Thursday, July 23, 2009

Importance Of Neighbors

By Flea - Be A Survivor

It can be kind of nice to live out in the boonies with no one around for miles. No one around to bother you, no one around to ask to borrow something, no one around to hear your screams after an accident leaves you incapacitated and unable to walk.

Therein lies the problem my friends, being alone is just that. Not having anyone to help you in the event of a crisis situation, there will be no running to the neighbor’s house to use a phone or get some assistance lifting that heavy object off your family members crushed legs.

Hey don’t get me wrong, some neighbors are total pains in the ass, but me personally I would like someone within a half mile or mile of my house given a choice. Not screaming distance for sure but if I had to haul ass over there it would be less than 10 minutes or so running (I have put on a few pounds since my 6 minute mile days).

Therein lies the second dilemma, having a good relationship with those around you. My wife and I have never had problems with neighbors and we have lived in several locations across two states. The reasons for this are simple:
1.) We are relatively quiet.
2.) We mind our frickin business.
3.) We are friendly – a friendly wave or saying “hi” never hurt anyone.

Those are the golden rules of being a neighbor; if you abide by them your neighbor will never have a problem with you.

Third problem, what if I am a good neighbor but the “other guy” never heard of these rules you speak of. Unfortunately, if you have bad neighbors I would suggest you move. Having bad neighbors is a source of unneeded stress that can make your blood boil. You will hate coming home because that “jerk” is standing on his front lawn reporting your recent troop movements to the rest of the desperate housewives crowd on the block while his degenerate horde of demon spawn are using your brand new F-250 pickup as a backstop for the one amongst them who can’t catch a baseball to save his life.

All kidding aside, depending on how bad things are you may be able to deal with it. I will say this though, if things are bad, they will never get better, trust me. Your best hope will be that they move…

Having good neighbors though really does make your situation better. There is someone you can count on if there is an emergency. There is someone you can have watch your property when you are away. There is someone to help you with that helping hand, whatever it may be for, when you need it. You, in return, should extend the same courtesies to your neighbor as they do to you; never let the relationship become one-sided in either direction.

The fine line becomes staying friendly and crossing that nosy neighbor boundary we all have. One way to do that is don’t offer up to much information about yourself unless you feel it is necessary for the relationship to develop. My mom had a bad habit of reporting all the family issues to the nosy lady upstairs when I was a kid and before I knew it everyone in the neighborhood knew our business.

Have a cordial relationship and offer up the standard fare like what you do for a living, name, rank and serial number. Keep it that simple unless you start to feel the relationship warrants it. "Those relationships" with neighbors are few and far between unfortunately.

Maintaining OPSEC is critical, we do it with our family as well. No one knows how much money my wife and I make or what bills we have or what any of our “problems” are and to be honest we like it that way. If we don’t share this with family, I sure as hell am not sharing it with a neighbor.

I don’t want to know that little Suzie is pregnant or that you have problems with your mother-in-law. That is more information than our neighborly relationship requires. If you keep it simple, the relationship will flourish and you will have that lifeline a few hundred feet away when you need it should a crisis develop. Be a good neighbor will ya?

...that is all.

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  1. Good advice Flea. We have some good neighbors here that are just for that; watching the property when we're gone. I always wave and smile and sometimes to go have a conversation but never reveal any personal info. People are very nosey and I can't stand having people in my business.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. It's like walking a razor's edge. Like you said you want folks watching out for you, but NOT watching you.

    "Good fences make good neighbors."
    Mending Wall, Robert Frost

  3. The one thing that makes you property of any value is "good water and good neighbors". There is a lot to be said about that. Very good post.

    Code Name "Bullseye"

  4. I don't understand my neighbors (liberal athiest hippies) with a need to let their herd of llamas and donkeys run wild and free. They sure don't understand us. But we maintain a friendly attitude towards each other and last winter when they weren't sure I had enough wood to go through a storm, he hauled a load down to me in his tractor bucket and kept an eye out for me while my husband was gone. I can certainly live with that!

  5. We moved here two years ago. It's not at all a survivalist dream location - only one street over from our previous house. But we worked immediately on establishing ourselves as 'good neighbors'. We made sure to take walks and talk up neighbors, for instance. When we learned that the house next to us was unoccupied I put my son in charge of mowing the lawn as we had the only teenager on the block. One of the two police officers who live on the street had been caring for it, he had grown up on the street and knew the owners well. His appreciation for our son taking over spread good will for us.

    Just by talking, even without opsec issues, I know who on the street knows the most about fruit and veggie gardening, who works where and might be able to get advance info on one or more issues (This is Maryland, some folks work for ATF, or Homeland Security, or in the Pentagon) so I can see if any other families are doing any unusual preps. We know who is retired and at home a lot, we know who works at home other than us, we know who bought a generator after an ice storm left the street without power for 7 days (I also know that they NEVER test that generator).

    Once a year the family across the street organizes a progressive dinner for the neighbors.

    We let folks know when we'll be gone - but don't ask them to take care of the cats, since we'd like to avoid risk of poking around and finding all the prep supplies.

    We all work on being neighborly but not overly intrusive. For now, that works.

    Frondly, Fern

  6. Matthiasj,

    Thanks bud.


    Very appropriate quote from Robert Frost, well done.


    Don't have to share the same views, just the same property line possibly :)

    I wish someone round my neighborhood had some llamas...not running free mind you ;)


    You're doing good, nothing wrong with being a good neighbor. You are towing the line just fine.


  7. Fellows,

    One of my rules of life, #3 of three, is "good manners, they don't cost anything, but they pay huge dividends." Now what your dealing with as early as possible, and prepare for as many eventualities as you can. One great and close neighbor is worth ten other neighbors you just wave at.

    Best regards,
    Protect Yourself from Plagiarism: Part I
    Bill Nelson writes to The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles

  8. hehehe...
    i just want to share our neighbors back in our province where we grew up. They have their own world. I mean... Sometimes, if we left our house and no family members left at home.. sometimes we go to the city and so forth.. and then there's a big difference after we came back into our house. our firewoods that we put in our small nipa hut, our coconut or buko, our lively chicken that we used to have, our slippers are gone. and there was this one neigbor of ours.. not really far neighbor shared that she witness or saw that our nearist neighbor got all our stuffs.
    and sometimes, for whatever reason, they just suddenly quiet and never talk to us like they hate us or something. I just dont understand them..really.