Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Guest Post - Crazy Joe: My 5 Pound Sledge Hammer

Crazy Joe is back and wants to tell you about his 5lb. sledge...

My former manager was transferring to another location. I asked him if I could have his old broken 5lb. sledge hammer free of charge. He said yes and I got it home from work, took out the handle, put the hammer on the grinder wire wheel and cleaned it up like new. It got 3 coats of Rustoleum flat black paint and a new long handle which I sanded down. It then received a light brown stain. NO GLOSS. This is one of 3 that I own which are each at a different location.

This info is in case you get locked out of YOUR PROPERTY only.****

We have tested the 5 lb. sledge on various doors and door types which I will now describe along with the results. The standard wooden door handle came right off and the wood cracked really fast allowing fast entry. The standard metal/thin steel door took quite a few whacks (about 20) but it did crack the door and the single dead bolt type lock did break as did the door. I am too old now for this so let someone younger and bigger do it. A fiberglass door splintered like crazy so access was quick. A wooden garage door was easy to break around the handle/lock so entry did not take long. If you screw up the track or rollers the door won’t raise as normal or may stick. A fiberglass garage door was easier than the wood door. On your typical backyard metal shed double door with the little padlock it was our intention to break the handle and lock but the sledge in one shot caved in the one door taking it off its roller track so yes instant entry. On a cinderblock wall it did not take long to create a hole large enough for someone to get through. Brick was a bit tougher than the cinderblock. Watch for flying pieces of brick.

I keep a 4th sledge but with a short handle in the bug out trailer.

-Crazy Joe

Flea: Thanks Crazy Joe

****Be A Survivor and Crazy Joe are providing this for entertainment purposes only, so if you get arrested for breaking down doors with a 5lb sledge...it ain't our fault.

...that is all.

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  1. It's a fact that you can't keep a determined person out if they want to break in.

    What you hope for is to make it so much trouble they go somewhere else, or that they make so much noise that a neighbor hears them and does something to stop them. The longer it takes and the more noise required to break in the better.

  2. hmmmm...you need a breaching brake! No sweat involved!

  3. a breaching brake or tactical entry tool can start at 225 bucks up to 600 bucks and weigh up to 60 pounds requiring 2 people to use it . my 5 pound sledge can be strapped to my back pack . my sledges were all free or gotten at yard sales for under 10 bucks ... plus i have used them for various concrete jobs for myself or friends . multi purpose multi task ... what can /will you carry when 400 urbanites are hunting you down ? crazy joe

  4. a good size prybar will be much quicker. speared the jamb near the deadbolt and give a good swift kick. that's how they do it here, anyway...

  5. spread the jamb...sorry for the typo...