Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fence Repaired = Sunburn Sucks!

We'll the best way to teach is by example and let me tell you they have this wonderous invention called sun screen...

Mr. Macho has no need for such things and today I am happy to say I repaired an 8 foot section of fence AND powerwashed the rest of it...what a great job I did.

I am also happy to say I am now the poster boy for skin cancer as I was an idiot and did not put suncreen on and I am burnt to a crisp.

My wife was kind enough to rub my neck and arms with Aloe Vera and will have to do so now every few hours, and showers???? Out of the question as the water feels like sulphuric acid on my skin...what an idiot I am.

People remeber to put sun screen on whenever you work outside doing whatever it is you do. Your skin will thank you in the long run.

...that is all.

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  1. Here in Arizona,I alway's wear at least a t shirt outside in the summer.. Roofer's even wear long sleeve white shirt's.

  2. Oh, I had a tee shirt on and a baseball cap...what I didn't have was protection on my arms and the back of my neck. I usually take a bandana and tuck it in the back of my hat to protect my neck but was an idiot and didn't do it this time.

    Down here is SC I have seen roofers wearing long sleeves and pants in 97 degree heat to prevent getting burned. Makes for sweaty work but beats dying from skin cancer.

  3. Use Noxema for a sunburn. It feels better and our family found that it seems to heal better than aloe vera.

  4. I have uses Noxema in the past and it is VERY soothing...unfortunately we had none so we went with was in the medicine cabinet...good old Aloe Vera.

    But I agree Noxema is fantastic for sunburn...moisturizes and soothes.