Monday, July 13, 2009

TV Causes Brain Rot

By Flea - Be A Survivor

Don’t think I will get much of an argument from most of the folks who read this blog, but TV will rot your brain. I am amazes me when I sit with neighbors and listen to the bullshit they waste their time watching. The biggest load of bullshit is reality TV. As if most Americans lives aren’t screwed up enough we have to watch people with EVEN more screwed up lives.

It amazes me that people watch so much TV and yet I ask people what they think about issues facing Americans, like cap n’ trade and health care and they have no idea what is going on or what I am talking about. You would think with all the TV being watched everyone would know what the hell is going on in DC, what the heck is everyone watching? Well a month or so ago it was American Idol next week in will be Real Housewives of {INSERT NEXT CITY HERE}.

I was guilty of watching too much TV but I have seriously cut down on the time I spend watching the boob tube. I watch mostly the news, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel and not a whole lot more. I am not a big sports guy, so I was never one to go into a TV induced coma on Sundays during football season.

The one show I do find a little entertaining is House and if I am bored I will watch it. I know people who spend hours watching TV. I spend a lot of time on the computer but I consider what I am doing on the computer more intellectually stimulating. Most of the time I am doing homework, writing articles for this blog or doing research…at least that sounds intellectual to me. It forces me to think, will my words offend? Will they inspire? I edit these posts MULTIPLE times changing wording and placement...seems to do a decent job stimulating my brain.

My one real weakness is movies, I do enjoy those and we watch about 2 a week utilizing our Netflix account. TV to me really is brain numbing entertainment and most folks would be better off reading a book or even going on the old computer and doing something productive; AND NO playing Bejeweled on Facebook IS NOT productive.

I speculate that the reason we appear to be getting dumber as a species (I have an upcoming post on that) is partly because of TV (and the Internet). We become zombies that stare at a magical box for hours on end. TV's have become the babysitters of the world. How many people are guilty of parking their kids, even babies in front of the TV and leaving them there for hours on end...a shit load I assure you.

My nephew watched more TV in the first 10 years of his life than I have to the PRESENT day (I am currently 36 years old). My sister would put DVDs in leave him in front of the tube and walk away to do chores or whatever.

We wonder why our kids beg and scream for the latest trinkets made in China?

Would you wonder why your kid was addicted to crack if you left him 9 hours a day in the capable hands of the town crack-head?

The TV's JOB is to drill evil thoughts like, "YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THIS SHIT, BUY IT NOW!" into you and your families heads.

You have no right to yell and scream at your kids for "wanting" crap when you are partly responsible for them being brainwashed.

There is still time to save yourself and your family from a brain numbing, consumer driven, and a destined for debt lifestyle...turn off the TV.

It reminds me of the famous Apple commercial years ago where all the lemmings are watching big brother on the screen and some lady tosses a hammer at the monitor before the jack boots can grab her. There will be screaming and carrying on when you cut down on the families TV time, I can assure you, BUT this is a battle worth fighting.

Like any drug you need to wean people off of it...cold turkey will not work.

Here is something you should try with your family, if you guys watch 2 hours of TV a night cut it back a half hour and do something else. Read that bookyou have been wanting to, pick up that new hobby, play a board game with your kids, organize your stuff…do anything to fill that half hour a night EXCEPT watch TV. Give your brain some stimulation, challenge it, get the old neurons firing before your gray matter shuts down completely and withers away.

Turn off the TV for a bit and read something would ya? You could also get your Bug Out Bag (BOB) together, organize all your crap, clean your guns, organize your preps, make lists of what you need, clean your equipment, can some food, plant or weed your garden, play with your kids, take a walk, go hunting, go fishing, go camping...DO SOMETHING besides waste your life in front of the boob tube.

...that is all.

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  1. There's actual science to back this up. A study a few years back (and I'm paraphrasing out of sheer laziness here) said essentially that every hour of TV watched per day on average increases a child's chance of "developing" ADD by 10%.

    On a personal level, I've found that I'm a MUCH better parent when we shut the tube off.

  2. Shutting down the tube and dealing with "Real Life" is NOT what folks want to hear now days!

    Getting to the point that even the news isn't worth watching anymore!

    I agree that movies are the way to go! I like them...watched at home, not out!

  3. We turned our TV off quite a while ago. It still works for DVD's and we Netflix what I want my kids to watch, but it won't get reception of any channel. So my kids get things like the flintstones, pink panther, and Hogan's Heroes with no commercials instead of the junk that's on today. Works well for us.

  4. TV is the most sinister and evil thing in this world. I haven't watched a minute of TV in years and am happy for it. I was never much of a TV watcher and I'm not real big on movies either. I do LOVE The Office, Family Guy and the occasional movie because I too have a Netflix account. Streaming Netflix from my Xbox 360 is all the TV or movies I watch.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  5. Blogs are the "Reality TV" of the internet. I not judging because I read more blogs than a person should every day, plus I have one of my own. I'm just saying I'm not going to get down on folks who sit in front of a screen and watch people's lives play out in front of them, when I sit in front of another screen watching many lives play out in front of me just in a different media.

  6. (army) Wife,

    I would definitely argue with you on that one. If you read peoples personal blogs then yes they are reading the reality TV if the Internet.

    This blog and the blogs I read are informational, not "I had a argument with my wife and want to divorce her after having sextuplets and have 32 million strangers see what a bad parents we are" type reality.

    You raise a valid point but not applicable here.


  7. Just to add to that, I cannot name a single productive thing that can be done with a TV, that can't be done with a computer, like news and educational type programs.

    TV is a waste.

  8. But Flea, how could I ever survive without my American Idol???? Life would just be so empty!!!!!!!!
    /sarcasm off

    Another good post. Keep'em coming.
    Edisto Out....

  9. I grew up watching hours of TV a day. Mostly things like the history channel, science channel, discovery channel, PBS, etc. I grew up, went to college, and served my country. TV taught me a lot of good things. To say TV is bad isn't the whole store. It depends on what you watch on TV. You have to know what the program is saying before you let your kids watch it and that goes for kid channels as well.

  10. MikeB,

    I think I said in the post "I watch mostly the news, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel and not a whole lot more."

    There can be things on value on TV...the problem is most people aren't watching them, they are watching "Jon and Kate Plus 8" and "The Biggest Loser".

  11. ewww...speaking of Jon & Kate, did you hear the latest? Jon is going to have a sex change operation so that he and Kate can be a lesbian couple!!! It's amazing!

    Flea - what's really funny is that your blog will probably get some hits today just because Jon and Kate were mentioned a few times. So sad.

  12. What's a TV? Heh heh heh.... My TV viewing is MAYBE three hours a week (those same channels you watch), and an occasional movie. I must admit though, I'm a "Deadliest Catch" junkie....