Saturday, November 21, 2009

Guest Post: Crazy Joe - Real Military Surplus

By Crazy Joe - Be A Survivor

I remember those tales back in high school about guys who could get used Army surplus motorcycles for 50 dollars. They were always "in a crate" and ready to go. At age 16 what a dream come true that would have been. Well in this day and age as costs rise along with taxation it is great to know and find out it does exist and can be done.

Over the past 12 years I have several friends who have gotten the 2 1/2 ton army truck "DUECE AND A HALF" in running condition for under 1000 dollars while some had to bid as high as 5,000 dollars. One friend just got one 4 months ago from a guy up the road who purchased it from this site but did not have the time to restore it properly. My friend paid a little over the 4000 dollars the man paid. It is in the process of getting sand blasted now and will get the olive drab paint job when done.

The diesel engine is in great shape and ready for this - it has only 17,000 original miles. I went over the engine top to bottom and was impressed. All the tires are in excellent shape. The worst part about it is the condition of the seat covers. I have another friend who recently bid on 2 "dueces" and lost but he is getting ready to try again. This web site is the official government contracted company in charge of selling all military surplus.

At present there is a not to old Jeep Cherokee Laredo, located at Fort Meade - Maryland, which would be a real steal at 800 dollars. No matter what your interest from welding equipment to cars, trucks, clothing, boots, you know what the military has and they are selling it. I know of no other place where a pallet of woodland camo field jackets can be had for 150 dollars.

I have read all the pages in regards to signing up for the auctions. There is plenty to read and taking your time with the procedures will save you grief. There is a hotline for help. Should you be the winning bidder you must have proper identification to get access to the military posts or national guard/reserve armories to pick up your gear - this can include vehicle insurance card, valid drivers license and the forms from the site regarding your lot number and items being picked up. Being in South Jersey I have been watching Fort Dix and Maguire Air Force Base along with the surplus storage facility up north by Fort Monmouth.

Across the river in Pennsylvania there are a number of national guard armories selling off equipment and vehicles which are not far from me. Here is the link should you be interested in at least surfing through it. If you yourself or you and your friends could use a 1 1/2 ton trailer and a deuce and a half to tow it then this is the place to find them. And when 2 or more "chip in" the cost becomes even less. Networking and sharing hands down benefits all. Just to spend a little time surfing this site, I am sure, will whet anyone's appetite. Good hunting.

Crazy Joe in South Jersey

Here is the link: Government Surplus Auctions at Government Liquidation

...that is all.

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  1. Most sites allow pre inspection and actualy encourage it. Check for mixed lot surplus. Often times there are diamonds in the dung. you just have to know what your looking at and for. All of the auction sites have points of contact. If you are near one of these sites bring a box of donuts and be nice to that person usualy a lower grade civil service employee who will bend over backward to help you. If you treat them well you will be surprised. Most sites have contract shippers who will box and ship your item for a fee.

  2. Don't forget to check out State surplus sales too. I'm in MN and about 10 years ago the state surplus site sold off a full pallet of 'flack jackets' at auction - and cars, trucks, tools, office equipment, etc. can also be had often at a very good price.

  3. Your post is excellent, Army Surplus stock a huge range of quality brands goods as well as genuine military surplus items

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  6. Can i get a military car in full running condition? Will it run effectively?

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  8. Great article. Thanks Joe. Cheers for the link too. :)

  9. The Sportsman's Guide has a great military surplus page. You should check it out if you have an interest in military surplus, they have a really wide selection. I just bought a new leather jacket for the winter from them and it fits like a glove.

  10. Thanks for the great article Joe. I myself have an ex-military land rover and use it when i go out for my bushcraft expeditions. It costs a fair bit to keep it running but its great fun and is a piece of military history

  11. Thanks for the great article i read & enjoy.