Friday, July 10, 2009

Guest Post: Crazy Joe - Location, Location, Location

By Crazy Joe - Be A Survivor

The title of this article is the mantra for all realtors. It is what buyers yearn for and most sellers wish they had. As this is a "Survival" oriented site then bug out locations must be real estate - therefore you as survivalist buyers yearn for the perfect bug out location.

I will begin with what this site owner "Flea" stated recently in a post.- He comes from North Jersey - (about 7.2 million people occupying 1/3 of the land area of NJ) but now lives in Eastern South Carolina which is nowhere near as congested or populated. He enjoys his new location. He then stated that down the road he would enjoy moving to the more western part of South Carolina as it is even less populated and has the two huge Sumter National Forest areas. I have always lived in South Jersey which is one half of the state but only having about 1.1 million people.

Believe it or not there still are farms in South Jersey. Not like it was when I was growing up but still some large rural areas considering it is New Jersey. I have disliked suburban and urban areas since I was a child. You could not pay me to live where Flea grew up. Both of my parents had relatives or friends who still owned farms in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Pennsylvania has been my location goal since age 5 long before the term “bugging out or bunker” meant anything to me. I own 5.25 acres deep in South Jersey. I am 46 miles to a real mall, 20 miles to a basic hospital, 1.3 miles to the marina on the Delaware Bay, 3 miles to 18,000 acres of State Game Land and 135, 000 acres of Coastal Wetlands Preserve. Philly is about 65 miles to the northwest and North Jersey and NYC are 80 to 110 miles to the north/northeast. There are 5 small airports - all within 35 miles in any direction of here.

My location provides me with a fairly rural area but with land, air, river and sea routes to anywhere on the East Coast of the USA. I am where I am. I totally enjoy the eco system and natural beauty of South Jersey. I work here, have friends and family here but still yearn for that Pennsylvania location. I enjoy fishing in the nearby lakes, Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Hunting is also another thing I enjoy doing and that too is here.

My friends who grew up and live all over Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland cannot wait for summer and that migration to the South Jersey shore. The beaches and boardwalks are now packed with 1.2 million of their kind. They have their home location, their jobs, and their families in the semi-suburban and rural areas of their states. About 30 years ago our network closely examined real estate and that all important "Location" in regards to dozens of survivalist variables.

Some of us took our respective states realtor course (I am one that did) in order to better understand the ins and outs of buying vacant land, farms or houses. Our agenda was not the normal real estate agents competition for that almighty commission - we worked across the state lines for the benefit of the network. With the advent of computers and all of its knowledge at our fingertips "STUDYING" real estate for that "camp retreat" or "bug out" location is greatly simplified and detailed.

How many long distance phone calls it took 30 years ago just to find the one person that knew how much the taxes were on a piece of property. Yes it is best to work with a "professional realtor" but researching a town, county and state on your own is just a mouse click away. I have been surfing close to 100 survivalist sites and blogs these past 3 1/2 months and am amazed at the lack of knowledge so many have to this topic - and it seems to be close to the majority of readers and members of these sites and blogs. Yet the common theme of “bugging out to” means going to a location - a piece of real estate.

It is not necessary to get your realtors license to find your perfect first home, second home, vacation home or perfect "bug out location" for you and your friends. I must assume many of these bewildered readers are already home owners. Therefore they have a place and experienced the walk through and closing procedure. When the topic is posted on "where shall I run to?" it seems no one understands real estate procedures - simply - what area interests you - what are your requirements - find out what is available there BY GOING THERE AND SEEING THE LOCAL REALTOR and those properties - then - buy the land or a house there. See! Done! That easy! For those willing to have multiple names on the mortgage how much cheaper is it to get that 50 acres adjacent to the National Forest and split the monthly payment 10 ways - OH and taxes too!

Recently I replied off post to a woman whose reply to this "end of civilization bug out location" topic bordered on frantic. Over and over "Location" filled her query. She lives at sea level in a Mid Atlantic state but wonders if heading inland 140 miles and being at 3000 feet elevation is OK or not? This was just one of her concerns. It took 2 detailed emails back and forth to reassure her 3000 feet should not because nose bleeds among her other 10 concerns. I assured her I had 2 dozen friends or more living in her state all of their lives and some were pre civil war families. They were not going to "bug out" the minute CNN had a newsflash.

What is the reason for you wanting another location? Job transfer? Tired of the 2 hour drive on the backed up interstate every morning to just go 8 miles to work? Tired of urbanites? Just wanna get away? Or perhaps a secondary remote property for you and your friends to use - the joy of playing horse shoes and drinking a cold beer after a rough morning of canoeing with the children. First and foremost is why the need for another location from your current one - then where - and from there it is just a walk through the park.

My current location is a sunny 82 degrees and a nice breeze off the Atlantic Ocean as it blows across the cape and bay. Oh I shall be in the mountains of Pennsylvania next weekend researching first hand more locations. I have my eye on 4 lots (4 to 18 acres) but there will not be any bikinis laying on the beach...Just mountains and streams with young trout.

-Crazy Joe

Flea - "Thanks Crazy Joe!"

...that is all.

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  1. Excellent post! I enjoyed it, even though I'm from the deep south!

    Have to admit, you folks have some beautiful autumn colors...!

  2. I love the South Jim...wouldn't move north of Mason-Dixon line if they paid me ;)

  3. been there for many years and times working,and playing but just keep ending up here in the northwest,north idaho at this time.
    as that is where the offices is located,we have many people asking us about relocateing to this area,just let you know I love it here.
    if you plan to come here or want to be secure where you are visit me at