Monday, May 11, 2009

Guest Post - Riverwalker: Collecting Rainwater For Survival

Riverwalker is back to follow up on his popular Rainwater collection post. Riverwalkers blog Stealth Survival is chock full of useful information on this and many other topics so be sure to pay him a visit!!!

The state of Texas has taken the initiative in the United States in helping guide people to develop systems for the collection of rainwater. Their creation of an excellent and informative guide is a major step forward in this process. The development and implementation of rainwater collection systems can help to solve or alleviate the problems caused by the lack of a quality water source.

Rainwater collection can be as simple as standing in the rain with a cup in your hand. It can also be a complex system with enough capacity to serve the needs of a small community or group.. Rain is a natural process and its benefits shouldn’t be overlooked when considering your options for survival.

The Texas Manual for Rainwater Harvesting provides an abundance of useful and practical information for persons who are interested in the advantages that can be derived from rainwater collection. The availability of a good water source is always a primary concern where survival is your major goal. It is a simple fact that we need water to survive and being informed of the different ways in which you can obtain that water will increase your chances of survival.

Rainwater collection systems when used to develop in ground storage systems can also supply enough water to allow you to raise fish in a tank and thereby create an additional and renewable source for food as well as supplying additional water for the irrigation of crops. Water and food are two basics requirement for survival. Rainwater collection can help you achieve both of these basic needs for survival which everyone requires.

Information can be the key to the success of any preparedness endeavor and all options should be considered when attempting to be prepared for a worst case scenario.

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  1. If you're interested in the topic of rain water harvesting or want to make your own barrel, I highly recommend checking out Brad Lancaster's books and website ( ) as well as Rain Tank Depot ( ) for their deep recources for introductions, designs, installations, health hazards, roofing and other considerations, usages, news, videos, and case-studies.
    Good luck!!