Saturday, April 11, 2009

Guest Post - Crazy Joe: Dog Training For Security/Survival

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I like a lot of types of dogs including mutts. I really dislike some breeds of dogs. I have owned 3 types of dogs. MY ONLY FAVORITE, which I did own and love, is the German shepherd. I am in the process of setting up on my property (I have 5.25 acres) runs for 5 German Shepherds. I will not get into pros and cons on this breed or others. German Shepherds are the only dog to own in regards to the title of this article.

So many people own a dog but have done little or nothing in regards to training. Most dogs sit or give there paw. Most will bark at noises outside or at strangers but this is instinctive and in regards to protecting “their territory” as well as the owners. Outright dedication to training must be first and foremost for anyone considering a dog for security and preparedness. This means you will give more attention to your dog than you did to your own children. Failure to give 200 percent fails the dog as well as you. It is not something you start then quit halfway through. Total research before doing this is a must. Visiting dog training seminars and meeting handlers and breeders before getting the dog is a must. You must have the appropriate space in which to raise and keep your dog.

While in the US Army - Military Police I witnessed many German Shepherds do their thing. I had numerous chances to discuss with the handlers the different training required for combat dogs, drug sniffers, explosive sniffers, search and rescue and guard dogs . I will only recommend to someone not sure as to what breed to get to attend a United Schutzhund Club of America training seminar in your area. The German shepherd, being a larger dog, is not for every household or person. But if you have the room go watch them train and take their test for level advancement. The website United Schutzhund Clubs of America - For the German Shepherd Dog gives testing dates and places nationwide. You can go and watch (for free) and talk to the folks and get the best info out there in person. The other web site is for the German Shepherd Dog Club of America - Working Dog Association. This site also gives (open to the public) training and test events for the German shepherd nationwide.

Schutzhund is German and it translates into English as “Protection Dog " and they require work and attention to bring them to their ultimate potential which will protect you and your family and friends.

-Crazy Joe

Flea: Thanks Crazy Joe!

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  1. I expected more than this after reading the title. How about some actual techniques instead of "go see how the real trainers do it". No shit....

  2. hello kyle , if you want this article to be more to make it worth your while it would take 100 pages plus a one acre training area and a shepherd ... none of which can be done on a web page .... this article gives you the truth and the basics so you can go to the 2 best web sites in the USA to further your education with the right people .... also any one curious about this just got the best advice out there ..... visit the Schutzhund site ... see when and where the nearest test is and go ... reading 20 pages on a dog learning to sit , carry a dumbell , teaching it not to bark is not how one trains a dog is physical interaction with a dog and if you know nothing about this but want to learn then going to field trials near where you live will open your eyes and if truly interested you will have handlers and breedes and club members to learn from .. in person ......not a book or website ...which is what is failing a million civilians trying to learn survival in 10 easy steps ... try it kyle check it out and let us know .. crazy joe

  3. my point joe, and thanks for responding, was that I could've gotten this far with a google search. Perhaps you could have highlighted a few small things to give us a little taste. Maybe you had a word or paragraph limit, I don't know, I just expected more from a guest article with that title.