Thursday, July 2, 2009

How To Survive The Coming Apocalypse (Part V)

Ok I have taken some heat but here it is, concluding the journey that began a year ago. I give you part five of the “Survive the Apocalypse” series. Several readers were quite diligent in reminding me that I never finished the series so I bit the bullet and got to work. Bite the bullet is quite fitting to say the least because this installment of the series is on personal defense.

Before we begin let me recap the series that basically started this blog. In part one we covered food, in part two we covered water, in part three we covered shelter and in part four we covered energy. These are all important and all related to this last post because there may come a time when you need to PROTECT all these resources we discussed.

The first thing we need to discuss with regard to personal defense is weaponry. This is a choice that is quite personal and will be influenced by several factors such as availability, legality and cost. If for instance you live in the People’s Republic of New Jersey like I did for many years your choices will be limited as far as the weaponry you can select. If you have a budget of $500 or $1000 instead of $5,000, that will limit what you can reasonably purchase.

Depending on these factors I will make some general recommendations that you can follow to guide your purchases:

First you should consider a GOOD defensive sidearm, I personally like semi-auto but something like a .357 is a good choice too. If you do decide on a semi, I would go with 9mm or .45 calibers. Both of these calibers have advantages and disadvantages; 9mm is very common and is the standard sidearm caliber of the US Military but is has less stopping power than the .45 caliber. The .45 caliber round costs more than a 9mm round and has more recoil. You need to decide what works for you and go with it. I personally would not cheap out on my sidearm. I recommend you stick with the Glocks, Sigs, Springfields, H&Ks and S&W brand weapons.

The second weapon you should have is a good shotgun and here you can get A LOT of bang (literally) for your buck. You can spend a few hundred bucks and get yourself a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 and you are good to go. I personally recommend that you avoid 20 gauge and stick with 12 gauge; it is infinitely more useful than the 20. I also would stick with a pump action shotgun over a break barrel or auto. A good pump 12 gauge goes a long way in saying get your ass off my property.

The last recommendation is more of the personal choice I was talking about, a good rifle that can “reach out and touch someone”. What constitutes a good rifle; we can debate this all night long. I personally have settled on 7.62x39 as my caliber and own an AK-47 and an SKS. There are many good choices out there including the AR-15 family of rifles and even the old standby, a nice bolt action hunting rifle. The point is you need something that you can hunt with, snipe with and intimidate with.

After you have your survival arsenal in place you need to make sure everyone in the family knows how to operate each weapon. They MUST know how to safely clean, load and fire each of these weapons. When it comes to kids it really is up to you when the “right” time to teach them about responsible firearms handling is. I have friends who have some fairly young children that hunt already; they are off to a head start.

The old saying goes; “The best offense is a good defense”. When I say defense I don’t mean come out your front door…guns a blazing. What I am saying is when FedGov come knocking on your door asking if you have any weapons like they did during Katrina…make sure they don’t find any. You read between the lines on that one.

The second part of that is if there is a serious situation, make sure your house is not an obvious oasis on the desert of despair. If there is a no power for miles and your house is lit like a Christmas tree with noisy generators running you may invite trouble. The best thing you and your family can do is lay low, practice light discipline and make your residence blend in with the rest of the surroundings. If the other houses are boarded up, board yours up as well.

Don’t start grilling some strip steaks when there are hungry hordes out in the street searching for their next meal. Make sure that people are clear they are not welcome but don’t do anything stupid. Keep all of your preparations out of site and tell your family to lay low when visitors come calling. Be prepared to act but be reasonable and rational…there is no reason to shoot first and ask questions later. Explain to folks that you have nothing and they need to move along, and be persistent. If you feel you or your family are in imminent danger then act accordingly.

Remember thisthere is no repelling a superior force. If enough people want what you have they will take it and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. THAT is precisely why you need to lay as low as possible.

All this malarchy you read on the forums about repelling raiders and hardening your home against assault can be summed up in one word...BULLSHIT. All someone needs to do (if you really piss them off) is toss a Molotov Cocktail on your front porch and your house will burn with you in it. What? Are Junior and Little Suzie gonna take up sniper positions in the attic, while you and Ma cover the front and back doors? Folks this ain't Red Faction so just forget that utter nonsense, it will get you "deadified" faster you can whistle Dixie.

LAYING LOW IS YOUR BEST BET! Do not draw attention to yourself and only interact with others WHEN THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE!

There may come a time where you need to bug out, if you do make sure you have you go-bags packed and you can take as much as you can with you because you may not ever be able to return. You need to recognize when resistance is futile, that judgment will become obvious when that time arrives. In some cases it is better to run and live to fight another day.

The most important point in this whole article will be your plan. You and your family (group) need to have plans in place that cover these type of situations. These plans need to contain rendezvous points and well as detailed instructions on how each member is to act in an emergency and what their responsibilities are.

Have these plans printed out (use code if you want to maintain tight OPSEC)and make sure a copy is in each members go bag and that everyone is intimately familiar with its contents. Practice these plans of actions in mock drills and treat them with utter seriousness, this is no time to joke or play games. Practice makes perfect and in this case it may save your life and the lives of those you love.

...that is all.

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  1. I have to thank you on two fronts today...first off, thanks for this series. I don't know how I missed the first four parts (must have been posted before I started reading). I'll be reading these instead of working today, I'm sure.

    Second, thanks a lot for getting the Blue's Clues mailbox song stuck in my head. I wasn't quite homicidal yet this morning, but that put me right over the edge.

  2. WE have a winner! RS was the first to get the Blue's Clues reference. When my nephew was growing up I was forced to consume massive amounts of Blue.

  3. Ooh! What do I win? I have 4 kids bro...I can tell you about all about the Steve/Joe scandal behind the scenes of Blue's Clues. I can even imitate every character's voice.

    This Apocalypse series is pretty cool. I just finished a 10 part series that's similar, only assuming you're stuck in the woods and can't get to your preps. It's interesting to see how the strategy shifts under your set of conditions.

    Also, because I just finished my series, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to put together a series like this, so thanks for that as well.

  4. Great post Flea. Keeping a low profile is the best defense!


    Preppers Network

  5. You are paying attention RangerSquirrel - Blue Clues reference totally went over my head. Have BC episodes in my past as well, 10 yr. old boy and 7 year old girl embedded. Steve was cool - brother Joe not so much.

  6. Blue's Clues, now there's a reason to get a rifle! Him and Barney...... Great post Flea, though I gotta put a plug in there for 7.62x54r! A Mosin Nagant 91/30 will reach out and touch someone! Plus, I can bayonet someone from across a river, ha ha! And ya still can't beat the price. Rifle, $100. 440 rounds of ammo, $112 delivered. Sense of security? Priceless.....

  7. How about filling us slow people in. What is this blues clues thing ? Some of us are clueless.

  8. The Blue's Clues reference is two posts back it the "We Just Got A Letter, We Just Got A Letter" post.

    Kids show.

    They sing that song when the mail arrives.

    Kids show.

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  10. I think desirable rifle caliber is probably the one thing that can vary the most regionally. Don't think anyone would argue with .22lr or 12 gauge and (excluding Grizzly country) pistol calibers are too personal be be quantifiable. A rifle that is great for someone in our southern brush country like 7.62x39 or 30-30 would be a very poor choice for the wide open flat spaces of the west.

  11. just discovered you and live in West Ashley. I have 16 pistols, rifles, and shotguns plus a crossbow. I have a small garden and two bugout kits, but you have opened my eyes on things I never thought about. TY!

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