Friday, October 23, 2009

Learn To Help Yourself

By Flea - Be A Survivor

Being a survivor isn’t about having a ton of money or owning the latest model DPMS AR-15 with Eotech holographic site. It isn't about having a bomb shelter and a massive store of food, although no one would argue that having any of these items would make surviving any more difficult.

Being a survivor is about having a survival state of mind, the survivor mentality as I have referred to it on this blog several dozen times. Why do you ask, do I keep bringing this up? BECAUSE is what allows you to sit at the grown ups table instead of being relegated to sitting with a bunch of snotty nosed screaming kids.

The first thing we have to do is stop whining. This has surpassed baseball as America’s favorite pass time. We whine, we bitch, we complain, we want shit handed to us on a silver platter. Get off your hiney and make it work for you. For cryin out loud your circumstances aren’t going to get better unless you make them better yourself.

Ok so you are one of the hand feed me everything crowd…look at many countries across the pond who receive all their little bones, tossed to them by their respective governments like good little doggies. Do you actually believe their life is better than what you have here? Hey you want to be handed everything that is your business, I personally would like to pass on that if you don’t mind. I can take care of myself. Keep me safe from invaders and leave me to my own devices…thanks and my check is in the mail.

Get off the couch, put down the remote and get a second or third job if you need to…it won’t be forever…and YES I have done this so yes I can speak from experience. I have no problem with some down on their luck folks getting a helping hand, I DO NOT…but we have a large share of folks who are just a bunch of lazy sacks of poop who refuse to do an honest days work in their lives. These people I have no time or sympathy for.

Make a promise to yourself today to work on something that you don’t like about yourself. You don’t have to change it over night but at least pick something and start to make a real effort to improve that one short coming. Don’t tell me you have none, we all do. Start today to make that change and you may just tip the scales in your favor for a change. Despite what many people will tell you, hard work will pay off in the end, it may not seem like it but it will…I promise.

...that is all.

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  1. Very good advice, my friend! We need to be reminded from time to time that we have to be in control of our destiny!

    Thanks for the reminder...!