Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Survival TV Show On Its Way...

By Flea - Be A Survivor

I recently received an email from Cody Lundin who is the author of 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Aliveand When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikesletting me know about a new project he is working on. Cody sends me periodic email updates since I have expressed my gratitude for writing the aforementioned books (both are excellent), guess I am on his list :)

The email reads:

"Dear People,

A quick email before the holidays…

As of last week, I threw caution to the wind and signed with the Discovery Channel for a new series on survival skills. This drama had been ongoing since June so it was good to get completion. Below, I’ve included a letter I wrote while airborne after a New York City meeting regarding the show for those who care to read it. I’m not able to answer any questions about the show per heinously complicated, page after page, horribly bias legal contract, so please forgive my sealed lips. Everything that I can share will be in future emails.

I’ll have new time commitments with filming around the globe, so please be patient and realize I’ll get back to you as soon as possible when I return from the field.

Remember that January is the last month to receive a 10% early enrollment discount on courses. Full course descriptions are available on our web site, As always, call or email us if you have questions…

I hope you have a great holiday season and New Year!

If you would rather not receive these notifications, simply send an email back and I’ll take you off my list.

Stay safe!

Primitively and Urbanely Yours,


About my role in the Dual Survivor show:

September 2009.

To Whom It May Concern,

Teaching survival skills has been my passion and my profession for a very long time. I take this lifestyle choice seriously and strive to give the very best training to my students both in and out of the field. I live my profession, and continuously refine my self-reliant homestead to embody the most effective combination of ancient and modern technologies designed to do more with less. I am acutely aware that my training may some day help decide a student’s fate during a real survival scenario. Unfortunately, even many so-called survival instructors are not burdened by this all important responsibility, (let alone television producers) and over the years, I’ve witnessed hundreds of examples of crappy or flat out dangerous instruction.

Please know that I have little if any control over how Dual Survivor is ultimately concepted, produced, and edited. While all production work involves the efforts of many talented individuals, very few if any of the players involved with this show have any experience in outdoor survival skills. So what happens when “city slickers” design an outdoor survival show? Only time will tell.

I have and will try my best to make the show as authentic and professional as possible – while still being fun to watch! I have and will continue to push this agenda personally and professionally, using the talent and clout of an entertainment attorney as well to further these wishes. Regardless of my efforts – as my grandmother used to say – “whatever will be will be.”

It’s in the spirit of educated hope, faith, and trust that I enter this project; knowing full well that compromises will have to be made. To my students, and somewhat to the readers of my books, you know my training far more intimately than any TV show could portray. It’s to my students that I give undying gratitude. These hearty souls have bothered to get off of their butts and follow me into the mountains and deserts over the years, come what may; desiring to know the truth about survival skills. Decades of students have helped me to achieve a level of competency, “dirt time”, and stark honesty that can never be bought or faked. Thank you!

In short, watch the show, laugh, and learn a survival trick or two. But…never, ever base your emergency preparedness plan on a television show.


Good luck with your project Mr. Lundin!!! - Flea

...that is all.

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  1. Hey buddy, it's been too long since I commented here. Word has it that starring opposite Cody in this new series will be YouTube's very own Dave Canterbury of Wilderness Outfitters Archery. The original concept was to put someone of more of an environmental/hippy perspective (Cody) with someone of a more military perspective (Dave C.) and watch the sparks fly.

    Since neither of the folks they chose fit the mold very well, it will be interesting to see how it all comes out. Either way, I'll be happy to see Cody on TV.

  2. Yeah, Dave has been talking about it. I did a portion of his Pathfinder school. From the looks of things they both get along well. Can't wait to see what happens!

  3. I know Dave will be WAYYYY better than that goon Bear Grills. That idiot (bear) tells folks to climb waterfalls and stuff (so they can break their legs and die of exposure and stupidity)
    I was bummed when Survivor man went south, Id love to see "Survivor man" Less Stroud and Dave meet up. I won't miss an episode Dave

    Break a leg
    The Bigsammieking

  4. When will "Dual Survivor" be broadcast on The Discovery Channel?

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  6. Nice blog. Looks like Cody's got a ton of work ahead. It makes me wince to imagine him having to deal with a film crew, production staff, entertainment lawyers, etc. Ugh. I hope his intellectual honesty and integrity prevail amidst what is surely a rabble of specious entertainment industry folk who would fall flat on their faces without a wealthy support network. Been there. Never again.

  7. Does anyone know if this show will be broadcast in the UK?? and if so, when?? thanks

  8. Cody Lundin now possesses the most amazing chicken coop on the face of the earth. I assume he'll put chickens in it when he finishes filming.
    Cody doesn't just teach you to survive, he tells awesome stories that make you forget that you've been starving and walking for 20 miles.