Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Protecting Important Documents

By Flea - Be A Survivor

It is critical for you and your family to protect all the “important” documents in your household. These documents are not always needed but in many cases they are critical to have when they are. The documents that you should be worried about are:

- Social Security Cards (don't carry this in your wallet or purse)
- Marriage Licenses
- Baptism or religious papers
- Birth certificates
- Passports
- Car/trailer/boat titles
- Vaccination records
- As well as any other critical records your family needs to protect.

These documents should be stored in a safe place in your home in a firebox or possibly at a bank in a safety deposit box. Please ensure you protect them in some fashion and not just stacked in the corner or in a shoe box.

My family has envelopes labeled with each type of document and we store all of the family member’s documents in the envelope. For example we have an envelope labeled passports and both my wife and I keep our passports in that envelope.

I place the envelopes in the firebox and it is locked and stored in a safe location in our home. I choose not to use a bank because I do have the firebox and I like the convenience in case the documents are needed.

You will be grateful for taking the time to organize these documents and spending the money on the firebox should the worst happen. You will have the peace of mind knowing that the important documents your family needs to get back on track will be protected, safe and most importantly IN ONE PLACE.

...that is all.

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  1. Great post Flea. I have been eying some safes for this same reason.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. That's pretty much how I have my papers set up as well except I use labeled hanging folders. I also keep current tax information, insurance records , and my will.

  3. Matthiasj,

    Thanks bud and congrats on your coordinator position ;)


    Yeah my wife an I are in process of doing a will (we don't have kids yet so we have been putting
    it off), and that is where our copy will go...good point.

    Insurance records are good as well, at least having the policy numbers and phone numbers of the company will be immensely important - good one!


  4. Another problem is that high acid paper tends to deteriorate over time.

    Some of my personal documents, such as notes from the mountain explorations I do, are written on high rag content paper that is less prone to falling apart over the decades.

  5. That is the very same safe we had when our house burned down a few years ago, we also had all our important documents in it. The paper were fine after the fire, but the lock itself was damaged as a result of the fire, and I did not need a key to open it. Now that we live on a flood plain, I also realize that that safe would not keep the papers dry in a flood, so I will be placing those papers in zip lock air tight bags inside the new safe I am looking for. The one I plan to get now will likely be made by the same company that made that one, but I'm hoping for a better design on the lock against fire, and the lock itself would be better with anti pick side pins or wafers.


  6. Great idea Flea - I do need to this and get all the papers together - you reminded me of yet another thing to add to my growing list!