Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cause I Gotta have Faith, Faith, Faith…

By Flea - Be A Survivor

I don't know why but I am feeling extremely philosophical as I write this post. I was raised with religion as part of my life but it certainly wasn't drilled into my head and I was given choices at select stages of my life on how I wanted to proceed going forward.

I think I have mentioned several times on the blog I am Catholic. I went to Catholic grammar school, Catholic High School (taught by brothers) and was even an altar boy in my younger days. I will be the first to admit there was a period in my life where I questioned my faith, even going as far to say I was an atheist. I grew out of all that doubt and rediscovered my faith.

I actually enjoyed learning about religion when I was growing up and my parents never forced anything on me. The decision to become an altar boy for example was all me.

I started to go to church every week again recently and have really started to feel much better about myself and my life. I CANNOT explain it, it certainly may not work for you, but I just have a peaceful feeling that I didn’t have before.

Please, stay with me, this is not a plea for you to convert to Christianity; unlike some folks I am keenly interested in the diverse beliefs of the religions of the world, as well as those who write off religions of all types as solace for weak minded fools (I disagree strongly with that BTW). I don’t consider my “brand” as the right way and everything else wrong. I have immense respect for people from all walks of life and those who have faith in SOMETHING.

That faith can be in nature or some other “higher power”, whatever your beliefs, it helps everyone to have faith in SOMETHING. I can tell you this; you will feel good about yourself if you place your faith in SOMETHING. Be wary about placing too much faith in any person as I don’t want you to be disappointed when (not if) they let you down. People are driven by ulterior motives and are fallible in every sense of the word.

Where one has to be careful is with regard to specific instances where religion is taken and warped by some fanatical group of people who think you should believe what they believe and nothing else. I would advise folks that any respectable religion preaches tolerance of other faiths and love for your fellow residents of this spinning sphere in space. Steer clear of anything that resembles hate speech.

One thing is for sure, if you and your family want to survive a SHTF event you better at least have faith in yourselves and your abilities. I constantly harp on the “survivor mentality”, having stone cold confidence in your ability to make it when it counts. This cannot be understated and I will continue to harp on it as long as I write this blog.

I would never force anything on anyone but I will tell you this, and this is MY OPINION; a life without faith in SOMETHING (not necessarily religion), is a life not lived to the fullest. If nothing else, have faith that you and your loved ones have what it takes to make it, no matter what the situation. If you do this you can only succeed…

...that is all.

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  1. Flea, Jesus addressed the issue of other religions of the world: John 14:6; Jesus said, "I AM the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father, except through Me.
    The Grill Sgt.

  2. John 3:3,7; You must be born again.

  3. The funny thing about God is he gives you a complete free choice.

    Not one other person on this planet does that.

    That's why the peaceful feeling is coming over you. You don't answer to anyone. God allows you to be yourself and accepts you exactly as you are. Because he does, you are free to deal with life as you see fit, and it mamkes you want to follow his guidelines to lessen strife in everyday life. The guidelines are pretty easy, once you realize that's all it takes.

    As a person who came to my own epiphany recently, I am AMAZED at how free I now feel. I KNOW I can take care of myself, because God empowers me to change myself...and no other.
    He makes you be dependent upon yourself and realize you make all your own choices.

    I could go on, but its preaching to the choir.

    Thanks for being here. I appreciate your posts.

  4. Thanks for that + comments. One of the good things about the U.S. is that people still dare to talk openly about their faith/christianity. In the U.K. that's almost all gone and I agree with you - the life of grace, not least sacramental, does give peace, for sure.

    As a caveat though - faith in something is a great thing but its object had better be good!

  5. I'm also born and raised Catholic. As I've gotten older (and presumably wiser), I find that a person's religion really doesn't matter. Its how they live their life and how they treat others that counts.

    I don't think God gives a flip about your church attendance, but are you a person who treats others with respect? Someone who is looked upon by others as an asset to their community? A good parent, a good spouse.

    We focus on the various religious differences and argue ad nauseum about them, but we rarely look at the simularities of our religions as well. Who knows - maybe we find we really aren't that different from one another after all.

  6. You see this time and time again. For example, on a number of occassions I have read where someone got through a situation because they believed their families needed them. The father who is lost at sea thinking of his wife and children, for example.

    We may substitute, I think, the word "faith" with a feeling of there being something greater than oneself.

    If I can get beyond thinking of Me, Myself, and I, and have a larger world view where I understand the interdependance of all things, then I am much stronger for it.

  7. Has anyone else noticed that most of the major world religions have similar core values about your attitude of respect toward God, each other and how you conduct yourself daily? When I talk to a Buddist and a Catholic and a Muslim, those who actually practice their religion and feel it deeply tend to come up with the same set of values. For that matter, I know an agnostic (he think's he's atheist, but is willing to believe in a higher power when he sees proof) who has the same values in his personal life. Whatever it is you follow that holds you to a higher standard and calls you to live up to ideals is going to help you get through this, and make it better for your fellow humans as well. I have a lot to thank God for, and find some unexpected people in agreement with me while I'm doing it. Maybe there's hope for us yet. Thanks for an inspiring and thought provoking blog entry!

  8. Great post. I completely agree and I still remember back to SERE when Master Chief told us that the most important survival tool we have is a faith in SOMETHING greater than ourselves. I've seen several studies that show the same thing since then.

  9. 1) It's amazing to me how many people suddenly become "Anonymous" when it comes to their own religion. Whichever side you're on, own your beliefs. I was raised Evangelical Christian and I've since identified myself at various times as pagan, United Methodist, agnostic, Catholic, and most recently "spiritual." I think worship is instinctual and that instinct should not be ignored...but that's a whole post in its own right. I believe in God, but I have a real problem with organized religion as it exists in most churches today.

    2) Flea, darn you for getting a George Michael song stuck in my head for the day. Here's revenge: Pump up the jam, pump it up, pump it up, now pump it! And if that didn't take: I think we're alone now...there doesn't seem to be anyone around. I think we're alone now...the beating of our hearts is the only sound.

    3) Phil, my SERE instructor discussed faith as well, but the story that really stuck with me was about arranging himself in the small box he was kept in as a POW in such a way that he could urinate without hitting himself. The motto of that story was "little victories make all the difference." That story has stuck with me ever since, and I think it's a great survival/preparedness motto.

  10. Good post, Faith & beliefs are important & we each have a choice in what we believe. I was raised baptist but have gone to several different faiths in my lifetime. Now I would consider myself truly non-domintional...........

  11. Very good post, Flea.

    And how wonderful that you have rediscovered peace and refuge in your faith.

    If you couldn't already guess from the moniker, I'm a Zen Buddhist, although I was raised Catholic.

    In my own practice and in my teaching experience, I've seen that those with the greatest degree of personal serenity are those who ACTIVELY participate in their faith. People who pray regularly. People who go to church regularly. People who "walk the walk" and not just "talk the talk." (See James 2:14-26.)

    And the same applies to not necessarily religious beliefs. It applies to any sort of credo or ethos. If you truly believe it, then embrace it. Incorporate it into how you live your life.

    Life's too short to just give lip service.