Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Frugality....The New Chic.

I chuckle when I read headlines like the title of this post. Many people are just starting to wake up from the withdrawl of consumerism and have come to this staggering are we in trouble.

No shit, where have you been the last few years? Living under a rock?

The government is hellbent on running the country into the ground...notice I said government and not Democrat or Republican...this drunked sailor spending spree started with Bush and has been taken to new levels with the current administration BUT that is not the purpose of this post.

My friends we are all F@#$ED!!, and that is all I can say. The American economy is circling the drain and action needs to be taken if you don't want to be standing in line for a loaf of bread instead of that flat screen TV (and if the morons will trample a human being for a TV imagine when their bellies starts rumbling).

Start saving and STOP spending right now. Do not buy another useless trinket, iPod, TV, sofa, shirt, purse or whatever your poison is....JUST STOP!

Know where every nickel you have is and make sure it is tucked away safely and away from those dirt bags that want you to buy their useless shit.

Pay off your debts as fast as you can. If you owe it off. It makes no sense to pay interest on something if you have the money in the bank to pay that debt off.

If you are a one income family try and change that. It will help you should that one income cease due to a layoff. My wife and I both have jobs, it can be tough if you have young kids BUT if your kids are a older get back out in the workforce and get them working as soon as they are old enough...every little bit helps.

Pay cash for everything going forward. Keep one credit card for an emergency but do not use it unless the sky is falling.

Keep your vehicles well maintained and drive them until they will drive no further. There is no reason that a well maintained car cannot go 200,000 miles or more.

Use the circulars to find deals in the supermarkets and hit each one picking up loss leader items. Don't just shop in one grocery store as you are most likely being screwed in some fashion. Also if you haven't already, keep a price book and use it religiously.

Make sure your house is energy efficient and replace your old bulbs with CFL's.

Make your own cleaning supplies like laundry detergent, glass cleaner and Soft Scrub.

Use some basic common sense to save some money.

Take care of your health and your teeth. Without either you are going to be in a world of hurt should the SHTF.

Lastly there are bargains to be had out there if you look hard enough. Get prepared and hunker is going to be a LONG RECESSION.

...that is all.

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  1. Damn good advice Flea. Of course, you will be labeled "unpatriotic", and "part of the problem" for not participating in the Ponzi scheme.... But who's gonna house and feed you? Certainly no one else but YOU! If saving, not needlessly spending, etc. makes me "unpatriotic", so be it. Sticks and stones....

  2. Well put flea! As they run out of money and can't buy food, let alone "trinkets", they will get a hard dose of reality!


  3. Now that a great post on sound advice Flea!

  4. Flea, great advice but I would disagree (slightly) with one of your comments. You said to pay off your debts and taht it doesn't make sense to have debts when you have money in the bank. I think you should first save 3-6 months expenses saved and THEN pay off debts with anything left over. In these tough times, if you have no debts, but also have no job or income, you are screwed.

    Think of it, if you lose your job you could stop paying your debts until you're back on your feet, but with your savings you can pay your rent/mortgage, water & electric so you'll be warm and dry with a roof over your head.

    No sense being homeless and debt free.