Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reader Poll: Your Best Pop Up Camper Tips and Gadgets

OK people let me have them...what are your best tips and tricks with regard to Pop Up campers?

What mods have you done to your campers?

I am thinking of a few I would like to do like mount a large tool box to the tongue of the camper and a large PVC tube to the back bumper (for storage).

Come on people hit me with you best shots!!!

...that is all.

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  1. Weather is the biggest enemy of a pop up! Water leak's,mildew and such are the worst. New or used, the first thing to do is to replace the cheap plastic roof vent,if you have one.They crack,warp and leak. If you have any seam's on the rooftop, use a high quality roof coating over them,and do it yearly. Use a water repellent such as scotchgard on all the fabric,and do it yearly. If you use it in the rain or humid weather, pop it up when you get home to let it air dry. Watch for tire dry rot if it's not used regulary.
    Dean in az

  2. One of the best modifications I've seen was the addition of a receiver hitch to the rear of the camper. The one I saw had a gas grill mounted on an eight foot piece of square tubing (obviously not practical in a pop-up) but options include everything from carry platforms to seating (or your privy, if you like). For travel the tubing is pushed forward and secured. At rest, it is extended and a separate set of holes are used.