Thursday, April 30, 2009

Retro Flea - A Look Back In History

UPDATE: It appears we brought the 16 Colors website to it knees..."Service Unavailable"...I hope they are able to get the site back up again, if not I did download all my art so all is not lost :) - sorry 16 colors!

I am getting old I guess. How many of you remember connecting to BBS's to get your online fix way before the Internet became what it is today? Guess what?..."Flea" formerly "fLeA" ran a few BBS's back in the day.

My first BBS was "Damage Inc.", obviously paying homage to the masters of metal Metallica. I ran a highly modded version of Wildcat BBS. I later switched to PCBoard and renamed the BBS "Napalm".

My BBS started as a 1 line 2400 baud connection, a whopping 200k per second....PRETTY DAMN SLOW. We later upgraded to 9600 baud, then 14.4 baud, then 28.8 buad and finally to a 56k 3 line setup.

Man, those were the days, talk about comraderie and yours truly was an ARTIST! If you have any idea what I have been talking about you are undoubtedly familiar with ANSI graphics. Well, I was in a few art groups and I ACTUALLY FOUND a site that has all my original artwork available to be gawked at. Keep in mind, ANSI ain't exactly flexible, and we were limited so we got creative. When I found this stuff it really almost brought tears to my eyes...I had thought this stuff was long behind me to be forgotten. It is a great trip down memory lane and I thought I would share it with you.

16 Colors Website

Flea's Artwork on 16 Colors - There are 2 pages.

This also shows you how long I have using the "Flea" moniker, a damn long time.

BBS's have since fallen by the wayside but they were the precursor to the online community we are all now a part of. They were an intergral part of my development and helped shape the career I have now (in IT).

Hell, who didn't try and kick some reptilian butt and get married to the bar maid Violet in Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) door game! (Game that was playable on a BBS that was extremely popular - text based RPG).

For those who miss a good round of LORD you can play online here!!!

...that is all.

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  1. Those links aren't working for me, sadly. What a shame though, I was a BBS dweller years ago as well. My older brother was a SysOp that went by Shinobi, and he got me started. I had a Commodore 64 and (choke) a 300 baud modem. I remember upgrading to 1200, 2400, and 9600...I eventually gave up on Commodore about the time everyone started going to 14,400. There was nothing like setting up the autodialer to a busy BBS and after an hour or so of trying, hearing that glorious handshake.

    I also used to play a game called Bruce Lee...but I could only play it after loading it with the tape drive...which took, literally, an hour. But that's another story.

  2. James it appears we "slashdotted" 16 colors.

    Hey at least I know I have a lot of readers!

    I will try and post some of the art when I can...maybe the site will be back up soon.

  3. BTW I played a CRAP LOAD of Bruce Lee on the Commodore 64 on 5 and 1/4 disk.

    What a friggen great game!!! the skinny balck Ninja and fat green Sumo guy chasing you around ;)


  4. I'm so old that I don't just remember the CBBS's, but I know why the protocols for them are called the Christianson protocols, and even hung out in the CACHE (Chicago Area Computer Hobbyist Exchange) with Ward Christianson himself.

  5. BBSing, those were the days. I was a sysadmin on Atlas BBS out of Gilroy, California. I can remember The Well and so many other great places...thanks for the memories.