Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Favorite Guns

Of the weapons I own I have three which are my favorites and if I had to only have these three and sell the rest I would be happy:

Smith and Wesson M&P 9c - I have had this gun for quite awhile now and it is simply, hands down, no question about it, a quality firearms that I would trust my life with - no question. Smith and Wesson hit a grand slam home run in my humble opinion with the M&P series of firearms. Quality and reliability - who could ask for anything more?

Ruger 10/22 - The 10/22 is the first rifle I ever owned and is quite simply a masterpiece of engineering. The design is simple and the gun is reliable. This is also one of the most accurate weapons I have ever fired. I can't recommend enough...EVERYONE should own one these. I also HIGHLY recommed the Hogue® Overmolded Rifle Stockthat I have on my rifle it makes the gun feel more substantial and is fairly indestrucable (and weatherproof).

SKS - this gun is also a winner. I picked one up a while back and it is built like a TANK. The gun was accurate out of the box and is also reliable. It fires the identical 7.62x39 round that the AK-47 fires and you can get one for around $200 bucks or even less in decent shape. You could hunt with this if you had to and in fact many people do. I personally am very happy I picked one of these up.

...that is all.

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  1. My first handgun was the M&P 9c. I agree with you that it is a wonderful conceal weapon.

    Best thing about it is how good it feels in the hand and it can be adjust for the individual owners. Left handed? swap around the magazine release (although I like my trigger finger releasing the mags instead of my thumb) Fat handed...use the different sized grips.

    They have the M&P in 45, 357, 40, and 9. Most come in a compact or large sized. When I bought, I went to ATP and rented all the variants ($5 to rent a gun which you can swap out as often as you want while there) and settled on the 9C for a day to day carry weapon.

  2. SKS prices have gone up steeply often in the $350 range.

  3. Out of those three I like the SKS.

    My 3 that I own would be Glock 17, A3M4, and Winchester Model 70 pre-64 in .30-06sprg.

  4. TOR, while prices have climbed a bit I have still seen them at Samco for about $250 which ain't bad at all.

    Depends on the condition...but a nice gun nonetheless.

  5. Wyn, I personally like the Glock 19....was actually going to buy one and the guy showed be the M&P...ended up going with that but the Glock 19 was sweet too.

  6. my favorites out of the 17 various types for various purposes .

    Pistol : 1911 Model - 38 super with cor bon - no kick and same velocity and effect at 40 yards as the 1911 Model Colt 45 .

    Rifle :springfield armory M-1A because I like the extra 400 yard advantage .

    Shotgun : the 10 gauge " Road Blocker " and it does .