Friday, May 29, 2009

Suburban Survivalists

You hear the term "suburban survivalist" more and more these days and it has become a catch phrase for our national media to focus upon. Who and what are suburban survivalists and where do they fit into the survivalist community in general? It is a complicated question that I will try and put some perspective on with this post.

The economy while it seems to be holding fairly steady at the moment has been circling the drain for some time and many people are worried about what will happen to themselves and their families should the crisis escalate into shortages and possible civil unrest. What has been happening is people have been dumping truckloads of money into supplies, food and weapons. Many of these folks have money but don’t know a whole lot else and so to them, a years supply of freeze dried food (which they have never bothered to taste) sounds like a good investment. In that same vain, it also sounds good to them to buy a tricked out AR-15 with all the goodies even though they have never fired a gun in their lives. That my friends is not a suburban survivalist, that is a member of the herd panicking and trying to solve the problem as they have always done in the past…by throwing money at it.

People need to take a breath and a step back and look hard at their situations and make some choices for themselves and panic buying should not be the decision they reach.

There are volumes of information on how to start a food storage plan out there. The first thing a person should do rather than arm themselves with 20,000 rounds of 5.56, is to arm themselves with information. Doing some research, which can be done fairly quickly and painlessly by the way, should be a persons first task when living in the suburbs and trying to change their family’s situation for the better.

I personally am not a believer that the collapse of western civilization is imminent but I can say that there is a real possibility that some really bad things could happen in the future. Look at the situation in North Korea for example where our chia haired, Napoleon complex having, sex addicted, “dear leader” is rattling his saber and demanding world attention. When a complete psychopath like this has nuclear weapons, anything can happen; including sale of said weapons to a third party who happens to hate America. You can see where I am going with this…

Natural disasters are another concern that few people adequately address; do you have a generator, do you have food and water storage…most importantly, DO YOU HAVE A PLAN?

So back to our initial question what is a suburban survivalist? It is a person who has researched and executed a plan to prepare his or her family for unexpected scenarios which could change their happy and comfortable circumstances into miserable ones for an undetermined amount of time. The key words are researched and executed, a suburban survivalist is a person who happens to live in a populated area either by choice or necessity but has taken the needed steps to ensure they can self maintain in the event of an {insert your emergency of choice here}.

I place myself into the category of suburban survivalist, I have spent time and money to get myself prepared, not for the end of the world, but to make sure my wife and I can self-sustain for several weeks if not months. I don’t have a homestead with acreage, I don’t have a retreat in Idaho and I don’t have buckets of beans and flour stacked to the ceiling in my house. I also don’t have an arsenal that could sustain a third world coup de tat; what I do have are some tools and supplies and even more importantly I have a PLAN. Don’t get me wrong, I have a food storage program established, I have the means to defend myself in the form of weapons but John Rambo I am not (and neither is my wife).

Unfortunately there are many in the survivalist community that think we, “suburban survivalists”, are a joke and that is fine. I don’t need the validation of a person who has chosen to implement “their plan” in their own way…more power to them; but to write us off as a joke is a mistake I assure you. FORTUNATELY, I have only run across this attitude a few time and MOST of the survivalist community is happy to welcome a person who has made the best of their circumstances and chosen to prepare rather than wait for the FedGov to hand out bread and water to the sheep when the unthinkable happens.

I say to the people dumping thousands of dollars haphazardly into supplies and equipment they know nothing about…STOP…take a breath and think before you act. There is a vast library of valuable information to be had in books and on the Internet. Take a few days to formulate a plan, go the range and rent a gun and shoot it, take a first aid course…learn, observe, PRACTICE…you will make informed decisions and just may pull through in your time of need. Then, and only then, you will truly be able to stand proud and call yourself a "suburban survivalist".

...that is all.

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  1. Good points Flea. I've been through 2 natural disasters and prepping is important even if you don't expect TEOTWAWKI. Having the information and the preps that are right for YOU is the most important thing. Not everyone can prep the same.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. That is exactly my point matthiasj, if you can't adequately prepare for a hurricane/earthquake/flood, forget being ready for the collapse of civiliztion.

    Prepping really is a lot more personal than people realize.

  3. Well said Flea. It's always best to take a deep breath, a step back, and thoroughly assess one's unique situation. Everybody's different. Just having a spasm with the credit card won't make one any safer.... Knowledge IS power! And knowledge will be your guide as to what preps to buy, and what plans to put in place. Now me, heh heh, I DO think the collapse of western "civilization" is eminent ; ) But that's just me....

  4. There's no cure for stupid and I see way too much of it on a daily basis.
    People who don't have a grasp on such basics as using a freaking manual can opener, for instance.
    You gave good advice but some people are unable to adapt and adaptability is the key component.

  5. Mayberry,

    Who know bud I could be wrong!


    If they can't adapt...well I like to call that little phenomena "thinning the herd" :)

  6. Busted, ha ha! In your oh-so-eloquent way, you hit the proverbial nail on the head! As Tom Hanks said in "Forrest Gump", "Stupid is as stupid does"..... Adaptability is absolutely the key.....

  7. People new to the survivalist mindset will make some mistakes. Some of them will start, then drift off into another interest. The ones who do best are motivated by some personal experience, or have friends who can mentor them as they start trying to prepare.

    I can't see that a persons location should have any impact on their status. Rural, suburban or urban, though the problems are different the overall goal remains the same.

    I have been actively following the survivalist lifestyle for close to two decades now, and I know that I learned by hard experience. The Internet didn't exist then, and we learned by hit or miss. Younger people today are fortunate to have access to a networking device that will let them learn from others. Less costly and less demoralizing.

    In the end, even if you get some things wrong, the neophyte survivalist will be better off than the Eloi who expect the shelves to be full every day at the corner market.

  8. Flea,
    Hear, Hear!!! A great post with many good points. Keep up the good work!

  9. I have spent months and months studying survival material. But one topic I have yet to hear and it applies to me very much is how to survive when you are on the road traveling and like me traveling internationally. I would love to see someone start a blog on prepping for the traveling businessman.e home when something happens. I have read about EDC everyday carry preps but that is not possible when you are traveling like I do. There is no guarantee you will b Just a thought. By the way, a great article and like you I am somewhat middle right on the SHTF scenarios and TEOTWAWKI.