Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random Musings

It has been a rough week. Had a pipe bust in my garage and dump water all over everything. Got it fixed and cleaned up...luckily I caught it quick and was able to shut the water down before it created a REAL mess. This is a lesson to check the fittings on the exposed pipes you have every once in a while...AND KNOW WHERE THE WATER SHUTOFF IS FOR YOUR HOUSE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!

I launched my new blog Flea's Pop Up Camper Blog.

I want to thank the folks who have been using my Amazon store and the search box to buy stuff. I get a small percentage of the sales and it is greatly appreciated. It ain't a whole lot but every little bit helps! Thanks!

I have a few projects lined up for the weekend:
1.) Lay down grub killer in the yard...those little bastards do some SERIOUS damage.

2.) Turn over the garden again and get ready as I will begin planting some veggies in a few weeks.

I bought driving lights that I am going to mount on the back of my Pop Up camper with a switch. They will be used when setting up camp at night and will greatly help if I have to back into a campsite. I will be sure to post that when it is done.

We setup our vacation plans for the year, going camping at Santee State Park in South Carolina for 8 days in June...should be a blast.

I haven't had much time to even read lately with all the disasters and school plus trying to stay gainfully employed. It has been a real chore but I do have some things in the pipe line to entertain you folks so stay tuned!

...that is all.

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  1. Good thing you caught it! A friend of mine's pipe burst while he was away for the weekend......

  2. Hell yes...I was about to go to sleep for the night that would have been a frickin disaster!