Monday, December 28, 2009

Profiles In Usefuleness: Tarps, Tarps And More Tarps

By Flea - Be A Survivor

The wonders of a simple tarp, there are way too many uses for the tarpto cover in one blog post but I shall certainly sing its praises. The tarp is quite simply a piece of think vinyl, canvas, plastic or some other kind of material that is typically used to cover stuff. The better the quality of the tarpthe more useful the item becomes. I like tarpswith pre-installed grommets and reinforced edges myself because they are great for temporary shelters if needed.

Tarps for some reason are typically blue although I have several that are brown and even a few that are camouflaged. I pick up tarps anytime I see them on sale because you can never have enough tarps. Having too many tarps is a problem we should all be burdened with in my humble opinion.

Tarps make great ground covers, shelters, covers, rain catchers, cargo covers, privacy curtains, shade, etc. As I made pretty clear in the beginning of this post there are way too many uses for tarp to be listed in a simple few paragraphs.

The best thing is that tarps are not really expensive so there is no excuse for not having a few lying around the house in case of an emergency. I like to pick them up at Harbor Freight when they go on sale; they are medium quality tarps at a really cheap price. The price will of course vary in direct relation to the size of the tarp. Typically the bigger the tarp the more it costs.

When we go camping in the pop up we specifically use tarps to cover the firewood, act as a table cloth on the picnic table. We usually hang another tarp in an area where we tie up the dogs to give them some shade. Tarps came in handy when my house was hit by lightning; I had one up on the roof keeping the weather out of the damaged areas while repairs were being made.

Go out and get yourself a few tarps and you will be amazed to find out how useful these things can be.

Tarp Resources:
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  1. I have to agree about the usefulness of tarps...

    Being from the South, we always had tarps around in abundance...for all kinds of purposes!

    Great ideas and a great item!

  2. Another great place to get tarps is

  3. I've been to Tarps Plus they have great prices. Here is their website:

    Tarps Plus

  4. I use tarps on my raised garden beds all winter to kill the weeds and further break down the steer manure (or other compost) i put on the beds after harvest (we have a cold winter here.. no winter crops). The reinforced holes are perfect for nailing them in so they don't blow.

  5. If you plan to sleep under it, spend the extra money (or suffer the consequences) for the canvas jobs, MUCH less noise in the wind from flapping. Slept under one once that sounded like I was spending the night in a potato chip factory, no more for me. I guess rigging with bungees well would help there, sure can't beat those synthetic prices, I grant you.

  6. I love tarps. We originally got them for our camping trips. I have also started using them in the summer as slip-n-slides for my kids. They really do have so many uses. s.