Friday, November 9, 2012

Situational Awareness

By Flea - Be A Survivor

One thing that I believe is an oft overlooked part of a survival strategy is situational awareness. Becoming attuned to your surroundings and being able to notice the little details of what is going on around you can ultimately make or break you should the situation become perilous. In many cases there are small clues that seem obvious after the fact, but during a stress situation are often overlooked. These clues can tip a person off to what is about to happen and possibly even help them avoid it altogether.

One important aspect of situational awareness is the “gut feeling”, we all have it, sometimes we listen to it and sometime we shrug it off as paranoia. I bet all of you can think of situations that have occurred in your lives where you had a gut feeling and it turned out to be right. That is a natural part of our survival instinct endowed to us by our creator. Do not ignore it. Listen to your gut and if you feel uncomfortable or uneasy about a person, place or thing. At the very least you will have mentally prepared should you have to react quickly.

Always be on the lookout for potential hazards, understand the situation around you, take in all the information you can about your surroundings, and thoroughly understand the situation you are in. Make predictions about what is going to happen next and go through scenarios in your head on how you should react. This is difficult, no doubt, but the only way to get better at situational awareness is to continually practice it so that ultimately it becomes second nature to you. We are bombarded with stimuli that can overwhelm our senses if not we are not careful, the key is to focus on the things that matter most.

No one is saying you should be on high alert every moment of the day that would certainly be stressful. You should establish your own situational awareness threat levels and adjust your level according to how you perceive the current threats in your environment. Obviously, the more unfamiliar a situation or environment is the higher your situational awareness level should be. The more comfortable with the environment or situation you are the lower it will be. The key here is there always needs to be some level of situational awareness, even in your comfort zone so you don’t take things for granted and pay for it is some negative way later. Lastly, always listen to your gut, it is speaking to you as part of a complex system that was designed to protect your body from harm or even worse death.

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  1. Well said...I think listening to your gut feeling is definitely key, and reacting to it determines the outcome. Everyone has survival skills, they just need to be exercised.

  2. Great post. If you interview assault, rape or other attack victims...almost all will tell you the felt something weird right before the attack. It is how we listen and react to what we feel that maters most. Also..if you are generally more aware of your surroundings and carry yourself that way the chances of you being attacked diminish greatly.

    Most "predators" aren't looking for a fight. They are looking for a victim. The way you act, walk and are aware of your environment affects all this.

    Situational awareness if practiced as part of your normal routine isn't a big deal at all. It just becomes...well...normal. Knowing where exits are in restaurants or theaters, being aware of people who look out of place, having an idea in your head of what I would do if...and removing yourself from potentially bad situations before they happen or all things we should strive to do.



  3. Great point. My dad always said "Listen to your gut..or you might not get a second chance."

    On a side note: I’m still new to this whole survival/prepper concept (thanks to Neil Strauss and then Rawles), and I wanted to take some training. I found a Surival school nearby and wondered if anyone here has heard anything about it? It is called Sigma III. Here is their page:

    Thanks for any feedback!

  4. Thanks for sharing this. Your post will surely be helpful someday. Keep it up!

  5. Well said. Survival is all about improvisation. Even in the greatest state of preparedness, all the pieces to the puzzle will never completely line up. Being aware of the situation allows you to think on your feet and make due with limited resources.

  6. What you said in here are definitely true. Survival should be one of the top priority to consider in our life. This will enable preparedness when a sudden calamity strikes or any other circumstances comes along. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work!