Thursday, July 30, 2009

Antibacterial Irony?

By Flea - Be A Survivor

I did this one a week or so ago as a guest post for MD Creekmore at The Survivalist Blog, but here it is again in case you missed it...

There is a growing trend in America where everything from soaps to slippers is “antibacterial”; there has been a growing debate that this trend is doing more harm than good. How is this possible you may ask?

Let’s start with a story; once upon a time a doctor named Fleming discovered penicillin. It was put into medical use to treat a wide variety of infections from venereal disease to septicemia. This glorious wonder drug was used and used and used again and used again and used some more. What is the problem you ask? Bacteria are like any other living creature, they evolve. Using penicillin the wrong way allowed some bacteria to be beat down but not killed. The old saying goes what does not kill me only makes me stronger. If you are bacteria, this saying is your motto.

Penicillin is its original incarnation is all but useless due to overuse and misuse. There are a multitude of other drugs that are heading that way or have already reached that point. In fact there are only a handful of drugs that actually have any effect on some of the “super bugs” we have created through our negligence, and guess what…bacteria are quickly become resistant to them as well.

What does antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer have to do with this? Well the AMA and FDA say that antibacterial soap is NO MORE beneficial than washing your hands properly with regular soap and in fact is creating more resistant bacteria. We are unloading the best weapons we have during the beginning skirmishes of the war and when the real BATTLE begins we will have NOTHING that works!

What can you as an individual do at this point? I honestly don’t have an answer for you. I never go to the doctor to get a prescription when I don’t feel well; I have to be practically dying to do so. I usually tough it out and get better about as quick as I would have had I gone in for a script. Unless you are really sick you may want to abstain from the current abuse of antibiotics that is raping us of the only defenses we have, it is up to you.

Many times the doctor is guessing if it is a bacteria or virus making you sick. Antibiotics don’t work on viruses so you may be taking them and still not get any better. In fact taking antibiotics when it is really a virus making you sick not only doesn’t make you better but exacerbates the problem of bacterial resistance to drugs. Taking unneeded antibiotics only puts pressure on the bacteria in your body (we all have varying levels in our body at any given point), if it is not killed off it becomes that much more resistant to the drug you are taking.

I can say this without hesitation, don’t waste your money on antibacterial soaps, use a regular soap to wash your hands, you will be just fine. Maybe, just maybe, if enough people do that and stop with antibiotic abuse we can buy ourselves a few more years and pray the drug companies find something new that works against the super bugs we have created.

CDC article on the cause for concern with the abuse of antibacterial products

Plain soap as good as antibacterial from WebMD

Antibiotic Resistance: Delaying the Inevitable

...that is all.

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    This too is frightening as many people use this as an option to antibiotics. Im not sure what to say, as I have used colloidal silver in the past, but was very cautious of its use as its a metal.

    I do know that there are loads of natural anorectics, such as the nasturtium flower from India. It has anti biotic properties.

    I also know that many large American
    pharmaceutical Companies are in the process of trying to patent many of India's culinary herbs as they are used medicinally and many have anti bacterial properties.

  2. All I can add is that I have read info. that indicates antibacterial soaps take out the good and the bad, just like some antiobiotics - it is always important to take probiotics when using antis so you don't kill all the good stuff interally. a good source for probiotics is Dr.Natura's web site (don't have the link right in memory), but easy to find on a search. Appreciatse the info on the soaps as it may be giving people a false sense of immunity.

  3. Google MMS I've tried it on myself and recommended it to friends and family,each time with amazing results. It's cheap and appears to work on the widest variety of pathogens I've seen. I have used it on my weimaraner to treat Lyme disease with good results.