Saturday, February 25, 2012

Measure My Weight Loss

By Flea - Be A Survivor

As many of you know I made several new years's resolutions this year and I am doing quite well I must say. I am still smoke free, the nail biting has completely stopped, I am exercising regularly (60 mins a day/6 days a week in fact), and I am down 20 lbs. When I started I was 240 lbs., I am now 220.4 lbs as of yesterday morning.

We had a really crappy old scale that had the old dial mechanism that was basically just giving us a rough estimate because it was hard to read and we had to mess with it to get it to zero out. I wanted a new scale and I wanted it to be digital. Unfortunately EVERY digital scale I have ever owned has sucked beyond belief. I would get on, weigh myself, get off, get back on and be a different weight...almost every time.

I was doing some research and came across a scale that the reviewers were singing the praises of and in all the reviews there was a consistent theme...CONSISTENCY. You would weigh yourself 20 times and be the same weight 20 times!

The scale is the:

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale w/ Extra Large Backlit 3.5" Display and "Step-On" Technology

...and let me tell you I am very, very , VERY impressed thus far. No need to tap the thing or to do anything else. Get on the scale and it weighs you, get back on and it weighs you and the weight is the SAME. Drink a glass of water and the weight will be higher. The scale is VERY sensative and very easy to read and is accurate to .2 lbs which I find pretty amazing.

The main thing you want in a scale when you are trying to lose weight is consistency. Is the scale 100% accurate? It appears to be close, but more importantly it is consistent. I highly recommend this scale and it has made my weigh-ins much more enjoyable and less frustrating.

That is all...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Criminal Profile: Time Warner Cable

By Flea - Be A Survivor

Well I did it. I told the crooks at Time Warner Cable to stick their service where the sun don't shine. My cable bill was ridiculous as it was: I had Internet, digital TV, and digital phone for about $138. Every year they would raise it and I would call speak to the rententions department, threaten to leave, and they would reduce it back to $138.

I got back from a business trip and opened my cable bill to see $185 dues. One HUNDRED and EIGHTY-FIVE dollars. I was livid. I called rententions again and said I am not paying you almost $50 more a month for NOTHING additional. They told me they could give me a $7 dollar discount and asked me if I was interested in paying $199 a month for signature service. They were adamant about not lowering the price back to what it was.

After I was done laughing and telling them to go fuck themselves I cancelled the phone and TV service.

Those stupid bastards now get $42 a month from me for Internet and if I can find another provider I will tell them to stick that as well. So because they are greedy criminals they have now lost $100 a month in revenue on me, let's face it...the bandwidth is what it is it doesn't cost them shit to pipe it to another house and they overcharge for everything anyway. I have been paying 7 dollars a month to rent their shitty DVR and remote and could have paid for the thing 20 times over by now. Great business model there...

So a hearty FUCK YOU to Time Warner Cable...I hope you and you criminal cohorts go out of business.

Meanwhile I have setup an antenna so I get the over the air stations and resubscribed to those other morons Netflix (against my better judgment). I figure I will pay $10 a month to stream stuff now that I am paying $100 less to TWC.

There was nothing ever on any of the 200 channels that TWC offered and the only people calling me on the house phone were my mother-in-law and canceling that was pure WIN.

Anyhow anyone have any other cheaper suggestions for entertainment? Post the in the comments.

That is all...