Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Equipment Review: Mr. Heater

When I bought my pop up camper they did not offer a furnace in it. Most of the time in South Carolina it as hot as hell so I figured no big deal. Well on our last camping trip it got down to around 32 degrees or so and my wife threatened to gut me for the warmth.

The next morning I left the campsite in search of a solution. Electrical heaters use a lot of power, mosts use 1500 watts, and I wanted something I could use should we decide to dry camp away from a power source and on DC only. I looked at propane but the inevitable "use this in an enclosed space and die" messages kept popping up UNTIL I came across the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy 9,000 BTU Propane Radiant Heater #F273400. It is a propane heater that is safe to use inside!!! (and marketed as such)

It has a low oxygen sensor that shuts it down should that situation occur. It also has a tip over shut off sensor. I am paranoid but between those safety features, leaving a screen open a bit to ventilate, my C0 detector and my propane leak detector I feel perfectly safe using this thing.

It heats about 200 square feet for about 3 hours on HIGH using those 1lb propane bottles or 6 hours on low. I opted to use my adapter hose (fed into the camper)and a 20lb cylinder that I left outside. If you go this route always make sure to shut the cylinder off first and left the propane in the hose burn off before shutting down the unit OR get yourself a fuel filter to keep leeched oils from the hose from collecting in the unit and ruining it.

I am EXTRMELY pleased with this unit and would recommend it to anyone needing safe and portable space heating. The entire camper was quite toasty using this unit and I am extremely happy I got it, especially since almost every review I have read has been positive.

DISCLAIMER: Make sure you follow the guidelines and instructions for using this unit as death or injury could result from misuse.

...that is all.

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  1. We have had one of these things for years. It's a great little unit and well worth the $.