Monday, May 4, 2009

Guest Post - Crazy Joe: Networking For Beginners Part I

I am going to begin this article with the reason and the end result as it relates to my own networking these past 37 years. The key to that opening sentence is "37 years". I have networked for a variety of reasons during my life. Some of the reasons are hobbies, music, genealogy, work, education, historical reenactment, farming techniques, horticulture, bee keeping, camping, outdoor survival, hunting, fishing, and more. I have an extroverted personality type. I enjoy socializing with others. I am a double alpha male which allows me to be able to move from group to group without confrontation to that group’s leader and achieving an equal footing with him over a short period of time. As of 2009, I am still in contact with about 1000 people on a fairly regular basis. As far as people who are survival minded and prepared for any natural or manmade disaster - about 350. The majority of these 350 people I have known for 20 or more years.

Back in 1971 the original 5 of us decided on 3 primary rendezvous spots with a main rendezvous point. We then added the 7 secondary areas to get to. From there, we have 2 (could be 3 but not telling you) final areas to get to. We were all infantry. We were all trained in recon and mobile tactics, two did tours in Nam. This military background influenced our decisions in a way no civilian plan could come close to. Our concern then was the cold war and a limited or full scale nuclear attack from Russia. It was a game we planned on winning because of certain things we knew. We had the advantage of different types of knowledge civilians did not have. By the 80's some things were confirmed giving us still more advantages. We did not do this for fun but it has been a lot fun - that is one thing that separates us from most of you. We did not believe all of us would make it.

Law of averages.

Nukes are pretty big after all but still - Radiation did/does not scare us. We planned on winning and still do. If you cannot have a good time then what is the point?

This sites owner stated last week about his not knowing and having likeminded friends in his locale. He and his wife are from a northern state and have moved to a southern state. He wishes he had more solid friendships in this new area. He understands "there is strength in numbers". One of the comments to his post was from someone who is a local in his own home state but doesn't seem to be able to find survivalists like himself. This problem caught my eye so I surfed through some survival web rings and blog sites. I noticed this problem being repeated over and over. Some of these folks I emailed and asked two simple questions - their age and were they locals to that area. Almost all said less than 40 years of age and no they had moved to a new area. I have remained in this state my whole life living in a 6 county area. This enabled me to make even more friends locally. You know how it is when you meet someone and they say "oh do you know so and so??” you reply yes and then you ask the same question. I grew up and was married here. I went to college here. I spent 38 yrs of working here.

During my life I have traveled extensively and for long periods of time around 35 states but always maintained my base of operations here. I maintained contact with friends in adjacent or nearby states via phone and mail. Camping trips are a good reason to travel and visit friends and drink their beer. Now we have the internet but no beer. It is not as much fun. I have wanted to move to the neighboring state ever since I was a child. I love Pennsylvania - period. It would have allowed me to live in the mountains but only be a 4 to 5 hour drive to the South Jersey shore. I would still have my Phillies and Eagles - of course it's Pennsie. I have numerous friends and relatives living in that state. If I had done it 30 years ago or if I suddenly did it now, at age 56, there would be NO ADJUSTMENT at all. There is the difference. This is another thing that separates most of you from me. If I had done it at age 23 so many of my South Jersey friends and Philly area friends would have come up and partied in the mountains. As I stated in another article my hometown friends met my summer youth camping friends who all met my college friends at the Jersey shore. All of this has only been possible because of my nature, my personality and my character type.

Of course I have known people who were shy. The self proclaimed nerds and geeks. I never had a problem getting some of them to my college parties. Were they interacting or opening up?? No not really. But they enjoyed themselves. They actually had people talk to them. Imagine being in the same room as "HER"!!! They got to drink beer and eat BBQ. These are the folks who can get your grade up a full point in college. Yes - smart/intelligent people - another reason to network. These folks are the other end of the social order. Great people but they just don’t throw great parties or any parties. It did not occur to me it was not cool associating with the occasional nerd. I do not care what anyone thinks or says. Everyone has a story, a gift, a talent, a viewpoint, or an ability that may be unique to them. Networking should be based on mutual cooperation and more importantly - friendship. Networking involves sharing similar likes, values, ideals and even needs.

My/our networking has had, for the most part, set plans for over 35 yrs now. We have not changed course based on some 30 second news stories. All of those included over the years are only included because they have the skills and understanding to follow the plan.

With part 2 will come the psychology (I hated Psychology classes - a really dumb major), attitude, your mindset, your abilities, your lack of abilities, your locale, your wants, your goals, why networking is not a 3 month program (remember my opening sentence???) and why are you not meeting those likeminded survival people who truly are in your area.

-Crazy Joe

Flea - "Thanks Crazy Joe!"

...that is all.

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