Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fire and Flood, Some Pictures

By Flea - Be A Survivor

Well I figured I would share a few pics of my house from my dance with lightning. They ripped off part of the roof and redid it, we have all the utilities fixed properly not just patched so I could get by and they are starting sheet rocking tomorrow.

One thing I have learned is that if you have any expensive computer equipment or any other electronics spend the $20 and get a quality surge suppressor. Everything I had on a suppressor survived, the stuff that was plugged in to wall directly was toast.


The pipe you see on the right is the water pipe (black). It broke up near the ridge line and where the lightning hit. Water filled this wall and eventually leaked through the baseboard and filled most of the first floor.

Water collected in that ceiling corner they ripped out.

The entire roof line down the side of the house is burnt like that.

Here you can see a bit more of it.

This is just some of the nonsense you need to be involved with regarding flooding. Turbo fans and HUGE dehumidifiers.

All in all this experience has sucked. I won't sugar coat it and like I have said I don't wish this on anyone.

Close to $3,000 out of my pocket so far. FINALLY got the "emergency" $1,000 the insurance company sent. TOOK 10 days and they sent it Postal Service (Geez ever heard of FEDEX?)

Finally got the adjusters report, $16k in damage...

I do have faith in the working man though, every contractor that has set foot in my house has been fabulous.

...that is all.

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  1. Wow Flea at least it wasn't any worse. I'm glad you made it out okay.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. Good thing no one was burnt up. Does the adjuster's estimate make you whole, or do you have a oncoming fight with your insurer. If they lowball you don't be afraid to advocate for yourself. Good luck with it.

    With me it was my bathroom so we were without indoor plumbing for ten days. Now that sucks.


  3. Glad you are getting it all fixed up, buddy! Sorry it happened, but you handled it like a trooper!

    Good to hear things are getting better...and no one was hurt!

  4. I am so glad to read that all is coming along and that no one was hurt. Good reminder to us all about the power strip.
    New Mexico Prepper

  5. Faith is a wonderful thing Flea, when The LORD knows we believe in Him, He has a way of kicking the big rocks out of the road for us. I think He leaves some of the small ones to keep us sharp.
    Hallelujah :Praise Ye Yah

  6. You might consider that that water pipe in the wall is what brought the lightning in on you. Just my $.02 but you might consider it.


  7. You have my empathy on 28 Aug 2009 My house caught on fire with a stand up Freezer.

    I am glad that no one in your family was hurt and hope the repairs go well and ideally get completed before inclement weather.

    Just came across your blog today.

    Again hope things get completed as soon as practically, completely and safely as possible.