Sunday, October 25, 2009

Giving to Charity

By Flea - Be A Survivor

One thing I do recommend to folks is to give to charity if you possibly can. I know many folks are strapped but in tough economic times not only do everyday folks suffer but the people who count on help from charities suffer because people stop giving or reduce their giving substantially.

One way my wife and I give to charity and get something back is to do sponsored walks for causes like breast cancer and AIDS. You generally have to pay a registration fee to get into the event and a portion of that fee goes to charity. In return we usually get a tee shirt, some great exercise and snacks.

We give to our church every week which enables the church to do things like provide food and clothing to families in need in our area.

I firmly believe in karma and if you give you will get more in return. It has proven to be true in our case time and time again. We seem to do better, emotionally and financially when we actively give all we can to worthy causes.

I always take clothes and stuff to Goodwill to give the folks who are less fortunate in my community a chance to have them at a reduced cost.

Giving to charity will make you feel better. I can assure you that you will have a renewed sense of peace and goodwill once you make the commitment to donate to a worthy charity.

Now is a time more than ever when charities need your support. It doesn't have to monetary either, there are plenty of charities you can donate your time too and organizations like the Red Cross really need blood. Giving blood is painless, safe and actually proven to be very good for you (especially men).

...that is all.

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  1. I couldn't be more in agreement. I think giving to others reaffirms our own ability to take care of ourselves. We are literally saying I have enough to share. I believe that way of thinking benefits both the giver and the receiver.

  2. Good post. I give blood at least 3 times a year. I probably won't have the opportunity to run into a burning building and save someone from burning to death. Probably won't be there to jump into the Gulf and save a kid from drowning from a riptide.

    But I CAN give blood, and save some ones life who really needs it. Could be a child, parent or grandmother who has some loved ones who would really miss them.

    Just an hour of my time, (even get juice 'n cookies!) C'mon, that little 'sting' only lasts a couple of seconds and fades quickly. If it is one of yours who needs it, you are grateful for their effort.

  3. Cast your bread on the waters...recieve it back tenfold. An old way of saying that if you give happily, you'll receive even more in return! Positive action attracts positive results!

  4. I also do believe in Karma. You know, I'm a Moslem. Our religion is really encouraging its followers to share and donate what they have as sufficient as possible, and the share and donation of what they most love will be appreciated highly by the God. Hence, if all Moslems around the world practice the good teaching properly, I'm sure, there will be no poverty anymore.

  5. Good post! Giving to others is a key step in getting off our assets and doing for our own selves. It makes us less complacent. I have given blood for all of my adult life, to the point where several years ago I received a "3 gallon donor" pin from one of the local blood banks. Knowing that each donation helps several people is incentive enough for me.

  6. I think giving back is really important. You have great points made here.

  7. Totally Agree! Sometimes it's good to think about your neighbors survival and take the time to help out those that really need it.

    I don't know about everywhere else but at my church giving is actually way up right now, in spite of the eoconomic downturn. It's a shame that things like that are not reported on the evening news.
    It's good to know that there are still a lot of good people out there!

  8. I give in small ways. Always tip a bit more than I would be inclined to, they can probably use it. We donate food to the food bank now and then, before we left the South we unloaded a trunk full at the food bank. Always buy a few gifts for the local giving tree so some kids get a decent Christmas. Toss some cash in the plate when we go to church. From time to time I give a beggar some change.

  9. Lets open our hearts and help others in whatever way we can.