Monday, August 2, 2010

Entitlement and Discipline

By Flea - Be A Survivor

The problem with many people today is they want things handed to them on a silver platter. Work ethic, hard work, desire, drive; whatever the heck you want to call it is seemingly gone the way of the dodo bird. People aren’t bashful about holding their hand out for a free ride even if there is a guy next to them who really needs it.

Part of the issue is parents - timeouts, therapy, “we are all winners”, no spankings, and creating new disorders to classify your little monster (and your lack of discipline and parenting skills) have gained us a generation of wussies, for lack of a better term.

We can’t all be winners…no matter hard we try. Second place is the first loser and the sooner your kid realizes that the better off they’ll be. That builds character people, drive, and ambition to win (the right way). If your kid sucks at baseball I am sure they’re good at something else. Berating your kid because he dropped a pass and is only playing football because YOU MADE him makes you look like an asshat and nothing more. Maybe your kid wants to be a boy scout or play the violin, regardless trying to live vicariously through your kid is a recipe for disaster so give it up.

Next, your kid is medically fine…he is just obnoxious because the Dr. Spock bullshit you raised him on doesn’t work. When I was young, if I back talked I got my ass whooped…something magical occurred after I got my ass whooped several times…I stopped back talking. I see kids throwing full on temper tantrums in the store that look like a rabid dog having a seizure…the mom stands there staring at the ceiling. Well guess what, you suck as a parent lady and your kid needs a beating.

The government is just like a new age parent who thinks they know best, well guess what they don’t. I personally believe that other than protecting me from the invading militaries of Mexico and Canada the government should stay the hell out of my life. I don’t think there should be unemployment benefits (look around the world there are plenty of countries that don’t have them) or social security for that matter. Live your life within your means and save money for when a bad spell hits. I guess I am just a heartless bastard.

All these handouts reduce the will of people to work hard. Back in the day…yeah they worked hard before all this new deal BS. Your ancestors all worked their asses off to make ends meet. Now we sit around and call sending a few resumes on a job search (oh I worked hard honey I sent out three resumes today). Listen you take what you can get, if I lost my job as a IT person and couldn’t get another one…I would work first shift at McDonalds and second shift at Burger King if I had to, in order to support my family. It isn’t my fault you are paying $500 a month for a car and $2500 a month for a house you can’t afford.

The point is people; time and time again it has been proven that hard work WILL get you somewhere, it may take a while but if you are persistent you will be successful. Failing is part of living, if we take that away from our kids we take away a fundamental building block of character and this country is doomed. I want to see every one of you make it, be all you can be, and have the life you want but I expect all of you to work for it. I am sure my readers all have earned everything they have as you guys know this stuff, but we do the get occasional new person here, so I got to say it. :)

That is all...


  1. AMEN!! I could not have said better myself. I agree completely. Excellent post!!

  2. Good post, Job hunting has become ridiculously time consuming with all the electronic form filling that is required. If companies went back to people writing letters and sending CVs then everyone could be more productive

  3. From somebody who is layed off let me set you strait.
    1. the fastfood places will not hire anyone they think will leave if they have the skills and luck to find a better job.
    2.inless your a kid or mexican,don't bother.
    3.I was told flat out at one major chain,that they will not hire any managers that are not fluent in spanish.

    So good luck finding those 2 fastfood jobs,not going to happen.

  4. Ferret, that depends on your location and I used those two establishments as examples. I would work doing whatever I could...digging ditches, building fences, washing cars.

    Secondly I was in McDonalds yesterday and they ahs signs all over the place stating they were looking for help (including managers).

    Sorry about your situation but that doens't change my opinion one iota.

  5. Holy Cow.
    Damn well said Flea.
    In a nut shell brother.