Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Criminal Profile: Time Warner Cable

By Flea - Be A Survivor

Well I did it. I told the crooks at Time Warner Cable to stick their service where the sun don't shine. My cable bill was ridiculous as it was: I had Internet, digital TV, and digital phone for about $138. Every year they would raise it and I would call speak to the rententions department, threaten to leave, and they would reduce it back to $138.

I got back from a business trip and opened my cable bill to see $185 dues. One HUNDRED and EIGHTY-FIVE dollars. I was livid. I called rententions again and said I am not paying you almost $50 more a month for NOTHING additional. They told me they could give me a $7 dollar discount and asked me if I was interested in paying $199 a month for signature service. They were adamant about not lowering the price back to what it was.

After I was done laughing and telling them to go fuck themselves I cancelled the phone and TV service.

Those stupid bastards now get $42 a month from me for Internet and if I can find another provider I will tell them to stick that as well. So because they are greedy criminals they have now lost $100 a month in revenue on me, let's face it...the bandwidth is what it is it doesn't cost them shit to pipe it to another house and they overcharge for everything anyway. I have been paying 7 dollars a month to rent their shitty DVR and remote and could have paid for the thing 20 times over by now. Great business model there...

So a hearty FUCK YOU to Time Warner Cable...I hope you and you criminal cohorts go out of business.

Meanwhile I have setup an antenna so I get the over the air stations and resubscribed to those other morons Netflix (against my better judgment). I figure I will pay $10 a month to stream stuff now that I am paying $100 less to TWC.

There was nothing ever on any of the 200 channels that TWC offered and the only people calling me on the house phone were my mother-in-law and telemarketers...so canceling that was pure WIN.

Anyhow anyone have any other cheaper suggestions for entertainment? Post the in the comments.

That is all...


  1. I am so with you brother! I dropped my cable service months ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I was tired of paying almost $180 a month for BS service. Most of the time I only had the news on in the background. Now all I get from them is my digital internet. I have gotten back so much time since getting rid of the cable. I too also subscribed to netflix as my kids like watching movies. The cable company are a bunch of thieves (mine was Cox Cable) and I am gld to be spending less and doing more.

    Surprise, AZ

  2. I subscribe to them also with the same bells and whistles you had.
    I too got an increase last month, but I haven't disputed it...yet.
    Something to consider is the Roku. I got one for Christmas, but I haven't explored all the possibilities for it yet. Some say they only use it instead of cable. I used to subscribe to Netflix, but I got rid of it because it had nothing much to offer in the way of free movies to watch. I currently am signed up with Amazon Prime, but again, I haven't explored all that it has to offer either. They charge 1.99 for newest episodes of current TV shows wich is ridiculous in my POV. They do offer alot of providers, more than the usual.

  3. You might look into the Roku! Several folks I know are using it and it seems to be the answer for them.

    I'm thinking of getting one for myself instead of cable.

  4. Flea...Here's the skinny on Time-Warner (and other cable/internet providers:
    I worked as a telemarketer for TW and several other cable companies. (Hey, it was a freakin' paycheck, okay!?) TW and other cable companies hire telemarketing companies to promote/sell and handle customer service for their service.

    You want a cheaper rate? Here is what you do:
    Wait a month after you cancel (gotta wait for that 30 day cycle!). In the meantime, you WILL be getting advertising flyers from TW offering you "deals".
    Ignore the flyers.
    Go online and investigate TW. Find out where in the country they are offering the cheapest rates.
    I guarantee, somewhere in the US, they are probably offering new customers a $99 special for tv/internet/phone. Usually that rate only lasts for 3 or 6 months, occasionally a year. Then it shoots up as your bill did. The important thing to do is to find the lowest base price in the US.
    Call TW back, you'll get a totally disinterested telemarketer that is probably sitting there knitting, coloring in a coloring book, making notes for there Calculus class...whatever.
    Telemarketers are paid a base salary (usually min. wage or a wee bit above that) PLUS a commission. They read a script that is a computer screen in front of them. What you need to do is get them off script. That is very important! Make sure to get their name (they can only give a first name)
    Tell them you are thinking of getting cable again, but the deals offered by DISH and DIRECT t.v. are SO much better.
    What can they offer?
    Listen. They will still be on script. Realize that no matter what you say, they have a scripted response at their fingertips as they toggle through their computer screens.
    Now is the time to screw them up and throw them off their game.
    Say you have a situation that needs your immediate attention...say the dog just got out of the yard, whatever. Ask if they have a number you can call them back at DIRECTLY. Act like they have gotten you interested.
    If they give you the number, wait an hour and then call back.
    Tell them you are interested BUT you "have a friend" that got the $99 rate or $124.99 rate...whatever rate you found that was cheapest...AND tell them TW gave your friend free HBO or Showtime and a DVR for the first year, too!
    They will offer you a "deal".
    Consider it...if it is not what you want, tell them you are sorry, that's STILL too high, but you appreciate their time and ask them to send you a mailer if any better deals crop up.
    If they offer you a deal you like, but want to limit it to 3 or 6 months, tell them you want that deal for two years. Be firm. Then soften if they offer it for 1 year. Ask if it could be extended to, say, 18 months.
    Haggle, baby.
    If at any time your telemarketer balks and says "I'm sorry, I can't do that" ask to speak to the floor supervisor.
    TW has hired large telemarketer firms in Texas, Arizona, Virginia, North Carolina and Connecticut (that's the ones I currently know of)
    I know that seems like a lot of work to get a better deal, but I used it here for my service and got the bill reduced from 185 a month to 115. Took me about an hour of haggling, but I think it was worth it. $70 for an hours worth of talking...not too shabby, especially when you multiply by a year!
    Stay calm, polite and, if possible, sound jovial and good natured. "Chat them up" as the Brits say.

  5. I did just that. I was paying $121 a month for basic cable plus internet. I called them up & said my hours got cut at work & I needed to lower my bill. I said that there are many alternatives that were cheaper. Netflix, AT&T, & so on. They switched me to a "specialist" who after hearing my problem kicked me up a grade to the next level of service AND lowered my bill to $75 a month. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  6. Hulu is an alternative - you could use Amazon Prime and take advantage of the shipping benefits as well as media downloads.

    Does your local library have DVDs?

    There's so little worth watching on TV right now, it really doesn't warrant the expense or hassle.

  7. Kudos for telling TWC where to stick it. I've been considering the same thing for a while now... just too addicted to the DVR I guess. :)

  8. I was going to suggest the local library for movies, but Dustin beat me to it!

  9. We ditched the cable recently. They slightly tweeked the packages and the one we had almost doubled in price. We don't miss cable.

  10. Try calling Directive. You could get a gooddeal using the promote code 432127. No Internet, but cable it better than del or wild blue.

  11. I'm on year 5 of no TV service. We've used Netflix for the last 3 years, and have recently used both Amazon Prime (one month free) and Hulu Plus ($8/mo) over a Roku box.

    Don;t look back on the cable company. Go with the Roku and a streaming service. With Hulu Plus, we get the same shows, only a day later...and like it was mentioned earlier, most of the stuff is crap anyway.

    The Roku also offers "channels" chock full of free stuff to watch, from YouTube feeds to private feeds off some guys PC in his basement (no telling what you'll get on those).


  12. Hulu...it has decent movies.
    Oh, did I mention it's free??

  13. We also dropped cable...in 2008!!!
    My husband had never read a book in our married life of 34 years at that time.
    He now reads all the time; isn't that great??
    Library, yard sales, flea markets are his places to go now---for books.

  14. Time Warner and Netflix don't offer much for what they charge. If you have a ROKU box, which you would need for Netflix, there are dozens of free and per use charge services. I also subscribe to AMAZON Prime (since I buy a lot thru amazon I don't have to order any minimum amount to get free shipping). The streaming service has free TV and Free Movies along with per use TV and Movies - at reasonable rates. The cost is $79/yr.

  15. I am battling with them now and dropped all services except internet. I was due a credit for overpayment and now they tell me I owe them more.... I also noticed degraded internet service after I cut out cable, DVR, boxes and home phone....hmmmm.... they are not interested in handling my complaint, so I am going to let the FCC handle it.

  16. I just got off the phone with them, they increased my monthly bill twice in the past 12 months with just internet and phone. The internet can dropping randomly and their new equipment chokes bandwith. They sell you 100 and you can use 5, they sell you 200 and you can use 7... This is insane, plus the telemarketing calls on my phone, I had to turn off the ringer so its useless for incoming calls. I am going to sue them.. I think we should all file small claims cases until either us or their attorneys pocket every last $$$ they stole from us. I call them and ask to have my old rate back and she lowers my bill by $10 a month and cuts my internet service in half without telling me that, sneaking b***h... and then she tries to deny it... I have the prior months statement.... totally deceptive business practices.... they are going down, legally and financially if I have anything to do with it.

  17. I think I have you all beat. A while ago I got one of those "deals" with internet, phone and tv in one bundle. They also got me in a package with HBO, showtime, basketball, etc. which I took because of the low rate at the time. Well, after the 3 months were up my bill jumped to $280 a month..... yes Two Hundred, Eighty dollars a month. I was also on auto bill pay so they didn't let me know, they just took the cash from my bank account. After recently doing a lot of fat trimming in my budget, I cancelled my Cable and phone, and reduced my internet and now I pay 70 bucks a month for internet, HBO now and Hulu which provide me with more than enough entertainment. (I'll probably cancel the HBO soon too). Stay vigilant consumers, after all, they are.