Sunday, November 8, 2009

What Is Your EDC?

By Flea - Be A Survivor

People should put some thought into what their EDC is (Everyday Carry) and I am not talking firearms. If a firearm is a part of your EDC then fine, not everyone has the luxury due to varying laws across the nation.

My everyday carry consists of a knife, micro light, keys, cell phone, wallet and hat. My truck is loaded down with a hell of a lot more than that but that is the subject of another post to come soon.

The knife is a Victorinox Swiss Army Rucksackand I swap that with a Benchmade Griptillianonce in awhile to change things up a bit. The Rucksack is great because of the various tools available in it including the bottle opener, saw and blade (among other things). I did reviews of the Rucksack and Griptillian that you can read if interested. Carrying a knife is just habit for me, I was a boy scout and have always had a pocket knife on me in one form or another since I was a youngster. The uses for the knife are obvious so I won't belabor the usefulness of carrying one with you at all times (where allowed by law).

The Micro-Lightis one of the small ones you squeeze that goes right on your key chain. It is ridiculously bright for it's size and is great anytime some light is needed such as in a parking lot at night or the movie theater. Having a light on you at all times can get unpractical unless you go with something small like a microlight.

The key chain carries all of my keys which I keep to an absolute minimum. I have my car key, my wife's car key and the house key...that is it. Nothing is more annoying or LOUD (sometimes you want stealth!!!) than carrying a HUGE key chain with keys on it that you cannot even remember what they are for. If for no other reason you should have your keys with you at all times as a weapon of last resort. Jamming a key in someone's eye will do in a pinch, especially for the ladies who may have an attacker who is physically stronger than they are.

The cell phone (fully charged - don't leave the house unless it is FULLY charged) is for communication purposes. Ladies, once again I am going to single you out, DO NOT LEAVE your house alone without a cell phone! If you breakdown somewhere you will thank me...

My wallet obviously holds my cash, ID and credit card (I have only 1 and you should too!!!). Men should only carry their wallet in the front pocket unless the back pocket buttons. You are less prone to a pick pocket if he can't see the ridiculous outline of a wallet on your ass (because he won't know where to go for) and secondly because you will most likely feel someone reaching into the front of your pants! Well, let's hope :)

I always bring a hat with me everywhere even if I don't always where it. It is great for helping with sweat, protecting your head from the elements, keeping the sun out of your eyes, etc. The old saying goes if your feet are cold put a hat on and it is 100% true, you lose a tremendous amount of body heat through your head.

...that is all.

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  1. Even the supremes said, under Heller, that the individual has the right to keep and bear arms. Commie states can go to hell, I'm going to Kansas.
    Make mine a 1911 A1, a sheath knife, pocket knife and a Zippo with a 4oz can of fluid.

  2. I carry one of those DayRunner type organizers/planners that looks like a leatherbound book with a zipper - It is a small package that I can carry everywhere without attracting any attention. But I have taken out all the calenders, and other crap and inside I keep a super-leatherman, flashlight, pen, paper, ASP baton, & magazine with ammo. On my person, I carry my Glock 19, Spyderco Endura knife, leatherman micra, handcuff key, and my cell phone. In my wallet I have an extra car key (in case I lock myself out), a list of phone numbers in case my cell gets lost/destroyed, and $200 cash.

  3. I carry a little leatherman squirt (pretty much takes care of all the mom duties in a day although the knife length is frustratingly short at times), cell phone, keychain light, whistle, colt .380 and extra mag. Bunch of other stuff in the car and in the house--that's mostly where I spend all my time. :)

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  5. On my person. Gee, I got a CRKT M-16-O3Z, either a G2 or E2E Surefire light, and either the Glock 19 or the newer XD45 Service(along with one reload), a Leatherman Wave(with a fire steel in side one of the pockets of the pouch, along with keys gum lighter and of course a wallet.

    Then there is the EDC bag, but I will not get into that monster.

  6. If you can survive this game...

  7. I travel a bit heavy. I'm sporting all the same gear you are, but with different brands. I have a small keychain LED flashlight, hat, S&W SW40VE, gerber multitool, $150 cash in a keychain fob/pill holder, daily medicines in a pill holder in a pocket, billfold, watch(useful to track distance traveled if cell phone croaks), cell phone, digital camera, mini-bic and one of those mini-life hammers that you can use to bust out windshields with and cut seat belts with.

    I like the blog. Subscribed to your feed.

  8. back home(eastern europe)used to carry Tokarev at all times, here I am kind of nervous about doing that..

  9. As my truck is with me EVERY DAY of my life I keep a few extra things in there such as
    1) 21 inch bow saw
    2) flannel jacket , quilt lined , with a lighter / matches in one pocket .. a few bucks in the other pocket
    3) salt water and fresh water fishing gear as I am on the island everyday
    4) a small tarp
    5) a spade with a very sharp edge
    6) my cheap imitation buck knife that is held together with 2 new screws and bolts
    7) 1 flannel shirt and 1 pair of jeans
    8) one of those magnesium sparky fire things
    9) a propane bottle for stove or lantern
    10) got rope
    11) a good felt blanket to cover the seat instead of a seat cover
    12) M A P S of this state , both neighboring states , a new england map and an east coast map
    14) Did I mention the empty 1 quart bottle ??

  10. a Walther p-99c 9mm glock 19 9mm

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  12. There is a lot of good ideas here that I can build on. I carry a 340 S&W all the time, watching tv, mowing grass, taking a nap, etc. I am never without it. In addition, keys, cell phone, and a couple hundred dollars. In my car I am a bit more complete.

  13. it's also worth carrying a distress flare, in case you get lost at sea. And a parachute, in case you fall out of an airplane, or off a mountain/bridge etc.

  14. On my person most of the time......Victorinox spirit X , stupidly sharp Spyderco Delica 4 & Dragonfly, Streamlight stylus pro, SPI 10x loupe. I rarely see a loupe mentioned. Its amazingly handy for a close inspection. And, it turns out, the coolest things aren't the biggest things, but the tiniest things.