you in your nose faster than you can say “Google Glass, call 911”.  

All the truly secure email providers like Lavabit have been shut down courtesy of Uncle Sam, but there are some alternatives that at least won’t turn your private communications over to the cops without a warrant.  The one I am thinking of switching to is Hushmail.  

There is no way to avoid the jackboot thugs at this point, our past several presidents have helped that become reality.  The key is to try and lay low and do the what you can do to keep that low profile.  The NSA will see your shit, the trick is be of less interest than the next douche bag.  The only way to really secure your communications is to go off the grid, typewriter and smoke signal style.  You can get some measure of privacy from Umbrella Corp using things like Hushmail but other than that we're pretty much shit out of luck.

That being said, there are a few things you can do, the first is to stop giving away your information like a moron!

I tell you, people these days are really careless with their information, REALLY careless.  They post their lives for all to see on Facebook and Twitter, they willingly turn over details of their personal habits in order to get some dopey coupons, and they use things like debit cards at retailers and online.  To those folks, well, there isn’t a lot I can say to you other than you're screwed.  

If you don’t think potential employers look at that shit, think again, if you don’t think bad guys are waiting for you to tell everyone on Facebook “Hey I am on vacation, my house is empty, I am a consumer of all thinks stupid, come steal my shit!  And can you clean the litter box before you leave?”  For the love of God can you please secure your Facebook profile if you insist on having one.  I can’t believe how many fucktards (I am copyrighting this word by the way) have their shit wide open for all to see.

You want to have a low profile?  Start by deleting that dopey Facebook account, get rid of Twitter too, no bigger waste of mankind's time have every been invented than these two things.  I can type a name in a search engine and start trolling Facebook immediately, and I don't even have an account.  Facebook is fucking with you, I hope you realize that.  They carry out their social experiments and use your family and friends to get you to click on shit...they are the enemy.  You want to talk to your family...write em a letter or call them on three way with the NSA.  I bet you 80% of your so-called friends on Facebook, aren't really your friends...if it weren't for that shitty site you would have, and more importantly NEED, ZERO interaction with them to go on with life.

I don't give a shit if I knew you 10 years obviously weren't important enough to me to stay in contact with, so I don't want to be your fucking Facebook Friend.  Information being collected on you is vast and it's collection is ongoing, don't willingly piss it away to them as well.

That is all...

Monday, August 4, 2014

The End of Civilization As We Know It...

By Flea - Be A Survivor

Yes, I have had a paradigm shift in my thought process...

I finished sterilizing the blog.  There is no Facebook (deactivated that shit), no Twitter (deactivated that shit), no advertisers, I shut off Adsense, removed "followers", I working on shutting down the feed burner feed, and I will find other shit to clean up as well.  I honestly don't give a shit if anyone reads this, nor do I want to know, other than you possibly commenting on posts and either agreeing with me or telling me to eat shit.  The only thing I haven't scrubbed are old posts and that will take quite some the moron I am, I hardcoded a bunch of nonsense into each post when I was basically trying to rake people over the coals and have them click on links to my Amazon account, click on deceptive Adsense links, and sell you shit from advertisers I didn't even use.  Yeah I was an idiot...and lord knows there are plenty o' blogs out there that still have all that shit, if that's your thing.

I did want to continue on what I started yesterday with respect to our impending doom.  Do you know some dumb, douche bag, fucktards actually called 911 the other day when Facebook went down.  I am not just talking one or two people, some Sheriff had to tweet, stop calling us we can't fix Facebook.  That right there proves my point.  We are a nation where 50% of the voters are flat out stupid, they can't tell you who their senators are, they can't tell you who the Vice-President is, they can't even tell you what kind of system of government we are ruled (yes, ruled) under.  Yes, these are the people you live near, your neighbors, some of these idiots may be teaching your kids.

I walk around listening to shit from people who I would't trust to wipe my ass, yet these people are out their breathing my air and living off of my tax dollars.  The amount of people on the government  roles is astounding, why work when you can sit on your ass collect money and snort meth.  Pop out some more kids so they can grow up and spread your useless fucking DNA all over the place.  Here is an idea, get a job (maybe 2!), go to school, learn how the government is taking this once proud country and turning it into a second rate European welfare state.

Speaking of screwed know who is the anti-Christ, I'll tell you -- Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  People spend all their time sharing every bowel movement their snot nosed little demon spawn produces on Facebook and can't seem to find the time to teach their kids honestly, morality, and and what an honest days work is.  Everybody is a winner!  No, not everyone is a winner, your fat little spoiled brat doesn't get a trophy because he can barely run from the refrigerator to the toilet.  Kids with have got to be shitting me.  Put down the burrito and the playstation controller and get your ass outside and run around you little tub o' lard.

Facebook is a cesspool and I have no interest in every meaningless thing you do in your life.  I have my own meaningless shit to worry about.  Same goes for Twitter, when will Hollywood agents tell their clients to delete their accounts...these morons can't seem to stop sticking their feet in their mouths.  Google is big brother, think Umbrella Corporation, if I wasn't so lazy I would move this blog.  Google has so much secret shit going on they make Area 51 look like a dinner and a show in downtown West Bumblefuck.

I think I am done for today...wonder how many unsubscription notices I'll get in the email tomorrow.

That is all...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Yes I Am Still Alive...

By Flea - Be A Survivor

I really have been a douche and not posted anything in a long time.   Hopefully I will have some more time to do that coming up, we'll see. Anyway, I am done with all the hokey shit like Facebook and Twitter and you'll notice that I don't have a shit ton of advertisers any longer. I will be cleaning up the blog and trying to stream line it a bit.

There is a lot of good info here and I am not just gonna let it rot away...

I do have some updates...

Just about done with masters degree, that shit has taken way longer than I intended it to but what they hey, I am doing the best I can.

Picked up some goodies, namely an M&P Shield in 9mm, and a Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle II in .45 ACP.

Also picked up my PA concealed carry permit to go along with my Ohio one, and sent out for the Utah one as well. I figure I should get as may of those as I can because the bastards keep changing the reciprocity and laws.

The world has gone to hell in a hand much for our Nobel Peace Prize winner in the White House. Ebola is out of control, planes are getting shot out of the sky, and the Middle East is about as fucked up as it can get at this point. And the way we treat our veterans makes me embarrassed to be an American quite frankly...we should be ashamed of ourselves.

Do yourself a favor and donate to a worthy cause like the Wounded Warrior Project because the government doesn't give a shit about them, we need to step up and help them. Thank them for their service and give what you can to help the ones who need it.

I am telling you, we're doomed, we just don't know it yet. The kids today are the biggest bunch of gimme, gimme pussies I have ever met. The work ethic of this country is gone, everyone wants shit handed to them on silver platter. We're fat and lazy...I mean really lazy. The government is corrupt and God forbid one of the conservative justices on the supreme court kicks the bucket...say so long to all your personal freedoms, including your second amendments rights. We're a busted blood vessel away from being  country where if some attacks you, you might be able to hit them with a rock or stab them with the butter knife you use to spread butter on your biscuits.

I sit back at lunchtime (or when I go to the mall) and watch the freak show that used to be the greatest country in the world disintegrate before my eyes...guess we have all forgotten the lessons that 9/11 taught worries some lunatic will give us a refresher course soon enough.

Boy that was depressing.

That is all...