Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nuclear War Survival - Ark Two - FREE Resource

By Flea - Be A Survivor

I was doing some research for a post and came across the now defunct Ark Two shelter, very interesting stuff.

You can read about the project on their webpage.

More importantly you can download a two CD library (via a torrent file) here for free full of information on surviving as well as recovering from a nuclear war. I haven't checked it out completely but some of you will probably find it interesting.

You will need a torrent client to download it, I use BitTorrent myself (also free).

...that is all.

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  1. Ever tried I get all my torrents from that site. They have tons of content.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. mattiasj,

    No I haven't but will give it a look, thanks for the tip ;)

  3. Was wondering if you have a gieger counter in your personal kit? I was looking into them, actually found out there was an old set of plates from the 1950's that gives off radiation..kinda like a miniature nuclear bomb...

    "Brilliant red Fiesta (and indeed the red glazes produced by all U.S. potteries of the era) is known for having a detectable amount of uranium oxide in its glaze to produce the bright orange-red color. During WWII the government took control of uranium. Homer Laughlin and the other potteries had to discontinue the use of uranium-containing glazes. Fiesta red was discontinued before 1944, because all uranium was controlled by the U.S. government while developing the Manhattan Project. Vintage red Fiesta plates are more radioactive (but not necessarily harmful) than other radioactive house wares, such as uranium glass. The radiation level is so low that most dinnerware collectors aren't concerned about it. Fiesta red was reintroduced in 1959, when the Atomic Energy Commission released its restrictions on uranium oxide. Having an X-ray conducted once causes much greater radiation damage than using such china over a prolonged period. At present, government and third-party studies have concluded that all widely-distributed, uranium-containing consumer china (Fiesta and others) is safe for food consumption, but not recommended for food storage due to the possibility of leaching of uranium or other heavy metals (often present in some colored glazes) into food, especially acidic foods."

    Love the bit about the radiation levels being so low they are nearly harmless!

  4. PJ,

    I don't but I do have a stockpile of IOSAT pills. They saturate your thyroid glands with Potassium Iodide to prevent them from absorbing radiation. Thinking about picking up a few Nuke Alerts myself.

  5. My husbands has told me to pass along to you, that before you check into the Nuke Alerts, to look into the Russian equivalents there only about $20.00

    My husbands a cheap Yorkshire bastard, and he won't even consider spending $160.00 for a nuke alert..unless he's dieing of radiation poisoning!

    By the way, do you read/or have you read the magazine Backwoods Homes? Great stuff, right up your alley. And a friend of ours listens to alot of short wave radio, The Power Hour..ever heard of them? they have a great stock of survival gear and holistic remedies..good stuff.

  6. Not sure why you referred to the ARK TWO as "now defunct"?

  7. I went to check out the pics of ARK TWO. Maybe they would get more people to join if they put something aesthetically pleasing. Just saying that cause I would probably have to knock out my wife before to get her in there. I write up a blog about surviving a global disaster/nulcear war, come and take a look!

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