Thursday, March 5, 2009

How To Support This Blog

I get emails from folks asking how they can support this blog.

1.) The way I would appreciate most would be to get the word out...let your friends and neighbors know about us.

2.) Subscribe to Be A Survivor by Email

3.) You can subscribe to my feed.

All of the methods above would be GREATLY appreciated. Getting the word out and helping to drive traffic to this blog will increase readership and hopefully I can throw some tidbits out there for folks that stick and help them be prepared and save some money as well.

You can support the blog financially serveral ways and all are STRICTLY voluntary:

1.) Donate to the blog - helps keep costs down with regard to my time and the books and equipment I review.

2.) Shop in our Amazon store OR use or Amazon search box on the right hand side of the anything using that and we get a small percentage.

3.) Visit any of the advertisers on the blog (once again all strictly voluntary)

Help support the blog if you enjoy it...regardless your welcome to visit me everyday and see what is cooking. I certainly don't do this to get rich or even survive (I'd be dead by now).


...that is all.

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