Monday, June 15, 2009

Fashion Maven, I Am Most Certainly NOT! (Mild Rant Warning)

Today I am switching gears a bit, going from my usual merry and happy self to someone with an ax to grind with some of America. Now you know I am not speaking of any of the people who read my blog because you are all highly intelligent and beautiful people and you all value comfort over fashion.

George Clooney I am not, most days I can be seen prowling around in a 5 year young, Old Navy tee-shirt and a pair of sweats. I really could care less what people think of me or how I look or dress. I must have been attractive to the opposite sex at some point because I am married, and yes my wife has her vision intact.

What tends to irritate me is the fact that some of America (well at least on the ends of the country - "typically" - not everyone) tend to be obsessed with appearance and beauty. You are all undoubtedly familiar with Megan Fox; the “hot chick” from Transformers, like many celebrities who should stick to acting/singing and leave thinking to the “other people”, has said some nasty things about the people in Middle America. I will leave it to you and your master Google skills to find the details because that is not what this post is about ultimately. Needless to say the phrase beauty is in the eye of the beholder holds true in her case…so she is a fairly ugly person as far as I am concerned.

I digress; I don’t want to offend anyone so I will continue on with my diatribe against looking hip. I love Crocs; they are SUPER comfortable and even the knock offs I have worn are comfortable. They are easy to clean, pretty rugged and because they are rubber water holds no power over them. I recently visited a forum where people railed on anyone who dared wear the “stupidest looking shoes in America!”, ”They are for kids!”, “I snicker every time I see an adult wearing those ridiculous shoes!” Excuse me Mr. Fashion Critic, aren't you the same lemming that has 30k in credit card debt, 50k in car debt, not a dollar in your wallet but you are driving a BMW and your Stepford wife is carrying a Louie Vuitton bag??? Because for a second there I thought you were making fun of me…

Some of us choose comfort over needless expense and hip clothing. Don’t get me wrong, I get dressed up when the occasion calls for it. I have a suit and a sport jacket and nice shoes, uhhh I don’t wear them to Wal-Mart though. I don’t have a closet full of clothes with tags on them that I never wear. I wear what I own.

To the folks reading I say, should you always present yourself in a clean and neatly groomed fashion? Absolutely. Should your clothes be clean? Absolutely. Do you need a wardrobe full of designer clothes and shoes? NO!!! Don’t let the high and mighty Clinton and Stacy’s (TLC) of the world get you down, because you are smarter, choosing to save your money for things that count. All you need to be is clean and neat, if anyone has anything to say to you…tell them Flea said to stick their Vera Wang where the sun don’t shine!

{insert tongue in cheek here}

...that is all.

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  1. I'm with ya' brother. I keep a pair of crocs in my backpack...nothing better for recovery after a long walk. Around the house, I'm usually barefoot though.

  2. Dressing to please the mob is like buying food to please the grocery store!

    All I have to say to those that like looking down from their high horse, is that you better watch out that you don't get knowcked on your ass from a low hanging branch from the tree of reality!

    Good post, Flea!

  3. Great post Flea. I love my crocs! I don't care if they look dumb, they're easy and comfy.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  4. I couldn't agree more, but as someone who lives on one of the "ends" of the country... sterotype much!

  5. Ken I live in SC which is on the end as well, just said some folks, they tend to "typically" be on th ends...


  6. i just went to look up " crocs " now that i know what they are ....yea - dumb looking ...i think my 21 yr old daughter wears them ... i will take low cut black converse sneakers ....oh do they still make those ? crazy joe

  7. Totally agree except the part about Stacy (London) from TLC...that woman is gorgeous so I'll let her say whatever she wants...