Saturday, April 4, 2009

Busy Weekend At The Homestead

Been a busy weekend at the homestead...lots of stuff to do:

1.) I went to the recycling center and dropped off some cardboard, magazines, newspapers and used motor oil. They do a nice job there, they have stations for each item as well as large dumping areas for yard debris and construction materials. I highly recommend you locate your recycling center if your town has one, it is a good resource and helpful to the environment. Ours even takes batteries and used cooking oil.

2.) Put in some posts with hangers in the front and back to hang the garden hoses from.

3.) The wife planted some decorative grass with some pond rocks in the back yard. The back still looks like shit...the grubs did me in...I was too late with the grub killer and they tore the shit out of my grass. Luckily the front escaped unscathed.

4.) Hosed the trucks off, they were absolutely covered with yellow pollen.

5.) Put down some composite edging around my walkway, every time it rained mulch would get washed onto the walkway and it really used to piss me I bought the edging and put it down...problem solved.

6.) Not this weekend, but I need to tear down a section of my wooden fence and rebuild it. The ass who put it up used wet wood and it shrunk. An 8 foot 2x4 suddenly became a 7'10" 2x4 and has pulled away from the posts. That section is "a swinging" in the breeze. You know what they say if you want something done...DO IT YOURSELF!!!!

Survialist News?

Anyone know what happed to the boys from the Survival News?...the site apears to be DOA...well not being updated at least...too bad, they were doing a good job.

Hey anyone interested in guest posting here let me know...Crazy Joe is doing a good job for me if any of you other survivors out their want to post let me know...send me something and if I like it I will post it.

...that is all.

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  1. yeah, I've been wondering the same thing. MUCH nicer when it was updated.

  2. Those recycling centers are great, especially if they let you pick out a few items now and then. Recently found some large cans for making an excellent hobo stove.