Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guest Post: Crazy Joe - Locking Gas Caps

Crazy Joe is back with a tip to save you some grief...

Four years ago when gas went overnight from about $1.20 a gallon to about $2.00 a gallon there was a rash of gas crooks siphoning gas from cars and diesel trucks in and around the Philly area. My friend is a store manager for CARQUEST, an auto parts store like PEP BOYS or AUTOZONE. His store is in South Jersey (attached to the regional warehouse) just across the river from Philly. The regional warehouse there is full of employees who live in Philly. They had a run on LOCKING GAS CAPS over a 5 day period.

He told me about 30 warehouse employees came into the store to buy them. It boggled my mind that all these city people did not own them to begin with. I have owned them for the past 25 years regardless of where I lived. It is important to know that locking gas caps are not all the same or that there is one that will fit any make or year of vehicle. When buying one you need to know the year and model of vehicle it is for. Also there are (if memory serves) 3 or 4 styles of locking gas caps. I do not like the number combination style. I only own the type with the key - make sure there are 2 keys in the box before you leave the store.

Locking gas caps are a deterrent and not scum bag proof but it does take a lot of extra effort, a large screw driver or pry bar type tool and noise to break one off to siphon your gas. Scum bags will immediately move on when encountering a locking gas cap especially in a better lighted area. If you are reading this and do not own a locking gas cap then it would make sense to get one - wouldn't it?

-Crazy Joe

Flea: Thanks Crazy Joe!!!

...that is all.

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  1. I thought cars and trucks had anti-siphon devices from the factory since the late 70s or maybe 80s.

    The easy method to get around that is to put a hole in the gas tank. Most tanks these days are polymer and there are many ways to quietly put a hole in that.