Friday, May 1, 2009

Random Musings

I thought I would share my bookmarks with you. I think Stephanie suggested I do something like this in the past so I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. My bookmarks are public so check back from time to time and see what I have added.

Once again I am asking for help from my readers. I am trying to generate some more traffic and increase the number of readers of this blog. If you have a DIGG account please be sure to use the "Digg This!" link at the end of my posts to submit my posts to DIGG and increase the number of DIGGS they get.

Just a reminder I am on Facebook now so send me and friend invite and write on my wall!

I have been VERY GOOD so far with keeping my promise of posting a tip a day on Twitter so be sure to Follow Me if you have a Twitter account.

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I am actually camping when you read this, the wife and I took the pop up to Santee for 3 days to get some rest and relaxation. I will be back on Sunday and will post again then (and hopefully have a boatload of emails and friend requests from you guys!)

...that is all.

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