Monday, April 27, 2009

Guest Post - Crazy Joe: Networking Nationwide

I have enjoyed meeting literally thousands of people these past 35 years. I was raised a "camper kid" and from an early age was used to meeting other kids from all over this tri-state area (NY, NJ and CT) and some from much farther away. Most were nice and friendly and were open and honest in conversation. Being a social creature myself, I have always been one to maintain many friendships locally and far away. After getting out of the Army, I traveled and looked up former Army buddies. In doing so, I ended up meeting other folks in those 35 states. My college days were filled with cookouts and parties almost every weekend; sometimes they included a banjo, guitar and fiddle or sometime an entire rock band or two. A lot of those “camper kids” were now coming down to South Jersey for some of these weekends. Friends from my home town and my camping friends were now being introduced to the college friends. We maintained our friendships and networked, in those days, when and where the good parties were and when good concerts were coming to the tri-state area.

Over the years some of us have drifted apart due to marriage, children, bills, child support, etc. Many new friendships have arisen and hobbies such as genealogy have opened up a whole new network for many of us. About 15 years ago, I went online and suddenly I had hundreds of real cousin’s all over the USA I had not known before.

Since I was always the one who took survival the most serious there were always the "few" who gravitated towards that topic with me and learned to understand it. As I wrote in a previous article, we have a friend who has been a semi-recluse these past 25 years. He believes in his survival only along with one or two that are close to him. He knows he can do it on his own. He has all the equipment. He does not need anyone else. He believes he is invincible on his own and doesn't need others. He is not a part of our group. The old adage "there is strength in numbers" could not apply more than to this topic of survival. Regardless of the disaster, natural or manmade, a single individual or 2 or 3 couples will not have the same advantages or survivability that a group of 20 (adults) or more will have. I really am happy, and envious, for the guy and gal that have the 30 acre wilderness retreat log cabin and a year’s worth of food and a solar light. This is wonderful as long as no one else shows up.

Networking with likeminded friends in your immediate area plus farther away will increase your chances in any situation. Survivalists and (I hate this new term) preppers need to get together with their friends on a fairly regular basis. Seeing each other in aisle 5 of the local supermarket once a month and discussing Sunday’s football game is not planning. Having a cookout and getting 8 or 9 couples over for a good time gives you the opportunity to sit down and discuss various topics while BBQ sauce drips down your shirt and everyone is mixing business with pleasure. Do you or any of your close friends know of someone new that no one else has met? Invite them over and see if you add a new friend to your group. Have the cookout in another county or state with those friends further away. If you are not a camper then consider it. It is cost effective and there are really great things to see in this country of ours! I just returned from two 5 day bluegrass festivals. I met 25 or so folks and survival came up with 4 of those. I did not go to meet new people and preach this topic, I went for the music and I had a great time. Survival networking and sharing survival ideas and experiences came up around the campfire on 2 nights but so did the beer. Surviving should be a group effort as it will increase the odds in your favor.

-Crazy Joe

Thanks Crazy Joe! - Flea

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  1. That was a great article. Unfortunately, I've met ZERO survivalist/preppers down here. I know folks with guns, who reload ammo, and grow gardens and such, but no true survivalists. That bums me out, because it sure would be nice to get together with some like minded folks. "Going it alone" like you said, is no way to go....

  2. Mayberry, I am kinda in the same boat myself. My wife and I only know a few folks from our area, none of which take survivalism seriously. I had one friend in the Air Force who was stationed here for a bit and we were on the same page...I sure did feel better knowing he was around but he was transferred and had to move away.

    Tough to find like minded folks.

  3. MAYBERRY thanks for liking my article . i have spent 40 yrs networking for various reasons and some of those overlapped into / including survival . anyone with the scout motto " be prepared " in their life outlook is a survivalist . are you introverted ? then of course it would be hard to develop friendships . if you are extroverted then politely chat the topic with those who are your better / best friends .... collect opinions . analyze the data ... who is more inclined or agreeable to roughing it if need be ... when whack jobs start preaching the govt did it the end is near comets will destroy us in 6 months etc... i walk away ... do the same ... crazy joe