Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

By Flea - Be A Survivor

Wow...just wow.

Sainthood can't be far off.


  1. Like a blogger just said, putting his name on the same award as Mother Teresa is just . . . wtf.


  2. I am sickened by this whole fiasco. Doing this makes the Nobel Peace Prize about worthless and it's a damn shame too. Some wonderful people that have truly contributed to the betterment of the world have been awarded this medal and to line up Obama with those great people is a travesty. I have about lost all hope for mankind......

  3. Come on guys it's not the end of the world, lot's of poople get the Nobel prize, Al Gore, Carter, Obama, even Clinton would have gotten one if he hadn't cigared Lewinski.... excuse me.... baaarf...

    W couldn't have gotten one cause he's a stupid jackass who might have started WWIII for no apparent reason (the jury's still out)...

    Reagan should have gotten one, hell he brought down the Iron Curtain/Berlin Wall without even a battle. He definately should have gotten one, but...

    Well, I guess you guys are right, the Nobel Peace Prize is about worthless, and has been for years.

  4. I read that headline 2 hours ago.
    I just now got through vaccuming the vomit off my keyboard!
    We are truly screwed!
    Pease of "shit" prize? that I could live with.

  5. Not surprised,seeing that Woodrow Wilson,Jimmy Carter, Clinton, and Al Gore (all liberal progressives) have also won it. So it only stands to reason that Obama gets one too. Just happy it is over with is all, unless he gets another later on. This would not surprise me either.

  6. There must be just a lack of anything going on in the world right now...ha!...that Obama would even make the short list! Waste of 1million bucks...probably will start up a new Acorn branch.

  7. It sure does make one wonder what the committee that selects the winners was thinking!

    We can only hope that he does something to prove worthy, but I'm not holding my breath!