Monday, July 6, 2009

Living In The Lowcountry

By Flea - Be A Survivor

I was asked by a fellow prepper (Edisto Prepper) for my perspective of the Lowcountryin South Carolina and its viability should an “event” occur. Fill in the blanks on that whether the “event” is man-made or a natural disaster.

For those that don’t know the Lowcountry is the coastal region of South Carolina that encompasses the counties: Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Hampton and Jasper. Some people include a few other counties but I am referring to these counties specifically.

While I have only lived in this area a mere three years, I consider it a better place to be than where I used to live. I lived in one of the more populated states in the Union for over 30 years (NJ). I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near there in the event of a real catastrophe.

That being said I am not 100% comfortable with where I am right now. I think while the Lowcountry is certainly less populated than more of the well known population centers, WE GROW EVERYDAY. It seems waves of people are moving here looking for relief from high taxes and nanny state laws. This worries me…

Just in the three years I have been here the population in my area has exploded. In all honesty I do like South Carolina and I want to stay here BUT my ultimate goal is to move west in SC to the less populated more rural parts of the state.

Most preppers realize rural is where it is at, less competition, more land, fewer potential (zombies, raiders, refugees) problems. Many people discuss how population centers will empty out into the surrounding area. The People’s Republic of Kal-i-Forn-i-A is a good example, the “Golden Horde” has been tossed around on the blogs, and is mostly likely a real scenario.

Will this happen? Probably. Does that mean you should place yourself and your family in the middle of one of those population centers? Probably not.

Everyone needs to assess their own situation and decide what is best for them and their family. Right now I am better off than I was BUT I could still put us somewhere safer. Now is not the right time for us because I need to unload my house, which in this market is asking a lot. I will have to make the best of my current situation and actively work to make it better as fast as I can.

As for the Lowcountry, the populous areas like Charlestonwill have problems. They will either be under water in the event of a disaster like a Tsunami, or in chaos when people are rioting in the streets looking for food. The less populated counties will do better for a time, until the problems migrate, then you will need to get the hell out of Dodge. My money says to get as far away and as rural as you can, if nothing else it will give you time (a buffer) to formulate your next steps when “it” is going down in the cities.

That time, whether it is days, weeks or months could save your life and the lives of those you love...

...that is all.

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  1. One thing I've seen around here regarding population growth in rural areas is that it has slowed a lot over the last year or two.

    The first thing was when the price of gas went up to $3.00+ per gallon. People don't want to move 50 miles from their job and commute with high gas prices.

    The second thing was when layoffs started and people started looking for jobs. If you live far out in the sticks then it can limit your job choices because many jobs will be too far away. If you are in the suburbs or the city you are closer to more potential employers.

    For a while I was seeing a new house being started every month or so in this county on my way to work. I haven't seen a new house being started in six months or more.

  2. I've asked myself that question about my area and an area to relocate to. From my name you can see where i'm from. I'm not happy about it, but we must deal with what we've been dealt. My employer has the option of letting me relocate, and I was looking to move further south. Mid Atlantic inland would be my ideal area. But, alas, I feel it may be too late to relocate and set up shop so to speak. Time and money isn't on my side.