Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Peer Into My Mind...

By Flea - Be A Survivor

It's funny but anyone who has followed this blog for awhile knows I am a lttle different than a lot of the other preppers/survivalists out there. I share many of the same traits and beliefs (but not all) and as with everyone we all have different life experiences and I am no exception.

Here is what I can definitively say the I AM:

I am a 36 year old white male.

I am a conservative on most issues but not all.

I am more in the Libertarian or even Republican camps than with the Democrats on most issues and that simply stems from my belief that the Federal government will screw most things up if given the opportunity and are therefore better to not be involved in the first place.

I vote in EVERY election whether it is Federal, State or Local in nature (religiously).

I am a Catholic.

I am a business person (IT), I work in the business world for a big corporation, who believe it or not treats me very well. In fact working for them is one of the better things to ever happen to me.

I have a 401k, yes and I even put money in it. There is a phenomenon called dollar cost averaging, I believe in it. Your mileage may vary. I still have faith in Capitalism, call me foolish (and some commenter's will I am sure)...hell it wouldn't be the first time and won't be the last ;)

I am HAM radio operator. No I cannot give you my call sign and HAMS should be able to figure out why based on the fact I write under a pseudonym.

I am a card carrying member of the NRA.

I can finally say I have a college degree. So...yes I am a college graduate.

I can balance my checkbook and enjoy Sudoku, I guess that makes me a genius of sorts :)

I drive a pickup truck but I don't have a rifle rack in the back window. I make up for it with my CB radio.

I drink alcohol on occasion but it has never been an issue for me. My preferred poison is either Captain and Coke or Scotch on the rocks.

I get a flu shot every year and I don't catch the flu (haven't had it in years)...and yes I received ALL of my childhood vaccinations and lived to tell it. I will skip the H1N1 vaccine for none of the reasons you think.

I enjoy long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners (OK I am kidding).

I love to read and watch movies.

My favorite sport is hockey (no I am not a Canadian).

I have always been a bit of a loner and I really like it that way. I don't have a "best friend" other than my wife. To be honest she is the only other person whose company that I TRULY enjoy.

I enjoy reading your emails and comments. I really do so keep them coming!

...that is all.

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  1. You have a 401k?! I'm NEVER visiting this blog again! Clearly, you're a fascist zealot who secretly works for the government! (j/k)

  2. You are on to me!

    They match 100% on the first 3% though so if was tough to say no.

  3. You are so much like this prepper it's funny. Except we no longer have a 401K, and I'm female and not Catholic. I cook with Captain rather than drinking it because I love me some Kansas vodka.

  4. Flea - check my blog - I'm trying to start a trend.

  5. You remind me of me when I was your age except I started my own business. Good post.

  6. Sounds like we could get along pretty long as you don't mind me being a Texan!

  7. Love the Vodka myself, just not my favorite Phelan!

    Did It My Way,

    I wish I had the "balls" to do that, start my own business, I would love to be my own boss! My hat is off to you sir!


    Dallas/Forth Worth is one of my favorite places...I consider you being a Texan an asset sir!

  8. That's one of the best things about preppers, there's no two alike!

  9. I am a 45yr old White Male. I am an Agnostic/Athiest. I believe in me. I am conservative on many issues, but not all. I am a card carrying member of the NRA and proud to be so. I am also a firearm carrying citizen. I am an Independant/Libertarian. I drive a SUV with a rifle, shotgun, and backup pistol within. I love to read and watch movies too. I enjoy hunting & fishing, backpacking and camping. I have never had a flu shot and never had the flu. My best friend is my kids, my cat, my dog, and then my wife. I live in the Pacific Northwest and drink Scotch on the rocks, cognac, brandy, beer, ales, stouts, or red wines. I am a loner and prefer things that way. I could tell you lots more, but I would kill you after. Thanks for this great site!!!

  10. Hellow, salam kenal yah. How do you do? I'm from Java Island, Indonesia, Southeast Asia. It's nice to know you. And thanks for your telling yourself to us with this posting. Although my English is not so good, I however could understand (but just a little) it.

    By the way, my mission (for now) is to learn English for native speaker. You know it's very important for Indonesian to master English well, for it can broader our opportunity to have a job. Here, a job is very difficult indeed to secure.

    Okey, have a great day!

  11. The IT profession has some excellent companies leading the way. You should feel fortunate to have a good job with a good employer right now. Starting one's own business is very difficult, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. As an IT professional you may be able to start small and on the side to see where it could lead.

  12. You drove me to copy your post. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. (At least I gave you credit!)

    And what the H*ll is Kansas Vodka????

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  14. Interesting, I contribute to a retirement fund also. Been reading more about the stuff and am going to stop with the TSP and start a Roth- IRA in the near future.