Monday, May 18, 2009

Equipment Review: Hogue Overmolded Stock For 10/22

Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows I am a huge fan of the Ruger 10/22. I am convinced eveyone should have one. I have done an Ode To The 10/22 post in the past and the Ruger 10/22 won our recent Cheap Survival Guns Poll. The 10/22 is just one of those versatile and reliable weapons that everyone should have. You can bag small game for the table and defend yourself if needed. The guns simplicity is its beauty, anyone can disassemble and reassemble this thing and because it is simple it will therefore be less prone to failures.

The 10/22 comes in several different configurations. The carbine is the cheapest and the one I purchased. I loved the gun but the stock that came with it left a little to be desired. Lets face it the action and barrel was what I was after, I KNEW I would be replacing the stock. I wanted something that kept the small game hunting spirit of the 10/22 and not some tacticool piece of garbage. I had a Tapco T6 for my 10/22 then looked at it realized how ridiculous it is to pimp a .22 out like that. I said to myself, if you want an AR go buy an AR. Just my opinion, many people view the 10/22 as a project gun MEANT to be tinkered with and that is fine.

I did some research and settled on Hogue Rubber Overmolded Stock formy 10/22. It was a bit pricey, costing half as much as the gun itself but Hogue has a solid reputation for quality products based on what I have seen on the Net.

The stock arrived and I was pleasantly surprised. Anyone who has a 10/22 knows how light it is, the stock gives it some real heft and MAKES IT FEEL LIKE A RIFLE and not a toy. The stock couldn't be easier to install just remove the barrel band and the main screw on the stock, install, replace main screw and you are done. It comes with some swivels on the stock to which I added a padded sling.

Hogue has hit a home run with this product. The stock gives the 10/22 the push to put it over the edge and make it feel as good as it is built. The floating barrel look is attractive and the stock appears to be built like a tank.

I am done tinkering with my 10/22, I have my replacement stock, a Barska scope and some Tactical Inc. 25 round mags to go with it. I purchased quality stuff and in return I think this rifle will treat me right for many years to come.

No hesitation whatsoever recommending this stock to anyone who has a 10/22 and wants to turn it into a beautiful looking, traditional type rifle.

...that is all.

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  1. Thanks for the headsup about thi stock, my friend. I'll keep it in mind...

  2. The Tactical Inc. 25 magazine - is it one of those metal bodied magazines that many state are very reliable? I've been weighing the cost of a couple of those.

  3. Anon,

    They make them in metal and injected plastic. I have the plastic and they are very good. Fully adjustable, can be disassembled for cleaning and nearly indestructable.

    I would say if your on the fence buy will most likely go back for more.

  4. I like the fact that it is weatherproof. I try not to spend all day out in the rain and I try hard to not go swimming with my rifle, but I like not having to worry about the stock swelling and splitting if I do get it wet.

    I'm not with you on the weight, though. I like light weight.

  5. Sometimes it does pay to get quality parts. You pay for what you get...sometimes lol.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  6. This fellow ex-inmate of the PRNJ just found your blog, and I love it.

    I have several guns (though less than I want, of course), but no .22LR in semi-auto. I guess that I figured that they'd always be around, and they cost so little that I could just walk into a store and pick it up any time. Well, I'm thinking very seriously about it now - this article and the "mother" article on the 10/22 are pushing me over the edge.

    Questions: First, did you replace (or are you thinking about replacing) the barrel and/or trigger group? I know that you can go absolutely nuts with aftermarket parts, but I've heard that the triggers suck and that a heavier barrel does wonders for accuracy (especially after a number of shots - heavier barrels don't warp so much and so soon from heat). Second, what type of ammo do you use, and what kind of accuracy do you get? Like the aftermarket parts, there are a ton of choices - and I'd rather have a bit of a head start in narrowing the field for the best plinking ammo for the gun.

    Thanks much, and please keep doing what you do.

  7. Anon,

    Barrel and trigger group are standard. I don't find them to be inadequate at all, to the contrary in fact I like them.

    I use either CCI Mini-Mags or Federal Premium and have had no issues. I have fired all type of ammo through my 10/22 and have yet to have any real issues. Although Remington Thunderbolts seem to foul everything quicker (more cleaning needed - dirtier).

    This gun is dead on accurate straight out the box.

  8. I don't find the Tapco stock for the 10/22 to be ridiculous. No doubt in my mind that the pistol grip really helps in shooting it. I did leave off the top cover though. Made it look better IMO, and the iron sights were much easier to use that way.
    That said, I will be changing to the Hogue stock. In the end I preferred the sporter style stock for this rifle, and the raised comb of the Hogue made it align better with my scope than the original wood stock did.