Saturday, May 23, 2009

50 Cent Survival Knife

I can't claim to be so brilliant that I came up with this on my own. I saw the idea for this in Field & Stream and ran with it. I am sure someone in a county jail or federal prison near you has already come up with something like this as well.

It is called the 50 Cent Survival Knife because the material needed to construct it equals 50 cents or less. I bought my materials at WalMart and it came out to few dollars but I have extra hacksaw blades and tons of extra wire. I could make about 6 of these things with the amount of materials purchased.

Needed for this project:
hacksaw blade
electrical tape
tin snips
bench grinder/dremel/files
sharpening stone

Warning - always wear safety glasses when working with a grinder of any type. Gloves may be a good idea here as first!

Below are the materials I purchased, everything else I had on hand.

Below you can see I cut the hacksaw blade using my snips to approximately 7-3/4 inch length and roughed out a crude knife shape tip. MAKE SURE the hacksaw teeth on top are pointing want them to cut pushing forward with the knife, not back towards you!

I made a rough finger shaped grove between the 3 and 4 inch mark to give my hand somewhere to grip the knife.

Below you can see I wrapped the handle of the blade in the wire (this can be used to set snares and make other traps if needed. I also formed an edge on the blade and shaped everything on my bench grinder.

I then wrapped the handle in electrical tape for comfort. At this point I honed the blade of the knife on my sharpening stone. I now have a razor sharp blade on one side and the hacksaw teeth (serrated edge) on the backside of the blade.

Your 50 Cent Survival Knife is now complete!

You will notice the hole for hacksaw blade would be great to attach some paracord too, I am think of putting this and some other cheap components on some cord and calling it the 5 Dollar Survival Kit.

...that is all

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  1. Very nice Flea. Great idea.

    Kentucky Preppers Network

  2. Now that is downright crafty! Nice work--I'm impressed. :)

  3. Cool beans - this is a neat DIY project. Blade is very thin, so I imagine making a sheath for it would be easy. I'm thinking a liner (to keep blade from cutting material) out of some type of plastic or metal would be helpful as well.

  4. Nice idea. Good for a gathering with a bunch of friends to make a cool dirt cheap tool. For real use however not so much. Good knives aren't that expensive and my life is pretty valuable to me.

  5. This is a pretty neat idea. I'll have to make one...or two or three or...

  6. perfect if you stuck without a knife and you can scavenge up the parts. I think its a great and intuitive idea. thanks!

  7. Looks like a survivalist prisoner made that