Thursday, April 8, 2010

Magellan 1470 , Magellan Stinks!

By Flea - Be A Survivor

I have pretty much come to the conclusion that most GPS's are garbage. I have owned three in my life and all three at one time or another had a major malfunction that could not be recovered from and required me calling the suits at the company to get a replacement.

Tale of two customer services: One of the first GPS systems I had for my car was a TOM TOM ONE. Almost immediately the system white screened meaning I would turn it one and be greeted with a white screen and nothing else. It could not be saved or was a brick as some would say.

I called TOM TOM and they were great. They over-nighted me a new GPS and included a return shipping label to send the old unit back in. I still have this unit in my wife's car and it has been solid since it was replaced a few years ago.

Admittedly the TOM TOM is nice but is a rather entry level GPS. I do a boatload of traveling and figured I would invest in a better one for myself. I selected a Magellan Roadmate 1470. I love the GPS. I have had it for about 45 days when surprise, surprise...white screen. I was in the middle of a trip (luckily I always print paper directions, just in case) and all of the sudden the lady stopped talking to me. The screen went white and stayed that way despite all my reset attempts.

I call Magellan today, they say no problem we will replace it for you, I say great! They say ship the defective one back (I have to pay for shipping and it needs to be UPS or FEDEX!!!) and when we get it we will ship a new one in 7-10 business days...SAY WHAT???? You lost me their my fine Canadian friend...I have to pay to ship this piece of shit back to you and THEN when you get around to it, you'll ship me a new one???? What kind of garbage is that!

Well needless to say I DO NOT RECOMMEND you buy a Magellan, even though I did like the product when it worked because they don't have a friggin clue what real customer service is...

That is all...


  1. I've had several Garmin marine units, never had any trouble. We have Garmin Nuvis in our work trucks. I don't use it much, but it does the job, no problems.

  2. According to my son-in-law, who is a guide, the Magellan brand has difficulty connecting to GPS satelites, among other problems. He recomends Garmin RINO.
    The Grill Sgt.

  3. I have also had several Garmins. Only one, a roughly-treated blue Legend, needed help. I banged it around so much (including mounted on my thumper motorcycle) that the display connector vibrated loose. Fixed under warranty.

  4. We have a Garmin Nuvi and it is awesome. Really we just can't say enough good things about it.

  5. I've had several models of Garmin: GPSIII+, StreetPilot, currently using a NUVI.
    Great products, excellent customer service should you need it (I had an antenna break on my Nuvi and they replaced it w/free shipping).

    Magellan has always been an inferior product IMHO.

  6. Flea - You could also download the TomTom app for your iTouch and pick up a $10 car mount at Walmart. It's a bit more crude than a "real" GPS, but if I've heard good things and it's a really small package to set up in a rental car. App runs $60 if I remember correctly and since you probably keep the iTouch with you when you travel anyway - this will keep you from getting lost and keep your iTouch charged.

    I used to use TomTom on my PocketPC and it worked like a dream until the Pocket PC got dropped one too many times.