Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gun Safety

By Flea - Be A Survivor

Gun Safety is no laughing matter; there will be no jokes or cute and witty quips in this post. Gun safety is literally a matter of life and death. Every year a lot of innocents lose their lives or are maimed because someone refused to follow a few simple rules.

Gun safety is really just a bunch of common sense but some people just don’t get it. The ignorance of a few makes the rest of the responsible gun owners across the country look bad and it is starting to piss me off to be honest.

Lets not give the gun grabbers more "ammunition" by doing stupid stuff people. I firmly believe in our 2nd amendment rights as I am sure most of the readers of this blog do but a few bad apples can ruin it for everyone.

There are two rules, yep that is it. If you follow these two simple rules no harm will come to you or anyone else involving your guns.

The first simple rule you need to follow is to make sure your guns are locked up and OUT OF REACH of your kids. Do you love your kids? Do you want to see their brain matter all over the back of the bedroom wall? Do you want to have to look you neighbor in the eye after your little Johnny blew their kid into kingdom come? This is a no brainer and if a child is injured because you were too lazy to lock your guns up, you deserve what you get, in this life and the next.

The second rule that you would think would be common sense is, don’t point a gun at something you don’t want to kill, EVER. There is no such thing as an unloaded gun, period. Don’t wave your gun around while you are talking, don’t play secret agent man; don’t check your sight picture using Rex the family dog. If you point the gun at it you intend to shoot it…simple as that.

The two BIG rules will prevent most of the "accidents" that happen.

There are, of course, other rules like trigger discipline; keep your finger OFF the trigger until you want to shoot something. Be totally aware of the area you are shooting in, don't shoot at a target unless you are sure the area around and behind the target are safe to be shot at.

Gun Safety is not a laughing matter, it is a NO BRAINER.

...that is all.

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  1. Good post Flea. I don't think we, as gun owners, can stress safety too much.

  2. Excellent post and a much needed reminder to NOT get too complacent about our guns.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Great post Flea. It does seem like common sense but lots don't follow it. Proper gun safety should be practiced even with BB guns or other non-lethal weapons.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  4. Yep,

    Little reminder never hurt anyone ;)

    Thanks guys.

  5. I rarely disagree with you but locking your gun is just silly. What purpose does a locked gun have? Paperweight? Billy Club?

    A gun in your home is a defensive weapon. How long will it take you to find the keys to your gun, unlock it and load it in a situation when you are woken up in the middle of the night and need to defend yourself.

    I can see locking up hunting rifles but defensive weapons are just that.

    Train your kids about guns. Teach them about their awesome power for destruction. Teach them to respect guns but most of all teach them that guns are tools and are not treasures to be shown secretly with a friend.

    Hiding your guns or locking them up just make the guns all that more interesting to kids. I know that when I was a youngster, guns were SOOOO COOOL because my dad never bothered to teach me about the gun rules or about the responsibility they carry. Take away the mystery. Think about other tools you have, say a hammer. When is the last time a kid ran to the garage as soon as they parents left the driveway to show their friends the hammer. Does not happen because a hammer is just a tool and has not been treated with a level of fear in its use. Teach your kids about guns and it will hold the same interest as a hammer.

    If my kids want to see my weapons, I show them. No question and no fear. They can see them anytime they ask and an hold them without issues. This way guns are not mysterious...they simply are.

    It is up to us gun owning parents to ensure that not the only gun exposure our kids have are the cartoons or movies. It is a part of gun ownership. The belief that guns must be locked is no better than the belief that average citizens do not need to have guns.

    Sorry for the rant....this issue bugs me a bit...on another note Flea, we have chatted via facebook about exercising our gun rights. Wed 07/15/09 about 4pm if interested.

  6. Daddy Sloane,

    If you read this one sentence again:
    "The first simple rule you need to follow is to make sure your guns are locked up and OUT OF REACH of your kids."

    I put emphasis on out of reach of your kids. I personally keep a loaded weapon in my bedroom, it is hidden well but I can still get to it quickly.

    My shotguns and AK-47's are all locked up. I don't have kids but if I did I would teach them...BUT...kids are kids and curiosity gets the best on them.

    Let me put it this way...if just telling kids or teaching them something worked 100% of the time...there would be no kids on drugs or teenage mothers. Kids try to be cool and show their friends and then the accident happens.

    And no problem on the rant we encourage EVERYONE to weigh in with their opinions respectfully just as you have!

  7. gun safety is huge, gun restriction is an over reaction by those who have seen or heard of abused weapon handling. If a kid is not allowed to be around guns, at his first opportunity to touch one, he'll misuse it because he hasn't been informed about how to properly handle a weapon. He's just been told to stay away- because they kill. That, in today's society, is not enough to save a curious and inexperienced child's life.
    It is our responsibility to inform every child about the severity and danger of a weapon, and just how real it is. But it is also our responsibility to make sure they know how to wield it safely, so they don't take the first opportunity to play cops and robbers with daddies gun.
    As adults, there are just a few psychos who happen to use weapons in their onslaught of insanity. It makes no difference what weapon they have- guns, knives, bombs. They intend to harm people.
    As for restricting weapons, only the law abiding citizens will listen to that. So, basically, someone who is willing to kill... do you really think they are going to be unarmed? And the person who was dutiful and restricted by the law, gave up their weapon, and got shot because they were unarmed. Think about that.
    Weapons don't kill, stupid people... Read More do. Ignorant people do. People who are wreckless and careless.
    I do not own a gun, but I want the right to have one if I want one. I want a right to protection for myself, and to provide a means of supplying food should no other option be available. Having weapons, knowing how to use them, being responsible with them, and respecting their danger is important for everyone. Not everyone wants to own or know how to use a weapon, but no one should tell someone they can't. It's not wrong, it's a right to support and defend. And children especially, considering hte movies available to the general populous, should be shown proper respect, care,and handling of weapons, to help KEEP them safe, and make sure that they don't use them recklessly because mommy and daddy are not there.
    I'd be more afraid of a kid who hasn't been taught about weapon safety, than a kid who has.

  8. Anon,

    If you have children you should teach them gun safety...you should let them touch the guns when you are supervising. You should take them shooting. I think I have made that very clear from my previous posts on the subject.

    When you are not around...guns should be out of the reach of children.

  9. "Guns don't kill people, people do...and so do monkeys (if they've got a gun)." - Eddie Izzard, the funniest British transvestite comedian in the world.

  10. Sorry...just remembered your first sentence and my comment is in direct contradiction. Feel free to delete. My bad.

  11. RS,

    No its fine, I meant no jokes from me in the post. You guys are free to carry on however you like ;)

  12. Thought this video would be useful to the discussion.


    Flea..as to the answer you posted to my little rant..."if just telling kids or teaching them something worked 100% of the time...there would be no kids on drugs or teenage mothers"

    This kinda goes to my point. You can not stop with "telling" a kid about guns. You have to let them hold it, ask question it, shoot it. I am not willing to let my sons hold a pot pipe or in my presence use pot in order to teach them the dangers of pot (or any drug you want to substitute). Just like I am not willing to let my daughter touch a penis to quell her curiosity..Crude I know but I hope it shows the point I am trying to make. We can talk and forbid...Drugs...stupid sex...whatever. It usually does not work. With guns you have an opportunity to to play show and tell and make your point much more clearly.

    Guns need to be de-mystified for kids. The secret closet where daddy locks his guns is just too tempting. The closet with Daddy's guns that a kid knows how to use and respect...is just a closet.

  13. Daddy Sloane,

    I completely agre they must be demystified. My dad was a cop and he ALWAYS let me touch his guns when he was around.

    If I ever asked about them he waould take them out and explain them BUT when he wasn't around they were either on his person or locked in his gun safe.

    All I am saying is when YOU are not around they should not be able to get to them.

  14. Yes Flea, I raised my children to have the utmost respect for guns. I began at an early age spending many happy hours afield with them enjoying the shooting sports. One day when the oldest was 15 I returned home with my wife and other two children to hear a loud hissing noise issuing from our basement. My son and 2 friends had fired a .45 thru the floor of our bedroom striking and penetrating a gas line. He had known better for 12 of his 15 years but that one in a million accident could have been prevented if the guns were locked.

  15. I have 3 rifles and a shotgun that are openly accesable on a gun rack in my living room. It's the ammo that is locked away.

  16. According to my opinion, guns control is more important than guns safety.