Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Guest Post - Crazy Joe: Having A Good Time Surviving

We have a friend/hard core survivalist who has been a semi recluse these past 25 yrs. He is waiting with supplies and gear we all wish we had. His life took a back seat to surviving. Almost all of it sits in boxes, some never opened after 15 or 20 yrs. He is not part of our group of friends. We have another friend who liked the travel trailer idea 14 yrs ago. He got one used, partially gutted it, and filled it with tons of stuff and an army surplus camo net covers it. The net is fading and tearing. He does not use anything in this trailer. He too waits for the day he will need this gear but curses about how much it cost and it does nothing. Oh and the tires went flat about 10 yrs ago and so they remain.

I spent 4 1/2 yrs, 1974 - 1979, hitchhiking and back packing 27,000 miles around the USA after getting out of the US Army. I lived with the basic gear and enjoyed the 35 states I traveled through. I met hundreds of good people and likeminded people. I ate some awesome regional food long before the Food Network Channel did TV shows on it. Now part of this traveling did take into account places to bug out to. Part of these trips did look at where the safer routes were etc. At 13,000 feet elevation sunsets to die for over the western mountain range. I was having a good time surviving.

I have met waaaay to many people these past 30 yrs that own the gear and have never used it. Perhaps you own one of those magnesium striker sparky things that make fire. Have you used it? Have you sat in your suburban back yard and practiced? When will you? Did you buy a really cool Ontario marine buck knife? Have you whittled with it or used it to cut rope to make a snare? Do your Coleman lanterns hang in a garage? Use the stuff. Have a camping trip with the family or friends. Get out on a road trip to a State or National Park nearest to you and have a good time. Join a Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop. Become an adult leader and learn the process.

As an outdoor instructor I used to have survival parties prior to going out on all trips. There are topographical maps and compasses to study. What about rattlers and bears in your area? These can kill just the same as a nuke. People are willing to spend 200 dollars on a tail gate party or super bowl party but won’t have a few likeminded friends over for a cook out and learn about the gear they have. Have a cookout and tell everyone to bring their lantern. Hang them up in the back yard. Compare notes. After all in 1962 I was one of those 2nd grade children that was told to hide under my desk during nuclear attack drills - what a joke. We all knew Philly was just across the river so how dumb were adults anyway? Have a good time with the gear and know how to use it by using it. Do not let it sit in your garage or shed for 20 yrs. It will get mildewed and stinky.

Crazy Joe

Flea: Thanks Crazy joe!

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  1. Not only do they not know how or if it even work's after all these yr's,they aren't rotating the supply.. How many can's may be WAY past expiration? Flat tire's on the trailer? That's handy for bugging out! That camo cover won't keep water damage away either.Sound's like he'd be better off starting all over again.
    Dean in Az

  2. Knowing how to use your equipment when the chips are down can save your life..or kill you if you falter.

    Good post Crazy Joe.